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  1. Are these classes going to offered this year? I finally my have some time in my life to take them.
  2. I Have to show my ignorance but I have to wonder how constitutional carry will affect reciprocity with other states. One could only guess that you would still need the now "enhanced" HCP to stay on the correct side of the law when traveling. Assuming this is the case, would we see an increase in price (tax) to keep the HCP? If a rise in fees is the case, could one speculate that a push for constitutional carry could be a way to make it more difficult to carry, by limiting where you can carry and how you can carry. Don't misunderstand me, I am very pro our right to protect ourselves, but until this is a nation wide event, and while it seems to be good news, is this a big deal?
  3. I was setting up a new Lee Loadmaster a couple of days ago and had this exact same thing happen, it happened at the seating/crimping die. I don't run a factory crimp die in the last position. The piece of brass it happened on was the same piece I had used to test all the other dies several time, meaning it hat been through the full length sizing die several times, so I chalked t up to fatigue in the brass. I pitched it is the cull bin, changed nothing and it hasn't happened again.
  4. O.k. Still sad to hear though. I hope know one was hurt.
  5. Did it burn down?? Has anyone else heard this??
  6. Is there a campground near your area? I, along with the Mrs, am interested in coming. We were thinking of pulling the camper up there and coming home the next day.
  7. I got a chance to handle one at Buds's in Sevierville a ew months ago. I really liked it. If I'm honest, I had the greenlight from the Mrs to spend a little, and I'm not sure why I left it there. I'm really excited to see how this one turns out for you.
  8. All this cool rimfire stuff and NONE of it is in or near Nashville.
  9. Isn't the constitutional right that she is referring to the 2nd amendment? Isn't that why we have the 2nd?
  10. I am not sure Turkey ever come into the "vermin/nuisance" category. I would definitely want clarification on that point. Also, I don't think it is ever ok to shoot small game with a centerfire weapon, i.e. squirrel with an AR. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but if yo ran into the wrong TWRA agent on the wrong day you would be in the wrong. The regulations on "Means and methods" can be a bit confusing in the small game/fur bearer section. That is the difference you have to understand, small game vs. fur bearer.
  11. What distance did you zero at? those are good groups. I have been wanting a 6.5 for a long time, it's just not practical where I live, shoot and hunt. We can go out to about 400yrds at the range I get to use but that is about it. I just about have myself talked into the Swagger, even if I have to sell another gun to fund it lol. I like to sit up and shoot, and the longer one just looks perfect. I also like the looks of these https://swaggerbipods.com/products/stalker-lite How well does the can help? Does 6.5 suppress as well as something like .308?
  12. That's a good looking rifle. I will admit I am biased to Savage. I have two, neither of them are the high end models, but both are lights out accurate and rugged as hell. I just finished modifying the acutrigger on my Axis today, it will now come down to under a pound. I like that bipod a lot. Which model is it? My Axis is going to be my coyote gun and those look perfect. I'm usually a shooting stick kind of guy, as I like to sit up and lean back on a tree.
  13. Yeah Jeff seems to be the go to guy around here. I actually spoke to him the other day and will end up taking the rifle to him in late march. This is my new coyote rifle and I don't want to miss mating season lol.


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