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  1. You never noticed scarlet and gold palm trees and pretty piles of white painted rocks out in front of cp's? Maybe it's just a 1st MarDiv thing being California and all lol.
  2. Yeah and we also painted rocks and palm trees!!!
  3. Me personally I use a sled with 50 pounds of lead when zeroing any optic. The point being remove yourself from the equation. After I achieve point of aim point of impact I let it be. Most of my rifles whether it be a. 22 or my. 50 bmg, I focus on the grouping whether or not it is in the bullseye or not. I have found that as I have gotten older my natural aim has slowly shifted to the lower right of where I know the optic is actually centered. With this knowledge does it really matter if my impact zone is off center 3 inches if the grouping is. 75"?
  4. The heavier set gent can be alright to deal with. The taller guy though shows his ass on a regular basis. I've also been lectured by the guy who works the reloading section at Outpost Armory. I just keep my mouth shut, nod like an idiot, pickup my marbles and go home.
  5. Why not look for wifi only, refurbished units. If the sole purpose is to couch surf and stream i see no reason why you should get locked into a service co tract from a carrier. Also, android tablets will usually allow you to add a micro SD card for extra storage brunging the base unit price down even more as you don't need to fixate on the storage as heavily.
  6. Put a pick your flavor 3 moa reflex sight on that thing and call it a day. Its an ar pistol. Personally I run a 18" 6.8spc bcm with a eotech plus 3x magnifier for my hog gun. I just dont see the sense in scoping something that small. Kinda defeats the whole purpose of that specific delivery system.
  7. Praying Mantis vs Murder Hornet
  8. Thats pretty good considering 1 pound of powder only loads 26 rounds let alone the other components!
  9. Dick! That's where I got mine and I had to twist the Weasles arm into giving me a free t-shirt.
  10. Looks like adhesive. I don't see anything on the underside. And yeah the new cases they come in are nice but a total sales ploy. Mine has cutouts for 3 mags, the rifle, the supressor, and a scope.
  11. Its some sort of synthetic, but its not neoprene.

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