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  1. Solvent and steel wool or even a wire wheel then acetone and repaint. Sounds like a good cold weather project to me.
  2. Hey Derek if you want you can give me a call and we can schedule a reloading session. Figure that would be the best crash course for you and you have already been by the house and seen my reloading setup.
  3. Reminds me of that Chevy Chase movie were he's an arms dealer and walks into the dictators palace with a cassette player that turns into I little sub machine gun.
  4. I also have a RI. 45 GI model and as previously mentioned it has been one of the most consistent hand guns I own. Eats everything and simply works. I wouldn't hesitate.
  5. Any chance you have a Pic of Mamma June's yoga pants?? Bonus points if it ss like daffodil dream!
  6. Welcome. Are you a native or a transplant.?
  7. I've got a pound of it you can have if you wanna make the drive to East Nashville. I don't use it anymore. I switched up to blc2 and a couple others for my loads. If you have a guilty conscience you can give me 20 bucks.
  8. I quit buying firearms a couple years ago and focused on upgrading everything I had / buying spare parts. Theres only been a couple exceptions and given recent political events I am glad I did. I would suggest something similar since you stated you have all the basics covered.
  9. Pics or this thread is worthless!!!
  10. Don't think so. I have one on my FNX I converted to. 460 Rowland and it has been just fine. That thing fires so hard your palms are checkered and you have a neat little FN after one shot.
  11. And use a round with a wide meplat, preferably a hard cast. Even. 357 can be a little on the small side if your not right in the wheel house. As said earlier. Deer are a lot tougher then people when it comes to getting shot and your number one concern should be a humane harvest. Plus chasing after a deer that runs off two hundred yards just sucks.


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