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  1. Still working on getting the rest of the weldment pieces in for the receiver but hopefully I can have this up and running by the end of the year.
  2. Looking for a Bushmaster ACR. Prefer black enhanced version. Have trade options including: G34 w/ALG Mount and optic, x300U, TTI plus 6 Base pad HK USP40 LEM with Jetfunnel and Insight UTL B&T USW kit w/Glock 17 gen 5 with Aimpoint ACRO, Agency Threaded Barrel
  3. haven't shot it yet. I'll try to take some pics with and without the weights
  4. Picked up these two beauties for my personal collection. the steel match weight (11oz) adds a nice balance to the full frame pistol
  5. Interested in any trades? I’ve got a new aero precision M4E1 freedom edition receiver set.
  6. Sig is going to be releasing the P365XL. I was thinking about picking up a P365 but I think I may wait and get the xl. I like that it has the RMR cutout already on the slide. Sig P365xl
  7. Ever since i saw the movie No country for old men, i wanted a suppressed shotgun. I started off with a factory Rem 870 express and had Sterling Arsenal Works do the barrel chop, choke adapter threading and Vang Comp sight system upgrades. They cerakoted it and did a little custom bolt fluting. Its a blast to shoot with the Salvo 12 and really helps manage the recoil/kick. Not as fun to shoot without the silencer on a 12" barrel (left bruises on my shoulder). Anyways, here a little video of the shotty YouTube Video
  8. the 507C is the dual reticle feature so you can switch between the dot or reticle. I feel like i can pickup the retical much faster.
  9. Try a Holosun 507C. I have one on my pistol and love it. I actually like shooting with it better than my RMR. Great features and cost less, and has same footprint as the RMR so you can run it on the same slide.
  10. Yeah I’m pretty sure I was the first to get em in Nashville. Possibly in TN. Since it uses the glock internals and basically the same dimensions it’s familiar feel of shooting a glock but better. You do get a higher grip on it since it has the cutouts so maybe that’s why it feels softer. I’m looking forward to getting the longer slides and trying it out in those setups. I may shoot over to Owl Hollow tomorrow if anybody wants to join and check it out.
  11. Thoughts on the new ZRODelta Modulus pistols? I ordered these back in November and just got them in this month. I got to take it out to the range for the first time last week and very pleased with the way it shoots. The all metal construction gives it a nice balanced fee. It’s solid and feels softer shooting than a factory G19. The key feature is its modular construction. Dust cover, grip sections, slide and mag wells can be changed out. It uses Glock internals (gen 3 trigger system). Slide has red dot cut out already and can use the different adaptor plates for your spe
  12. anybody had a animal headdress that i could borrow for a night?  Got an event that I'm going to and want to wear it.  Something like a wolf, mountain lion, bear.  i know its a long shot, but thought i would check.   Willing to pay a little or do some cerakote work in exchange.  Please message me if anyone has something cool.   Thanks
  13. Not sure if that was a question but yes. That's what I did. You have to understand that the owner purchased this with the understanding that the slide was damaged and that he wasn't going to dump money into getting it fixed. I offered to try to make it look better at no cost and they took me up on the offer. After looking at the damage I told them there wasn't much I could do and the only other option would be to try to have the surface milled down but they would have had to remove a lot of metal. He told me whatever I do would be an improvement so go for it. From my experience, getting t
  14. I don't know for sure what happened. Just going off what the previous owners told me. Yeah, if I had to guess, the slide was probably rusted pretty bad and the holes are from rust pits. I agree that media blasting a healthy slide wouldn't do that kind of damage. The indents would be more uniform. I just used JB cold weld compound. Let it cure and sand it down.
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