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  1. http://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/Billinfo/default.aspx?BillNumber=SB2311&ga=109   Licensed dealer needs to take in inventory and do TICS on private sales.
  2. Didnt they change the threshold to 100K before they comment?   http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57564203-93/white-house-raises-petition-signature-threshold-to-100k/
  3. I got lucky and picked up a m400 sig at a wal mart a few days ago, wasnt even looking for one, sold my home built AR for the same money the same day so it worked out.   Looks like prices are coming down a little so maybe the panic is slowing a bit..
  4.   Pretty sure the decreased fees were just temporary as a result of an anti-trust suit against Visa/MC.  Previously a business could not charge more for taking a credit card, the workaround was giving a discount for cash but the credit card lobbyists shot that down.   Any business that charges an extra credit card fee must disclose it at the register or before checkout on a website so most likely little will change, unless every seller does it but I doubt that will happen.
  5.   I doubt you will see many add-on charges for credit card use but you might see more and more 'cash discounts.'
  6.   Hard to believe Gander sold out all the 9mm they had, there was a ton of it, thats the times I guess.  I have had no problems with the PPU, no different that any other cheap 9mm.
  7.   I'm not that fired up about it. I've been buying new cars for the last 35 years and I know paying cash and not buying warranties and 'protection' packages is not their ideal customer.  I dont go back and forth for hours and expect anything for free, I get paid for the work I do and I dont expect a dealership to sell me a car for zero profit.  All I ask is dont BS me about what I'm buying and just tell me how much they can sell the car for up front, pretty simple.   The last three cars I have bought were over the internet and two were out of state, no hassles, I knew all costs and what the exact total was before I walked in thier door.  Only thing was they wanted to look at the trade first which I can understand, none of them tried to beat me up on the trade after they seen them either.  I have nothing against a dealer selling a car for a profit, just dont much care to do the car buying dance any more..
  8.   Its possible some may have been in the cardboard and I missed it, I didnt really go there to buy ammo, just did a quick scan for 22LR and .223 since I was there.  I'd go check later tonight but I have a feeling once it was posted here it will be gone soon  :)
  9.   I was there yesterday about 3:30pm, didnt see any privi 9mm, I probably would have bought some for 15.00.  .45 and .40 has been easy to find, its been at Acadamy every time I went there lately.  Granted stock seems to fluctuate quite a bit these days..
  10.   Thats the truth, last car I went to buy cash they wouldn't let me buy it until I gave them my SS# (I was OK with that), but then they wanted the amount of my mortgage a month, how much I make and my last two employers.  I ended up walking out, why on earth would they need that info for a cash sale..   It should take 30 minutes to buy a car but it always turns into an all day torture, I dont even want the car detailed usually since those guys end up doing more damage to a new car than I do in a couple years and its still a 4-5 hour affair to buy a car..
  11.   I was at the Turkey Creek Wall Mart yesterday and they didnt have much of anything ammo-wise, thats not why I went there and didnt ask if they got anything in.  I cant imagine Gander selling out all the 9mm they had in a week but I guess you never know these days..
  12. I was at Gander Mtn in Turkey Creek last week and they had more 9mm than I ever seen, it was piled up in pyramids on tables.   If you dont mind paying 20.00 a box anyhow.
  13. Some places are hard to boycott. BWW isnt one of them :)
  14. I'd rather have two decent 74s, only downside to them is if they decide to ban importing ammo but for now they are cheap to shoot.  My wife/kids enjoy shooting a 74, 47 not so much..


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