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  1. Maybe I should be more clear about my info about this range.    1) I read many negative comments about a certain female Range Officer there and I wanted to post someting positive about her.  She knows what she is talking about and was very helpful with many of the shooters there.    2) Some of the "rules" of the range are not expressed on the website nor on this message board, and wanted to share the info.  That was the main point of the thread.  Not sure how that would confuse or anger some folks.    3) Some of the non-range officers were rude and crabby.  Hence my comments about a private range.  I get that this range is busy, and I get that safety is paramount, but I saw a mom get yelled at for trying to bring coffee into the range.  No need to be an asshole, and a  simple private conversation would have taken care of it.  This is something I feel needs improvement.  If you disagree with this, then it's cool.  I just know that at Montgomery, you dont get any of this bad attitude.   
  2. On the other hand; If this range were a private business, it would be out of business in a matter of weeks. The "Customer" experience was pretty awful.
  3. I went to the Stone River shooting range for the first time today. I had read a few things about the range before I went and learned a few things but I learned a few more details that I would like to share with you and for anyone seeking info on the range. BTW: the TN Gov site does a horrible job with such a lack of info. Some important details to know about this range: 1) Cash or checks only, NO CARDS 2) No ammo is sold there, but targets are sold. 3) You can rent rests and scopes if you need them. No gun rentals. 4) They are still inspecting every weapon and they want a case or bag per weapon. 5) No Concealed Carry 6) Only water is allowed on the range 7) Still only one target per lane, and you have to use the push pins they provide. 8) Many who work there seem crabby. I have read a lot about a certain woman who works there as a range officer. She was there today, and yes, she is loud and "Confident", but she is also very helpful and gives a ####. I observed her being helpful with many people today. 9) Shotgun ranges only with Slugs, no Shot. 10) It's busy 11) Not many "stores" in the immediate vacinity. Get your food, water and ammo before you get there.
  4. 2 weeks with no call to the manufacturer is unacceptable. They just lost a customer over the cost of a phone call. That's just sloppy business, and hopefully they can turn it around.
  5. Thanks Hognut. I'm not looking to host a match, just spend some time on a range this weekend.
  6. Hi Folks, I'll be in the Montgomery Bell State Park Area next weekend and want to get some range time in while in the area. Does anyone know an outside range in the area? I'm having trouble finding one nearby or in the Dickson area. Thanks!
  7. I didnt work in the Custom Shop, but I know most everyone over there for years. Dont recall Rick Rice, but I would likely know him by face.
  8. LOL. Too Funny. I swear, I really am a guitar player!
  9. 2 things I like about this gun and the company: 1) USA company and Made in the USA. What's not to Like about that? 2) They are trying something different. Just because YOU dont want it does not mean that it may fit a need for a segment of the market out there. I think it would be a great 2nd gun to carry. I am not going to poo poo it without out holding it in my hands and trying the trigger first.
  10. This issue was covered fully in my class. We even received a print out list of states that recognize a TN HCP. We were also provided with the proper websites to double-check for any updates. I keep that list in my gun bag. Now, on the other hand, I have been in NYC dozens of times, and from my experience, the police are usually helpful and help out tourists when they need it. On the other hand, If you give a NYC cop a hard time, expect to get a hard time back. It would be interesting to know if she was "cool" with the police, or if she turned in to the Wicked Witch of the South.
  11. I work in retail too and I have had disapppointing experiences at some of the smaller gun shops too. I have seen things that did not make any sense at all and was treated pretty poorly and fed lines of B.S. Good Customer Service does not cost anything. The folks at T&K, and the folks at Guns and Leather treated me exactly how I wished to be treated. They are in business to serve the customer, not the other way around. They will have my business
  12. Which Supertuck model do you use for your Bersa?
  13. Hi guys, I have a newbie question. I was checking out the Springfield Armory EMP the other day and I loved the way it felt. I did not get to shoot it though. My question is" It is listed as having a "short action". What goes that mean exactly? How would that effect the way I would carry it? Thanks in advance for your help.


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