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  1. President's come and go. President Trump's SCOTUS appointments will affect US for decades to come. Anyone ever heard of this guy for consideration? http://www.ourpatrioticduty.com/roy-moore
  2. If you're interested in my 2 cents worth, rather than write it all here, I wrote a brief article on my opinion here .http://www.frankopinion.net/your-daily-dose-of-grim-and-bear-it/ Watching the debates and election results, flipping between CNN and FOX news for comparison, it was simply amazing at the difference in views, opinions of socialist and freedom presentations. I'd consider them both opinion shapers and adjusting the facts to suit their agendas. Objective reporting is as ancient as wash tub wooden ringers.
  3. Gotcha by five.
  4. As my Army drill instructor (DI) use to sing to me nightly my beddie bye song in 1970, as he kept pointing to each one... "This is my weapon, this is my gun, this is for pleasure, this is for fun." Trust me, it's difficult explaining how all my weapons ended up on the bottom of Kentucky lake in my boating accident because I don't own a boat. It was the oddest thing?
  5. Excellent, excellent video, thanks for sharing. This indeed is a fascinating subject and I have read and studied extensively on some of your subject matter. I don't consider myself a conspiracy nut but, when you look behind the facade of the 'science' it smacks dab of spiritualism, dark knowledge and the occult. As you pointed out, why the symbolic statue of a historic female demon and her history? What is special about the exact location of the collider? What have the directer(s) of CERN stated about their goals, agenda, aspirations and potential exchanges between unseen dimensions? For all intents and purposes, it appears to me they are trying to obtain 'knowledge' by use of dark spiritual forces and calling it "science". OUCH! My aluminium hat just scratched my expensive computer monitor... Anyone aware of V.A.T.T, Mt. Graham, the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. project, the Vatican connection and the Catholic's baptizing E.T.'s when (not if) they make their presence known? Why is a religion so deeply involved in astrobiology and such a change in its doctrine in recent times? Another fascinating subject. YIPES! My tin foil suit just got too close to my computer electrical outlet
  6. The HCGC will be hosting its monthly club (non sanctioned) IDPA shoot Saturday, August 13th. Registration is at 8:30 A.M. and the match begins at 9:00 A.M. and open to the public. The match fee is $15.00 for non club members. Information, directions and contact information can be found on our club website HERE. HCGC is located in NW Tennessee just outside of Puryear, TN. Come on out and enjoy a morning of organized pistol shooting and see what facilities and activities we offer.
  7. This story has to start from the beginning. For the last five years I've put out Hummingbird feeders, some years it attracted more visitors than others. Last year was the least number of Hummingbirds around here. This year I had decided not to put out any feeders because of laziness and other things to do. On either the 1st or 2nd of May I was watering my garden with the garden hose. A Hummingbird came by and hovered 3-4 feet in front of my face for at least a full minute or so. I thought to myself, well it's that time of year, why not, this must be a sign. I did notice a number of Hummingbirds visiting the location where the feeders hung last year. I really haven't done any research on them but, it appears their tiny little brains remember exactly where the feeders were the previous year. I do recall they migrate a large distance back to Mexico or South America for the winter. If that be the case, that's quite a feat to pinpoint navigate that distance for a bird with a brain the size of maybe a grain of sand, it's amazing. Anywho, this year that Hummingbird that hovered by my face brought his / her buddies, they're as thick as mosquito's! Every other day I have to make 'a gallon' of sugar water, they drink 1/2 gallon a day from four standard feeders. I know their little bellies can't hold more than one single drop at a time? They're really neat little birds and fun to watch. They really get super aggressive with each other. Just thought I'd share.
  8. Well fella's it seems they haven't missed any of us on here.
  9. I'm going to show them alright! Some people are willing to cut off their nose's to spite their face. We've become so fractured and dogmatic we've thrown logic and reasoning out the window.
  10. Which Lubriplate, they make a bunch of different blends with different qualities? I'd have to go out and looks at the tube but, the one I use is water resistant. I use lubriplate in the winter for my AR and red high temperature wheel bearing grease during the summer and when it's going to work hard.
  11. I'm a MMA / UFC fan myself. What really surprises me is, to the best of my knowledge, there's more deaths and permanent injuries from boxing and football than MMA fights. Man that's got to hurt!
  12. With the terrorism and civil unrest, anyone with a little foresight can see where this is heading. Best case scenario is things will get worse before they get better. During such times what does a tyrannical government do? Our police are our first line of defense and provide an extremely valuable service. They put themselves in harms way on our behalf. God bless our police officers and their families. I'm not looking forward to the break down of society and escalating foreign and domestic terrorism.
  13. Before the garden started to produce I had intended on purchasing a real nice food processor, a food vacuum sealer and a dehydrator myself. But the way the political climate is and the things that are occurring, I reallocated those funds for a back up AR-15 and some ammunition. Oh well, next year. I did 14 quarts of green beans this morning. Sure is nice to be able to do 14 quarts at a time compared to seven with my old caner. Sure like that American pressure caner I bought. A tad expensive but it will out last me and then my kids.
  14. If you're just getting started with a caner study up on it, it can be a pressure bomb. Don't have the time to tell you about my first experience and my ceiling decorated with pretty little green beans years ago. Also get the Bible of canning, "Balls Caning Guide" and exactly follow those procedures. It's important to do it safely and not get hurt and/or poison yourself / family eating your processed food.
  15. Wow, what timing... Just waking up drinking some coffee, checking my email and my favorite forum before I start my day. Yesterday the wife was complaining about our chest freezer being all filled up with squash and particularly green beans, and can't get to what she wants. So, off to Wally World we go to get 'some more' cases of canning jars. Going to spend the day cooking and canning green beans and hope to get 28 quarts done but most likely just 14 quarts, since the process takes so long. It's been a bumper crop for green beans this year. I planted maybe about 50 linear yards and they just keep coming and coming. I've canned 60 quarts so far and the freezer is loaded with them. I've given away a bunch and tried to get a bunch of people over to help themselves to them, but they're too lazy to pick them even for free. Would like to can a lot of squash and zucchini but that hasn't worked out well for me in the past. In addition to the FDA not recommending or setting a standard for canning any squash, after the process the squash is useless for anything but 'maybe' a vegetable for home made soup. Floured squash fired with onion and green peppers is a meal in itself, and the wife makes a great white sauce squash receipt.

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