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  1. carry a 380 a lot because.... size and places I absolutely can’t reveal I’m a dangerous 2A thug. Kahr 380 and glock 42 run buffalo bore +p well with xtp, gold dot or hard cast. Not sure I’d want to shoot that in a p3at but Buffalo Bore +p helps that caliber a lot.
  2. If a spineless pro2A organization like NRA is against it, it’s a bad bill for pro2A supporters. If the bill takes firearm, ammunition and firearm accessories sounds a little overkill. Two of these items don’t require background check in this state so it is a firearm grabber bill. If you think a person deserves to have rights taken away when there isn’t enough evidence to arrest the person, you are not in favor of a free society. Google says on average 28 people die a day from alcohol related vehicle incidents. Because this doesn’t occur in one spot twice a year, not a big issue for media to sensationalize and rally feel good social media legislation groups. Only used on slow days. Don’t be a hypocrite! If this bill passes, no reason we shouldn’t have a bill to confiscate the vehicle from a person that likes to drink alcohol until it’s proven the alcohol and vehicle are never used together. Let’s make it automatic and use credit card information to monitor alcohol purchases. That will make it safer! Click my like button so state legislatures will support us in lowering alcohol related deaths There are compromises, risks....to live in what freedom we have. I’m ok with it even if a drunk driver or mass shooter takes me out tomorrow.
  3. Your entire argument is focused around firearm confiscation and that is one of the flaws. If the person is a problem, that should be dealt with under existing laws. A firearm is just one tool in the toolbox. What to do with the rest of the toolbox? You willing to remove every item? If so, what’s left? Armless, naked man in a wheat field. Yep, that’s safe. Goal achieved. For suicide devices, that’s also a long list of readily available items and a little more eccentric ones like hopping off the Natchez trace bridge which is listed on popular suicide bridges. maybe we need a state bill to dismantle or put 20’ tall barb wire along sides. It’s a bandaid law from my perspective .......... The only winner is the bandaid seller. If it passes, those falsely accused should have property returned, rights restored and the person petitioning the state along with the state be held liable for deformation and expenses to right this hearsay incitement will this happen, doubt it. Petition to have this tabled in TN. Let’s find a logical solution and not implement legislation through herd mentality.
  4. That is like asking this group “do you own more than one pistol?” get the 9c !
  5. 16.3” collapsed vs an ar9 with 4” barrel at about 18.5”. Shouldering a brace is natural, cheek weld buffer tube is meh, shooting with sling is learned. Not sure I would use “a lot” but then i’m not hanging out with vetted 3%’Ers It’s a cz, it’s cool, i’d take one but can’t help but to think there is as much marketing wank driving this as 7.5” barrel 5.56 pistol. For the price i’d Assemble a ar9 with binary trigger. Weeeeee
  6. ?? I never “got” this concept. 5.5 lbs and a 4” barrel. All I see is a six pound handgun with a arm brace that looks somewhat awkward and magazines that can’t be used on another firearm. See no advantage as a pistol and no barrel length for ballistic advantage of an ar pistol with length options. Recoil mitigation better then blowback ar pistol? this is coming from a guy that likes the single tube ksg at shot 2019 so I’m not trying to imply it is a worthless toy, just curious why this platform over other choices.
  7. They hide so well and there is Underwood 90gn xtp +p, there may not be an acknowledged 380 +p spec, but this load is hot.
  8. go to a range and rent/borrow one or two a week until the right one finds you. The nevering quest for that perfect pistol bug bites a lot of people. The 41AE is a slide swap that would cost as much to add as a former M&P or Glock service weapon. The Jericho is a nice pistol, but IMO cons are heavy, slide height is short and can be harder to manipulate, old over complicated design. You can replace working/wear parts on most striker fire pistols cheap, easy and with tools you can find in your backyard if need be. Same holds true for 1911 models. I like CZ 75 and clones, fine pistols but fond of the KISS principle and no longer own any. good luck with search and share what you get! BTW - If you like to tinker 1911 and Glock/m&p have a a lot of aftermarket options and caliber swaps for some models that keep a hand loader busy. Tinkering minds handload.
  9. Two fine weapons but I’d have more use out of the Bersa.
  10. Thanks. It isn’t a shouldering or brace mod question. More of an intent to construct interpretation question if for some unlucky reason the opportunity presented itself. The SBA3 uses a standard rifle six position commercial spec buffer tube. Slide off brace and a stock could be slid right on with consequences on a non form1 lower. Heck, A para cord wrap takes more time to undo. I think I’ll avoid and keep using pistol tube or proprietary tube models. I was not comfortable with para cord wrap option in the world we live in today. The comfort vs weight option on this one is enticing...,,
  11. I’ve become a fan of ar pistols and like the option we have today with braces. I’d like to pick up a SB Tactical SBA3 which uses a standard six position buffer tube. With rifle stocks available in the collection is this version so close to the line it could be trouble? I don’t see anything that prohibits swapping the brace for standard stock or stoping the claim of constructive intent / constructive possession if we loose any more ground on the 2a front. Really don’t want to be on a form 1 list but maybe it’s time or just be content with braces that use pistol buffer tube / proprietary tubes. Anyone else had second thoughts about this brace?
  12. If you get “stuck” with the neck knife, pm me. I’ve got a use for tiny fixed blade and haven’t seen you post one in a while.
  13. Sharp edge right at 4” On the left one and 6” on the right.
  14. after seeing this thread I requested a couple for my kitchen. If you read the comments from other owners the reoccurring theme they are much better in person is true. Thanks GT, mad skills!

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