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  1. I even online chatted with a CSR to check on availability - all gone
  2. I do pretty much the same thing - I know cops have a bitch of a job - so I try to make my interactions with them as positive as possible.
  3. The numbers all look good as I can tell - but I will have a pro take a peek at it. thanks for the input sir
  4. thank you gentlemen - as always you guys are a great knowledge base.
  5. Thank you for your input - I guess it is not an original then. Bummer - I cannot seem to find a value for it - would you happen to have an idea of where to get that info....or at least a ball park idea?
  6. Hello all, I have purchased a Mauser and was looking for any helpful information. It has all the German stamps and it is in pretty nice condition. I believe it to be a M30 from my findings on http://askmisterscience.com/1896mauserbackup/index.html My Serial number is 800xxx, I do not have the broomstick or the holster which would make it more valuable. I spoke with the owner at Fighting Sheep Dog and he was able to find it in his books. The book did not show the serial number, just the guns themselves. He was very helpful and knowledgeable and I will be using his store in the future.
  7. Howdy to all - I saw a facebook post for the shooting team. It is made up of youngsters learning to shoot. They seem to be having problems finding .22LR as most of us have.   They asked for donations, but are willing to purchase the ammo for a fair price.   I AM NOT affiliated with this group - so I checked out there Facebook page to ensure they are real. In this world of distrust and lies it is unfortunate that I had to check.   Anywho, if you have an extra ammo that you can part with - you can contact a guy by the name of John Robert Hipps on Facebook.   I will be
  8. I just bought and received this holster, it fits great and the qulaity is on par with what I needed. I just wanted to share the info in the event that someone else is looking for one.   http://www.botach.com/products/safariland-6004-tactical-holsters.html     Yut !!!  
  9. Hello to all - I found some.22 if you dont mind paying :( - http://www.ammunitionalley.com/ammo-22-lr.php
  10. I have been house hunting for over a year, the garbage that people try to sell is mind numbing.
  11. It is brutal to watch our country lose its strength. But its even worse to realize there is nothing that can be done to save it. When our own prez signs away our rights and jobs, and any person with the power to stop it is bought and paid for, we are in deep muck.
  12. A gentle Marine is a Marine in deep thought - I give you Kudos for not stomping out his gutz - discipline and self control saved his narrow azz. But future episodes may not fair as well for the thief. 
  13. Well handled - what a very odd scenario. I probably would have started to talking to him in Pig Latin......and trying not to laugh.....but then again.....he could have been "shopping" as Runco stated. Kudos for calling LEO - you may have inadvertently foiled a "future" crime.
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