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  1. Your going to want to check out snipershide. Invaluable source of information on long range shooting most of it free.
  2. Picked up a Gen5 19 at Gunslingers in Kingsport this week and they are ordering me a 34 Gen5. Little more expensive than GT but they are somewhat local and good people.
  3. The TIkka T1X has a pretty decent following for cheaper entry into nrl22 and it has some chassis options, I would probably take it over the 455/457. The vudu v- 22 is the pinnacle in my eyes for nrl22 but is costly (it's one of those situations where my training platform costs more than my platform...)
  4. Psa is saying May now for the dagger... we’ll see...
  5. I shoot weekly long range (just got back from shooting my 224 valk out to 1100 yards this morning). The 6.5 Creedmoor is easy mode for starting out, the heavies like the Cheytac or the 50 would be like telling a new driver to go get a ferrari or an F1 car, its ridiculous and would be insane to actually learn on. I shoot 6BR and 6.5cm occasionally 224valk or 308 if i want to go gas. The 6.5cm is nice because you can find an assortment of preloaded match grade ammo, the 224 valk is nice because if you reload it takes 24gr of powder vs 40ish for the 308 and the 6.5s plus cheaper more readily available bullets. The 6BR for 1000 and under is amazing uses very little powder and crazy brass and barrel life (but you have to reload). The 6 creedmoor is a great cartridge but just like the 243 is a barrel burner. You should probably get up to speed on reloading if you want to be serious about LR Also I would invite you to head over to snipershide lots of good information used gear and even online lessons.
  6. I dont see Glock ever making a steel magazine and that's what it will take to duplicate the shield mag. I have 4 of the shield mags now, one of which I put the plus % spring in (I have the springs for my others). I have shot upwards of 900 rounds through my 43x, mine is the black slide but I have several friends with the silver slide 43x and have watched them shoot countless rounds through theirs. I had one mag that initially wouldnt hold back the slide occasionally... that was fixed with the +% spring or realistically me not riding the damn slide. I have had just as many issues out of factory mags as I have the shield mags (which is suffice it to say none). The 43x has completely killed the 26 for me, it no longer has a purpose, I still think the 19 and 45 point better but is a thick big lead brick compared to the 43x when it comes to carry (I have the 48 it doesnt blow my skirt up). Wait until shield releases the mags for the 43... and then the venerable old 36 everyone has forgotten about.
  7. It's probably the best shooting factory glock "for me" When I first bought mine I took it along for some practice IDPA practice sessions. I shot it faster and more accurately than my Glock 34... I've since moved on from the Glock 34 and sadly the 45 as well and entered the world of custom 19's (which palmetto state is about to blow wide open with the $299 dagger).
  8. Glock 43 and 48 combo with some Shield 15 round magazines is the ticket,. that makes a combo of 4 guns 43,43x,48, and a weird long slide 43 (if you just buy one I'm saying 43x). You can go from summer carry to carry to night stand gun. I also have it on good recommendation that Shield will be making a nice magazine for the 43 as well hopefully bumping the capacity up closer to 10 rounds. I love my CZ's but the 43x with 15 rounds is not possible to beat for reliability and carry-ability. I get it though some people hate Glocks and thats ok people make bad decisions every day
  9. Just buy the Upper, I have a 43 lower now and a 48 Upper can make 4 variants... Although honestly the 43x is the only one that gets any time. (its the goldilocks model).
  10. You have somewhat of an immunity to the flu, etc... this you dont and neither does your 80 year old neighbor. This has the potential to be a VERY serious event.
  11. I picked a hell of a weekend to go and shoot up about 500 rounds of 9mm..... I love my new CZ Scorpion Evo though. I'm a healthcare worker, I am around things that can kill me pretty much daily. This one concerns me because we are not really very well prepared from a supply stand point, and thats mostly no fault of the healthcare system several things behind the scenes have screwed some things up. Namely there was a huge shortage of supplies early on before this was a thing due to a couple of companies (I'm looking at you Cardinal Health and Civco..) that had some serious sterilization plant issues. Factor that in with the fact everything other than American babies are made in China and you have a massive shortage. The kicker of all this is early on this was a must have an N95 respirator type of isolation and now due to the shortage its an N95 only on patients with aerosol treatments and now a surgical mask is fine....... yeah that about face makes me uncomfortable... and reminds me to tell everyone who hoarded up N95's and or resold for profit they can shampoo my crotch. If you are elderly or have a co-morbidity stay inside just watch tv dont go out in crowds, dont eat out, WASH your hands and dont touch your face, let this just blow past.
  12. While this bill is not perfect, in my opinion to oppose it because it lacks this or that is idiotic. You take this win and you build on it and get it the way you want it. It's like offering a kid $10 and he says he dont want any because he wants $15. Opposing something because it isnt exactly the way you want it is a recipe for never getting anything done. States all around us have constitutional carry they didnt turn into Dodge City... I'm sure TN will be fine. Luckily I didnt have to take a course to exercise my freedom of speech to write this...
  13. What a far cry from the sh*tfest to the north of us in VA. Btw I was at tricities yesterday and just went by to see Bloombergs crowd of 40 people... He really is a tiny little man, So glad he hasnt bought all of the TN politicians yet. Agreed no asterix's need to be placed on any constitutional right.
  14. I just need them to work left handed...... Damn its nice having 15 rounds in a 43x though. Maybe the perfect carry gun now.
  15. I have used red dots for years, a couple of things. First and foremost red dots require much more practice than conventional sights, while they initially make life seem easy they take longer to master. having your slide milled will get you a better result than the MOS/whatever everyone else calls their plate system... Milled slide the red dot will sit lower and will cowitness better than a plate. Milled into the slide is a WORLD stronger than the plate system. I own pretty much all of the major red dot sights for pistols that arent just pure trash, the Trijicon RMR you get what you pay for its very very robust and built for the apoclypse. The Holosun 507c is almost as good though and for a defensive carry pistol I prefer it with its eotech style reticle (palmetto state had them around $210 also).. My deltapoint pro was nice for the huge window but very meh for everything else, the vortex venom is nice for a range toy but wouldnt consider for a carry solution. Look into the Shadow Systems MR920 mounting solution to be the future I fully expect this great little company to get bought out or at least their patent. I have two of their Gucci GLocks and a MR920 on the way.. It's what the glock should have evolved into if they had built on their design instead of just rolling out the same thing over and over. https://shadowsystemscorp.com/mr920/ strongest mount in the game and its almost universal. For us that are mil/vet/LE they have an amazing discount on expertvoice that puts the price of their stuff at not much more than a standard glock....


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