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  1. Ive been looking into getting a plate carrier and some body armor plates for a shtf situation. Can anyone point me in a certain direction as far as manufacturers and reliability/ergonomics? The only one ive seen at the shows is ar500 but I know there has to be more choices. Looking for at least 3a protection to withstand rifle calibers.
  2. Thanks for all the reviews now if I can find one locally im in on it. If not I guess ill be ordering one from sportsman outdoor warehouse. They seem to have the best prices with free shipping and no cc fees its 659.00 plus bgc and transfer fees im looking at 679.00.
  3. Has anyone had any experience with these handguns? I am thinking about getting into some competition shooting and thought this looked like a good gun. Reviews put it above the m&p pro series.
  4. Well I'm not a new member but I was wondering if anyone was close to me. It would be nice to become friends with a fellow enthusiast and have someone to talk guns with and maybe have an cold brew sometime.
  5. As the title says I'm looking to buy a good iwb holster for a commander size 1911. I recently aquired a springfield loaded champion and I'm going to try it out as my carry piece for a while
  6. These speed loaders still up for grabs? If so I'd gladly take em off your hands for my dads 686
  7. How about the red dot and quad rail? They still up? Sl1k can have first dibs on the dot because he's the first one who posted but ill take 2nd dibs on it if you will ship
  8. I guess you can put me third on the list since I serm to have been knocked out of the loop somehow????
  9. There are quite a few interesting cartridges on the link posted. Even some electronic primer and paper cartridges. Maybe I'm just too young to remember that stuff.
  10. I'm sure it will be gome by then but of you still have it when the knox gun show comes around ill take it. Its just an hour drive for me.
  11. Well ill probably just wait for meadowview then. Really thinking about learning reloading too so I may stop and see David.
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