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  1. Same here. I'd definitely trade my all black gen 3 for FDE.
  2. I would make the above my first step in resolving your issue, and finding a new/different weapon or platform the last step. I would be appalled if this solution didn't fix your problem, and make you one happy customer. I'm incredibly intrigued as to the response from SA if you decide to send that letter. I await your decision on how to handle this matter with great anticipation.
  3. cgun86

    Cheap Thrills

    Close this thread. This is your answer.
  4. Also check out the Stealth Gear holsters. I believe the materials used along with the craftsmanship warrants the higher price.
  5. I also tried to tell myself the 26 was all I needed... it didn't work :) The 43 disappears in any iwb holster combo. I bought a $20 kydex taco on ebay and it does great.
  6. Crossbreed and Stealth Gear make an excellent product. Check out croosbreedseconds.com for great deals as well. Don't skimp on your holster or belt. Crossbreed is the original. Everyone else has just made the design with cheaper materials. Stealth gear is only maker that has really changed the materials for the better. I would either get a Stealth gear or crossbreed. You spent a lot of money on a weapon to save your life. Don't cheap out on comfort and security for that investment.
  7. In the tri-cities you won't find better service and prices than TCSS in Kingsport. Michael is a great guy and a member here. He does transfers and can also order anything in stock from distributors like Davidsons etc. If he ever opens up a gun shop we'll have several dealers go out of business here.
  8. Something is obviously wrong. I've never had to use tools or tables to insert mags. Could just be the springs, but once you pass a certain point of rough you start breaking things. I would heed Daves advice and contact S&W. The worst that could happen is you get a free hat out of it. :)
  9. cgun86

    Dad Gift

    A tradition such as this is why rifles are passed down in the first place. Watching you shoot it and hearing how much you love it every year will fill him with more pride than you know.
  10. I have a 36 that is about a year old. So far it's been flawless with several different types of FMJ and JHP. I'm still deciding though whether or not I prefer a 1911 for single stack .45 carry.
  11. I live in Erwin and have several friends and family members that work for NFS. Last I heard if you park in the large parking lot adjacent the facility, towards the receiving dock, it's considered public parking and not subject to search without probable cause. If you enter the the main facility through the security checkpoints, and inside the wall/barbed wire you'll be subject to vehicle searches at will. If the contractor you'll be working for is Murray Guard you'll have nothing at all to worry about since you'll be doing the searches :)
  12. If his employer mandates he have a revolver on duty I would go buy a new/used 4 inch Ruger GP100 and be done with it.
  13. cgun86

    Ruger 22/45

    Right on! What an excellent statement. This is the attitude of someone who truly enjoys the shooting sports.
  14. LMAO, that's hilarious. Glad to hear it went over your ear, and not in it!
  15. cgun86

    WTB: Handgun

    They're routinely found new for $369 and up. I've seen them used locally for $350 and that usually includes whatever type of holster the seller bought for it. The Ruger LC9s PRO is in the same price range as the Shield. The LC9S PRO has a better stock trigger than the Shield. Be sure to get the PRO version because it doesn't have the magazine disconnect saftey, or the manual safety. Id shoot them both before you decide. A good range/home defense gun in yout price range is the Ruger P95. I bought one for $289 new about 6 years ago. It's one of the most reliable and accurate firearms I own. It's a beast to carry though. OWB all the way.
  16. This has got to be a "soft launch". Why run a limited production of the barest bones 1911 of all time? Definitely don't shoot it though, till you see what happens with them, lol.
  17. Is it safe to call this a poor man's Dan Wesson then? :)
  18. I went to 2 WMs over here in East TN today. One of the Johnson City locations and the Erwin location. The one in JC only had a Mossberg 715 .22, and the Erwin location had zero ARs. Interestingly, the Erwin location had a Colt AR-15 airsoft rifle marked way down as well. This would seem to validate the claims of WM getting out of the "black rifle" market.
  19. cgun86

    Ruger 22/45

    The deal a few weeks ago in the classifieds was too good to pass up for me. I got a great deal, and met a great member in the process. You won't be disappointed with the lite in light blue. I too was going to get a pack lite barrel for my 22/45 HB, but again couldn't pass up this deal, lol. Great suppressor host, and loads of fun to shoot. With the compensator the balance is phenomenal.
  20. ^ This 100% The added benefit of being honest and upfront is you get to sleep well at night no matter which way the deal goes. If you passed away would you want someone to scam your wife, or be honest with her?
  21. If this is happening on a regular basis and she's not owner/co-owner they need to let her go. If she is owner/co-owner they still need to let her go! You can't teach someone how to interact with people, it's natural.
  22. Don't bother coming to our class so we can help you, but by all means come shoot wildly on our range! It's almost like certain people don't want the extra business! She literally just lost NA $300 over the phone! Unbelievable!
  23. Wow! I guess she's met her monthly sales quota already, lol. $95 seems steep anyway. I bet they can find a group rate somewhere.
  24. S&W 642 for the average bad guys, and a life insurance policy for the professionals.


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