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  1. Honestly I think just about anything you cook up in 5.56x45 is gonna be pretty bright out of a barrel that short. Maybe a combo of reduced load with a better flash suppressor...
  2. Depends on the build. I have a Rock River that is mil spec that shoots 2 moa and then I have a PRI mk12 mod 0 that shoots sub .5 moa. It just depends on the build. I find it more important to first have a solid idea about what the platform is for and how it will be utilized, and then fit the tool to the need.
  3. Looking for referals. Need a good gunsmith to true a Rem 700 action.
  4. Dont have any experience with the 229c but take a look at both safari land and blackhawk for a holster. Both make a couple of multi platform compatible holsters. Safariland 579gls Link
  5. Ok so went to the range today. Listed data I am using as my base for a new load is 12gr aac #7 with a cast SWC 250gr. I worked all my loads in batches of 5 and went up incrementally from 9.5 to 11.1. No signs of over pressure No lead fouling what so ever Accuracy was amazing. I will continue to work this load up and then run it through the crony.
  6. I am going to the range tomorrow. I will cook up 3 seperate batches with slowly increased charges. If possible I will take pictures of the bore. Not sure if I can get a good angle since the comp locks the barrel to the slide for the most part. I'll report back after in case anyone else is interested in the results.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys. I am aware of the leading possibilities which is one of the reasons I am experimenting with this specific alloy which is around 30 bhn. I have published load data for aac #7 so I will probably start there as it is a little slower then #5.
  8. Here's the question. I cast 100 .452 RNFP (Lee Die) 255gr bullets. Because of the high antimony content the bullets averaged out at 222gr. What if any considerations should I take into account for the weight difference? My first thought is that I would stick with 255gr load data as the size of the round is the same thus limiting case capacity. I would assume that velocity would more then likely increase since weight is different, unless the bearing surface of the bullet actually has more of an effect then the overall weight. Anyways, let the speculation begin. Round Details Caliber: 460 Rowland Powders: Accurate #7 / #5 Brass: Starline (New) Primers: Winchester (LP)
  9. Perfect timing for me as my HCP is due for renewal in a little less then a year.
  10. Does anyone have any info on what the birds are doing in the Big Sandy area around Land Between the Lakes? I am planning on doing a duck hunt out that way in a couple weeks and was wondering if anyone has been out there this season.
  11. Go with what ever caliber you shoot the most consistantly with. One will probably work with you better then the other, in my mind thats your choice.

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