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  1. It was a wonderful day. I want to see even more next time.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBMACCu4n9Q http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMm4LZdrhrs   Best coverage of speakers here - http://www.youtube.com/user/Mystic9mm/videos?view=0
  2. I asked about this last week on here on "Will we march" post.   It was either largely ignored or shot down because "bad things could happen". Strange that nobody seems worried enough of what WILL happen if they keep sitting on their butts and waiting for others like the NRA and GOA to do all the work for them.   Ill be there. I will be posting a video today calling out all the rest of the TN YouTube community (there are lots) to get them involved (many already have).    Honestly, I am sorely disappointed right now in theTGO community. It appears to be full of armchair commandos. Don't like that?  Be at the capital this Saturday at noon and prove me wrong.
  3. Baron

    IDIOTS Open Carry ARs in Portland

    In todays world, image is everything. I don't like it, I don't think it's the way things should be, but that is the hard truth. People better wake up and accept it.    I support doing everything we can within the system. I still plan on taking part in protests. However, open carry will not help our cause. Our biggest opponent right now is not Liberals, Democrats or Government. It is FEAR. Fear is what is going to push all of those on the fence about 2nd amendment rights to side with the gun grabbers.    You have to paint a pretty picture. It sucks, but anything else will just be used against you. 
  4. Baron

    Will we march on Nashville?

    I see this a lot. Heck, I would be lying if I didn't consider the possibility myself.   However, as gun owners, have we not faced these "what ifs" hundreds of times? Like, "If you give everyone carry permits, there will be shootouts like the old west". The truth? Nothing happened.   Here is a "what if". If someone wanted to take some drastic action like this, they could just open fire at any of the gun shows. The last Memphis one had about 400+ people just wanting to get in the door. Im sure the media would love to cover such a tragedy and end gun shows forever...yet...it hasn't happened.   There is only one "what if" I am conceded abut...   What if Obama, Feinstein and their ilk get heir way?
  5. Baron

    Will we march on Nashville?

    Im in contact with the person who is heading up the Nashville protest on the 19th. He is just now getting things together so I will share the information as it comes in.   I understand it is very easy to be pacifistic about such an event. It is easy to consider it silly or undoable.    But let me ask every member here something...   If undesirable gun laws do see the light of day, can you honestly say that you did EVERYTHING within your power and within the law to stop them?    Is your best replying to forum posts made by other pro-guners the limit of your ability? Maybe you went WAY out of your way and used a website to send automated letters to officials. If so, let me award you with the badge of internet bravery.    For me, I want to make sure I can say I did everything in my power. I have been heard by sending money to NRA and GOA. I have been heard by writing letters to my officials till I am sure they are sick of me. I have also funded contests to help promote others to get involved.   Its time to be seen and I will do so by standing in front of the capital with a pro 2A sign. If I am alone, looking like a failed idiot,  so be it. 
  6. Baron

    Will we march on Nashville?

    Looks like there is a push for action on the 19th. I am making plans.   http://www.facebook.com/events/144639815690301/   "Armed with only signs? Might as well wave a white flag..."   Put a gun on your sign? Seriously though, I would check to see if it was even legal to carry on the property.   In any case, here is the issue.   Gun owners and supporters are going to back us no matter what. Anti-gun supporters are going to fight us no matter what facts or rationalities are thrown at them. No tactic is going to win them over.   What lies in between is the majority who do not feel strongly one way or the other. They are going to side with who they think is safe and reasonable. Waving our AKs and ARs in the air in front of a government building is not going to paint that picture. It would only be used against us by the media which is about 90% with the gun grabbers.   There is a time to pick up a pen. There is a time to pick up the phone. There is a time to pick up a sign. And, if the others fail, a time to pick up a gun. 
  7. I understand that , unlike the 99%ers, we have jobs and our free time is usually highly rationed. However, we do have a responsibility and that is to our Constitution and Republic. Can we...will we practice our 1st Amendment rights to help protect the 2nd?   My personal vision, a thousand plus gun owners peacefully demonstrating in front of the state capital. They are armed with only signs and none are dressed like hunters or commandos. They all look like everyday professionals, farmers or parents just spending a few hours to be seen and heard and then return to their other obligations.    Is there something already in the works? If not, its past time to get the ball rolling.     
  8. Baron

    Media-Gun Owner Debates: VIDEOS

    Alex Jones vs Piers Morgan   Can we deport both of them?
  9. Baron

    Responses from Legislators

    I received real responses in the past, but not this time. All I get now is the same junk. 
  10. Baron

    What to do if the ban passes...

    Let me be the guy to say "I don't know"   I know what I "wish" I could do, but thats a different story and probably not grounded in reality. 
  11. Baron

    Confiscation by WHO?

    My 1st Sgt. asked my back in 1990 if I would be willing to confiscate civilian firearms if given the order. I never thought about it before and it kinda jared me. I answered "no" and he just asked, "are you sure?". Long story short, it was his belief that the order would be coming soon. Luckily, he was wrong.   Later in life, I worked around a lot of Sherif Deputies. I would tell them the story and ask them the same thing. It would be about an even split on the answers. That really worries me because I am sure that many of the half that said no would quickly change their mind when faced with the immediate circumstances.
  12. Thank you. We need as many of these as we can get.    This is our line in the sand. This is where we fight.
  13. My first thought would be, "How are the going to pay for it?"   Yeah,  I know, they print all the money they want, but you get the idea.    Too bad I sold all of mine. Im sure I would have been sitting on a fortune. Heck, just my magazines would have been with thousands today. :x:

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