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  1. I finally read this last year. It was such a good read and recommend it to all.
  2. Gives a new twist on their slogan of Hot Doughnuts Now.
  3. I have looked for history books at the used book stores, online and in regular stores but finding something that you feel is telling you the truth is hard to pick out. I know every book has a slant from the author whether intentionally or not but finding something that is relatively fair to all sides is fairly difficult. I have also read several accounts of Wounded Knee slanted to each side. Most do tend to lead towards the uncertainty of who fired first or at times out right blaming the other side. The results are horrible either way but we also don't know what really happened as far as who was firing from where. If shots were coming from (or assumed to be) coming from the teepees, I can see why they fired into them which could lead to some of the deaths of the women and children. The biggest thing that we can't understand or feel from this distance in time is the true fear and hatred each side had for the other. Both can make people do some really horrible things.
  4. I would love to find the Tennessee history book we had in middle school back in the mid 80's but I don't think that they even have such a thing anymore. Plus, the way history is presented now it seems everything is out to paint our country as a terrible place with nothing but bad events in our past. I realize there were some but I believe there is more good than bad. Something that I have enjoyed is a course from The Great Courses online titled "The American West: History, Myth and Legacy" Some of it is review of what we learned in school and some is information that I have never heard. Some is also of the darker side of our past. Good to listen to at work like a pod cast and there are twenty four 30min lessons. I have liked a couple other courses and couple others not so much. If you are interested and look it up on the site right now it has some outrageous price of around $200 but the courses go on sale all the time and I haven't paid more than $30 for any complete course. Some have been as low as $15. I think I paid $25 for the history one.
  5. We shot our Mosin today on the property after lunch.
  6. There was the one where the ex-con comes to town and gives him a shotgun I believe. Andy throws it on the couch when they here Barney, Gomer and Otis in knots outside the window.
  7. Ruger 10/22 (son's rifle) Marlin 795 with Boyd's gray laminated stock, scope and bipod S&W MP 15-22 with bipod Ruger American (just bought) with scope (possible Boyd's stock and bipod in the future) Ruger SR22 Heritage Rough Rider Henry lever action with octagonal barrel.
  8. jwinter


    ^Never trust a little bunny.
  9. I used to get Backpacker magazine when it actually had good articles on trips in the US, but it soon went to bucket list trips to far away places and tons of adds. I finally dropped it when it added a strong political slant that I did not agree with. I still pick it up at the magazine isle from time to time but it still is not worth getting. At least for me anyway. I also agree with the silly home finding shows. Maybe I was just in a different boat, but our first house in our early 20's (1994) was in the $40,000 range. And that was a little bit of a stretch. Of course that was 25 years ago. My son is getting ready to buy one for around $100,000 so I guess times have changed.
  10. Andrew Kaplan - Scorpion Winter. Pretty good book. I didn't realize that he wrote the Homeland series also.
  11. I am a novice dutch oven cook but I ran across some good videos today from a youtube channel titled "Outdoor cooking with Al". He seems like a pretty normal guy and had some fairly simply dishes that I will definitely try in the near future when camping. Sadly I wasted most of the cold, rainy afternoon watching most of them. That said, does anyone know of any other channels / sites that are worth giving a look related to outdoor cooking? Thanks,
  12. My wife and I laughed at this article. What a sad statement on the liberal mind set. One interesting thing that was left out was black on black gun crime. He mentions white on white and white on black but where was the biggest one of all. Also, was this for legally owned guns only. What about all those guns in the south side of Chicago and other areas that are used in black on black crimes where they are not legally allowed to own them?
  13. I am a land surveyor so the next line will seem very biased. NEVER buy property without a current survey. It amazes me that people will buy property valued at over 100,000 dollars and pay on it for 30 years and not find out exactly what they own and or if there are any issues. So I obviously suggest that you get the property surveyed and see where you stand. Keep in mind that the building could be on you property but if there is an easement along the line and it is on it, you could "lose" it later if a utility needs to fix an existing line under it. If it is a platted lot it is simpler to verify what you are buying. If it is unplatted and is just described in a deed you really need to know what you are buying. We had a job in Vonore where a guy from Florida bought what he thought was 60+ acres iper the listed acreage stated at the end of the deed as "60 acres more or less" that ended up being only around 35 acres when surveyed per the description in the deed. To make it even worse is that he paid the seller a per acre price. Worst case scenario I know but you get the picture.
  14. Fly Eagles Fly! Long time fan.
  15. Here a couple shots of my wife shooting on our property and one of my son shooting at a charity sporting clay shoot in the fall. I was also shooting both times. :-)
  16. Last weekend I built a storage box for our steel targets, paper targets, clays, tape, stapler, trashcan, etc. I was tired of having to carry everything down the driveway for an afternoon of shooting. Plus after multiple trips and about a half mile total walking (half back up the hill), it was a little hard to hit the target until the heart rate slowed down. The box is 2' x 2' x 2.2' and is made of the barn siding that you can buy at Lowes and should last many years. I say that since I built a dog house 10 years ago from the stuff and it still looks new.
  17. I joined up and added a few posts but I noticed you don't have a general gear and accessories sub forum. I saw the EDC one but no general one unless I missed it.
  18. New Boyd's stock for my Marlin. It really looks nice and is so much better than the plastic stock that came with the gun. A nice gun belt for when I someday try IDPA, Stephen Hunter books and a few other odds and ends.
  19. Are the books different than the show? I like the show and was hoping the books were different stories and not just each episode in book form.
  20. Hmmm....... no posts on this season in awhile. I liked Daryl toward the end of the last show. Stop playing with the bad guys I say. ;-)
  21. Got mine last year at Academy for the $99 special. I really like it and will maybe buy the short barrel model this year if they have the $99 deal again.
  22. Most likely 0-5 after Kentucky. They look pretty good this year.
  23. I worked for UPS for 5 1/2 years unloading trucks for 3 of those years and two years sorting packages to any one of the nine different conveyor belts to the outbound sections with multiple trucks. So I feel I am somewhat qualified to comment on some of this. 1. The packaging is key. We told people if you aren't willing to sit on the package that you are sending then it is not safe to ship. Why you ask? Your package can be at the bottom of a nine foot tall pile of boxes of verifying weight bouncing down the interstate. Look at the trailers as the go buy. They are packed floor to ceiling, front to back. 2. The ammo example shown may have been a box that was damaged in transit or on the conveyor belt system. Sometimes boxes can get jammed together on the belts and they get torn open. When this happened you would have to place all of the items in a replacement box. The smaller boxes that were damaged make me think that that is what happened here. Once the main box is damaged, the smaller boxes came out and became damaged also. 3. Bucket in a box? The shipper is probably saving money by putting the bucket in a square box. Buckets had to have special handling since the could not ride the conveyor system thus costing more. We had to take them off the truck and put them on a luggage train and drive them to the outbound sections. This is why you pay more form irregular packages or oversize items. Tires, exposed metal such as mufflers, long tubes that can't make the bends on the conveyor system are examples. 4. Jackasses. Sometimes there are just crappy employees that don't take care of the packages that they are paid to handle.
  24. I think Advance Auto Parts has a loan a tool program. Did you ask them about it?

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