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  1. I Have to show my ignorance but I have to wonder how constitutional carry will affect reciprocity with other states. One could only guess that you would still need the now "enhanced" HCP to stay on the correct side of the law when traveling. Assuming this is the case, would we see an increase in price (tax) to keep the HCP? If a rise in fees is the case, could one speculate that a push for constitutional carry could be a way to make it more difficult to carry, by limiting where you can carry and how you can carry. Don't misunderstand me, I am very pro our right to protect ourselves, but until
  2. I was setting up a new Lee Loadmaster a couple of days ago and had this exact same thing happen, it happened at the seating/crimping die. I don't run a factory crimp die in the last position. The piece of brass it happened on was the same piece I had used to test all the other dies several time, meaning it hat been through the full length sizing die several times, so I chalked t up to fatigue in the brass. I pitched it is the cull bin, changed nothing and it hasn't happened again.
  3. Which one are you looking for? I have the 18" barrel model
  4. O.k. Still sad to hear though. I hope know one was hurt.
  5. Did it burn down?? Has anyone else heard this??
  6. Is there a campground near your area? I, along with the Mrs, am interested in coming. We were thinking of pulling the camper up there and coming home the next day.
  7. I got a chance to handle one at Buds's in Sevierville a ew months ago. I really liked it. If I'm honest, I had the greenlight from the Mrs to spend a little, and I'm not sure why I left it there. I'm really excited to see how this one turns out for you.
  8. All this cool rimfire stuff and NONE of it is in or near Nashville.
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