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  1. yeah thats all i need since we havent had any rain to mention in about a month.,Dam dont look like ile be shootin any propane tanks or anything this year iether,sit in a lawnchair with a sparkerler in my hand.
  2. Hey everyone does anyone know where you can get tracers for the AK,dont need alot just for some extra 4th of july fun,I cant find any anywhere.Thanks
  3. Without a doubt CCR refinishing,you might to wait but it is well worth it.
  4. well i dont like HiPoints iether but i did have the .380 at one time I probably shot it 500 times never cleaned it except for running a patch through the barrel and it went bang every time,my boss who makes 160.00 a year but knows nothing and probably dont care bought a 45, when i asked him why a HiPoint he said cheap and lifetime warranty and he just wants something in the house.So yes there is a market for Hi Point and they know what it is,so good for them!! everybody is not a collector or whatever you are.
  5. hey it is very easy to do yourself,I think the front sight is a 3/32 or something like that if you use a reguluar socket you will have to grind the OD so it will fit inside the slide and nut very simple, use a vise and wrap the slide in something so it wont get scratched,use a brass punch and drift the old out and drift the new in, once they get about half way in you will have to give it a pretty good tap but dont beat the hell out of it,then find a reference point on the slide and sight and make 100% sure its even on both sides.I have used locktite on some and not on others never had a problem iether way so your choice.especially on a glock if someone at a shop wants to be a douchbag walk away,do it yourself and like the previous poster said look on you tube alot of selfhelp for everything you could ever want to know about glock.SingleStack i hope this helps you good luck :up:
  6. Me personally I really like the kimber you can get a custom II and then your unlimited to thy type of customization you might want to do,you should be able to get a custom II for about 850. I call mine a kimber/wilson combat/Ed brown custom (haha) good luck
  7. :crazy: sounds to me pretty smart, could be like alot of us have thousands wrapped up in our guns but only shoot one or two of our cheaper guns
  8. johnk4jmk


    Ive carry'd mine cocked and locked every since i bought it, thats on my belt in my coat pocket and in shorts and jeans pockets and never have i fealt it was a concern thats the way it designed to be carry'd, in my opinion the 238 is the best pocket pistol on the market by far.
  9. I have one in 270 put a nikon 3x9x40 on it and a blackhawk bipod,I do not hunt but ive had a blast at semi long range target shooting,I think you will like one. :usa:
  10. I have a remington model 31 that i want to have redone in a bad way,I love to shoot the gun and like to let other people shoot it because of the smooth action,I think it would look so nice redone, what do you guys think,I know its not a high doller gun anyway and i do have fun with it,its not a safe queen.
  11. :tinfoil: Just my opinion but if you want a shooter go with the sp101 it hill handle a lifetime of shooting,I've had several smiths over the years and still do but I've always had it in the back of my mind it wont hold up to alot of pressure so they sit in the safe. It's wierd if you have a ruger auto at a gun show people snub thier nose but a ruger revolver they always want to see it.but I will say i have only seen one problem with a smith wheelgun it was a k frame and some hot ass loads(cracked forcing cone).OH Hell I love em all get a smith and a 101
  12. Man i think that is the absolute best way i have heard this debate be explained,very well done and yes i love both in guns and women(haha) :cool:
  13. I would say if you go with a Kimber stay with the fullsize there is some variences with Kimber when you look at the catalog and then see whats out on the market,I have a new custom II but mine came with meprolights from the factory but i did pay just a little more for it. I put rosewood grips on it wilson combat barrel bushing and wilson mainspring and magwell and i run 47d mags, I could not be more happier with it but I do have a gun that started out at 900 and now i have almost 1200 in it I know i'll never get that back out of a custom II but it is 1 of a kind so i am happy, but the main thing not one problem ever whatsoever. I really don't know why Kimber gets a bad rap sometimes,Get whatever your gut tells you to go with with the 1911 you can make it like you want the options are endless have fun with it.
  14. OH MAN a sig 225 p-6 I sold the gun right before everything went all to hell and now i cant find one at all.(idiot)


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