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  1. SOLD Long Range 6.5 Grendel: Caliber 6.5 Grendel, 24” 1-8 Stainless fluted barrel by Precision Firearms with matching bolt. Lower is an Olympic Target-Match with custom trigger, Hogue hand grip and a Magpul PRS adjustable stock. Scope is a Hawke Sidewinder 6.5-20X50 Illuminated, 30MM tube, on a Rock River Arms 30MM scope mount. Includes 100-rounds+ of tuned, loaded ammo, brass, dies, etc. Over $1700 invested. I just don't shoot it and it sits in my safe. I will sell rifle, ammo, dies, brass, etc. for $700 without scope and scope mount. With scope and mount $1000 takes all. Ev
  2. I'll bet my money on out of spec ammo.
  3. Nice wood grips to fit Ruger single action new Vaquero and new single six pistols. $25.
  4. Airborne....Hoo Raa. Yes, I have some cool toys but as I reach the age of Geezerville, it's time to sell off a bunch of stuff I don't shoot.
  5. SOLD This is a fantastic hand gun and I hated to sell it. It is in good hands now. Offered for sale is a hard to find in this condition, very nice Israeli made Kareen Mark II. Basically a clone of the Browning High Power, the Kareen Mark II was originally made for the Israeli army. Because it had to be able to fire the hot 9 mm loads that the Israelis fire in their UZI submachine guns, the Kareen Mark II was build stronger than the original High Power. The Kareen Mark II is available in a handsome duotone finish, and its all steel construction should be more than sturdy enough
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