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  1. Update since you posted and went? Been a couple of months since I have been there, but was not poste and the reason it is only movie theatre we go to. decent screens and not as expensive, good rewards card. It is NCG operated and not regal cinema. Regal is a rip off.
  2. Is that a plumbing clean out in the mulch bed or ammo cache. Hmmmm
  3. Remove the primer stop spring and pin, clean pin and bore. I've lost a few primers once and a dirty stop pin was the issue. Hell i'm to lazy to swap the magazine tubes and leave the large (red tip) installed. Every now and then I have to flip a small primer, not recommended if you reload on autopilot. There is a set screw under primer stop spring to adjust primer slide travel, check that primer cup is under mag tube. The wear parts are cheap enough to have on hand. My shell plate bolt is worn but thick teflon tape on threads stops it from tightening during use. Also curious what other problems you have had.
  4. So they don't support or trust those that signed up to defend our freedom. This year Seattle and satellite hippies will turn Washington State into another republic of kalifornia. We shouldnt honor theirs because half of them are stoned.
  5. Sure there is. No better vehicle weapon than a revolver. I'm pretty vulnerable in my little convertible and distance may not be my friend. Revolver can't be pushed out of battery. None of the comparisons mean squat to me without barrel length. Another reason I ditched my 10mm's was I could push a 40s&w in a glock35 as well as a 10mm in a g29 with standard length barrel. The 40s&w washes out at 5-6" barrel length at normal bullet weights, >165 grain. The 10mm needs running room and starts to get happy with a 5" barrel length. 10mm is flash bang in anything less than a 4.5" barrel. If i could easily get 220-240 grain bullets in .40 I may have kept the 20/29 Glocks but might not have fingers to type this. These are awesome times, so many good choices out there!
  6. I'm with hlb14. I like multiples of carry pistols. I shoot the carry enough to exercise and force a cleaning. Run hard and put up dirty the range one. If same model there is no difference in feel or what to feed it. Seems logical to me if you shoot more than once a month. Poops and giggle pistols can be singles.
  7. 460 a compensator is required IMO, keeps the recoil down to G20 level and plastic block together. 10 round mags, or Rowland mag springs, or longer / weighted slide needed to feed reliability. I owned a G20 and loaded so hot slide would outrun feeding so comp was required, no difference. G21 with comp same as length as G41. 45 super level no comp required and covers 10mm ballistics. The 40super is barrel swap, necked round feeding .40" bullet in .45" hole so reliable feeding, same bullet selection from underwood as the 10mm loads but you get +150fps which is a lot from a pistol. You should buy a barrel with chamber support for hot 10mm so same cost. You lose 2 rounds in standard mag but have kriss mag options for reliable 25 round 45 or 40 super. Heck, buy a 10mm conversion barrel for G21. The 21 wins hands down in my eyes. The only reason I'd own a 20 over 21 is if I was only loading fourty caliber bullets. Back on topic, buy the G20 if it is your preference. There is another option so if buying underwood or buffalo bore for woods use and 40 super in a G21 should be considered; swap barrels back to 45 acp for nightstand and cheaper range use than 10mm.
  8. All the ballistics data in this thread show bulk manufactured 10mm is weak and a G29 is no better than a G35 with standard ammo. If you don't reload Underwood is the king of 10mm. If you buy the G21 you can buy 45acp cheaper than 10mm range ammo, add a full chamber barrel to shoot 45 super to be on par with 10mm. Add barrel and comp to shoot hot 45 Super to 460 Rowland which is low 44mag ballistics. Or barrel swap for 40 super for woods and still trump 10mm and have 45 acp for normal use. See old threads on block talk. Nothing wrong with g20, just the 21 is better.
  9. There is no difference if you are buying bulk manufactured ammunition. You get bragging rights about how much you spent to have longer brass. You have to reload or spend the bucks buying boutique shop ammunition to exceed 40s&w ballistics. Looks like you already have it covered, but if you have money and want the G20 got it. IMO you have better options with the G21 using 45acp-45super-460rowlnd
  10. I get metal "stealth" ones from eBay. You can get kydex already made with long lead to cut to length delivered for less than five bucks. Example this guy has about five styles in this auction. If you don't eBay a lot of these small shops have web sites you can buy from after getting info from eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/GUNNERs-CUSTOM-HOLSTERS-attached-clip-polymer-steel-or-FOMI-w-hardware-/262180632193?var=560942816331&hash=item3d0b2ef681:m:mQ66-rKJWCIUhUcKY1sLBZw amazon may be another option, also try handmade amazon section Good luck eBay item number: 262180632193
  11. damn gen 4s
  12. Humans are poor at probability. You loaded 300 rounds and 10% or less didn't gauge. Not enough data to lay blame of plated bullets. Some of the known.... Most plated bullets are one thousandth larger than Hornady HAP. 9mm is a tapered case. I don't know if they bother to taper a 9mm gauge and doubt it. guess your problem is bulge or burr on rim. Are the gauge fails all the same headstamp. Some brass I avoid because it is weak; bulge or rim distortes in glock barrel on hot loads. Sometimes you can see head of case is uneven to top of gauge. size 300 cases and gauge. Check length on a few if all same headstamp or sample of each headstamp. Load up the passing cases. Now you can determine if you are squashing case in process. If so, was case length a factor? The crimp question should be identified in set up by inspecting & pulling dummy rounds of min/max case length of lot and inspecting crimp. In the end, rim not falling in gauge won't matter to most barrel chambers, especially a glock. For plinking rounds, no worries with a little warp at rim. Edit to comment on lee factory crimp die. While I think it makes a nice crimp I also think it is a way to clean up a mess made in a stage of reloading process. the case was already sized, so why size again? It can affect performance of softer bullets intended to be oversized, but not so much with 9mm. Yep, this is why I don't post
  13. x2 for Reloaders Bench. They know the product and have good selection of new and used parts. If your shell plate or buttons fit other caliber kits you can piece together another set up and save a few bucks. Everyone else has caliber conversion kits and presses only. it is a money pit if you a lot of calibers and these guys saved me a few bucks.
  14. One reason not to get it.... "Sophisticated Trigger Mechanism" every cz I had was solid. Only one I regret selling was ramiP. That price point has very limited second hand market. If you want to drool on one Reese has a 991173 on GB, head on over to old hickory...
  15. I'm sure they have a few barrels. They have been promoting the 300blk conversion for two years and talking about it longer. Meanwhile, iwi-us has had some pretty serious screw ups. lower on ace pistol - doe! That took six months for resolution to be announced to owners. stop making barrels for other manufacturers and focus on the product line..... or gag the marketing staff.

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