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  1. Interesting read. In my 35 years as a licensed psychotherapist I wish causation and mental illness was as simple as he puts it. If it was my job would be a lot easier.
  2. At the time it was ended, only 8% of the pipeline had been completed. https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-keystonepipelinexl-builtandpai/fact-check-though-keystone-xl-pipeline-had-secured-most-of-its-funding-it-was-only-8-constructed-idUSL1N2LA2SQ
  3. In the early '70s I would show up for class at Chattanooga High School with my Ruger .44 mag carbine in the gun rack after having hunted before school and ready to go back to the deer stand after school.
  4. I do miss the 70's with my CB radio. My handle was "Cannonball"
  5. Correct about interest in the Hi-Power never fading. I still carry my Browning that I bought in 1972.
  6. Just made a huge pot of chicken tortilla soup and cornbread is about done. Let it snow!
  7. Congrats to your grandson and to your family!
  8. Well, it got to me. My Dad, who died in 1991, was a die hard Chevy man, and I have longed to restore a '68 Chevy Impala Super Sport in his memory. God Bless you, Dad. I miss you . . .
  9. This is about all the watch I can watch . . .
  10. The guys at Nashville Severe Weather were tracking straight line winds in excess of 90 MPH in the Percy Priest area.
  11. Okay here in South Nashville after straight-line winds of 80+ on my weather station. Spent an hour in a closet between 3 & 4 am until the end of tornado warnings. We have power and internet. NO power on Old Hickory (Nippers Corner area), Edmondson Pike, and Nolensville Pike from Thompson Lane to Old HIckory. Since traffic signals are not functioning, traffic is terrible. Hope you and yours are safe. God's blessings upon all who have lost and the tragedy in KY.
  12. I think it only takes Nerf ammunition . . .
  13. It really does appear that it would help me rise to the occasion . . .
  14. Fascinating story about December 7: https://www.washingtonpost.com/history/2021/12/07/pacific-clipper-pan-am-pearl-harbor/
  15. God rest her soul as well as your own grief. She died much too young, but the clients and families that came says it all.
  16. What a great lady! Working with traumatic children is so hard, but also rewarding. One of my roles was working in an inpatient facility for children and adolescents who had experienced severe emotional, sexual, and physical trauma. I went home many nights sad for the pain that I had heard and experienced, but grateful in my hope that, at least for a moment, I had helped a child feel safe . . .
  17. Licensed Professional Counselor in TN & KY; I provide mental health therapy for a variety of issues for clients from adolescent through older adults. Also provide clinical supervision to LPC/MHSP candidates seeking their license to practice in TN. Been doing this over 40 years! COVID has changed the scene of what I do; more telehealth than in person which has worked well. I have some FTF clients, but the majority find telehealth easier since they don't have to fight Nashville traffic to come to our offices.
  18. I'm just now reading this at 6:59 am on a Monday morning. I think for further philosophical consideration, i will require time and Jack Daniels . . .
  19. Blessings on you. So grateful your health has returned. With beautiful children you have much to live for!
  20. Exactly! Pit Boss is the same. I used to have a smoker that I had watch constantly . . . "babysitting" is a perfect term and a royal pain!


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