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  1. Pick up your phone next time and start a loud speech about it while video recording and keep going until an employee asks you to stop filming the private property. And just post to YouTube. Really wanna mess with them? Get a quick clear shot of their faces without saying anything. Wait for them outside and as they are walking to their cars then start your speech and make sure to get their plates. The trick is to get everything done before an employee can tell you to stop filming.
  2. Yeah if you have cable run to your house you don't need a digital antenna, just either a digital converter or digital ready TV. They have to broadcast the OTA stuff for free under the must broadcast laws. The trade off in the law is they don't have to pay the companies that opt for must broadcast when they sell them/list them as part of a package. The up side is they have a larger audience.
  3. Depends on the service. I think Netflix allows 2 or 3 streams at once. They recently (few years ago) capped them because people were sharing accounts. If you plan to use more than the allowed streams I know Netflix will charge you extra, if you sign off on it otherwise they just wont allow the stream. Not sure about Hulu or Amazon limits.
  4. I was just wondering what he wore to put it there without getting hit at least a few times. Yellow jacket will get under your clothes so he most deafinitely a braver soul than I.
  5. How would you like to wake up one day and find this in your back yard? http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=1c2_1390423092
  6. Not sure what the options are if I could set them any way I wanted I'd prolly go with pitch and roll for up/down left/right on the mouse, accel/decell on the mouse wheel and use a couple keys for the yaw. Fire is left button obviously. What are the defaults?
  7. Shipping is beyond me with some of these companies. I get you have to pay the people packaging them but come one. 2 firing pins for example, takes an envelope and even priority mail is 5.05 for shipping. At the most it takes them 5-10 minutes to grab the parts from stock, drop them in with the order paperwork and fill out the envelope. Even at $15/hour for that person 1/6th of an hour is only about 2.50. Max should be 7.55 or if you still have to make a few bucks 10 even...that is a 33% mark up. IDK I hate shipping costs and usually aim for companies that offer "free" shipping when I do my shopping then count anyone that charges for shipping as just added cost of the product. What gets me is overpacked stuff. Last thing I had delivered was some medical supplies. Some of the items had to ship separately because of back order.One of the boxes they sent had 1 box of latex gloves in it but was big enough to fit say 3-4 alternators. Filled with brown paper and those air filled pillows. Really?!?! And they wonder why people gripe about shipping prices. Yes if I am shipping a TV or something likely to break it should be padded to heck and back but virtually unbreakable stuff, like a box of gloves, I couldn't care less if you put the shipping label on the packaging itself. Use the bare minimum and have lower costs to you and the consumer when acceptable is my point.
  8. What kind of AV out do you have on your laptop? You should be able to for under 10 bucks regardless of the type of connection. If there is no HDMI my next guess would be either DVI or VGA. These are the classic connections with a screw to hold it in place on either side. Either way you can pick up a DVI/VGA to RCA adapter. This will send it through the old Red, White and Yellow analog ports. (Now if you meant from your phone to your laptop...not sure to what to tell ya there except there is no point because your computer can do whatever your phone can.)
  9. I go with the Vet/legacy set up I think. Accelerate and decelerate triggers, fire L1 and sticks are left for roll and right for pitch and yaw. This works out because I rarely decelerate and if I do I'm not firing but trying to dip behind cover. I've always wanted to fly a helo IRL but am afraid since my accident I will never get the chance. Anyone know if they have helos with hand controls for the tail rotor? I would think another accelerator like a motorcycle on the main rotor control would work in a fly by wire system.
  10. There are some vehicle-less game modes available for those who can't hang. I prefer the Rush game mode though so there is no escaping my 120mm. Starting to work on choppers a bit but the scout is a heck of time to level considering you only get a fixed position gatling gun to start and it doesn't drop people quite as fast you need it to...basically have to come to a stop/hover to get a kill.
  11. Easiest way to get stuff from the laptop to the TV is just a straight HDMI and screen share. Certain TVs can also play certain files from USB thumb drives. Depending on how advanced it is it might be able to get it from the local network but I haven't delved into that yet. As for making sure everyone can watch what they want to, what I did was had everyone write down their #1 show they don't want to miss and made sure we could get it online somehow...legally that is, I already know it's all available otherwise.
  12. Wow did any of you read it or just assume I am being a arse? It was meant as just a bit of humor for those of us who think logically...
  13. Roku is kind of like an app device for "dumb" TVs. Used to stream stuff like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO Go etc. I already only have internet through my cable provider and it is $40 a month for 20 down 5 up. Pretty average. Would it be cheaper if I ordered cable and phone too? Yes, but only relatively because while I would only pay say 20/month for internet now I would be paying 20 for phone and 100+ for TV. Currently I have that internet from Comcast, phone is VOIP through MagicJack for 2.50/month paid 30/year and cable is actually satellite that I am dropping. Oh and no there is no streaming limit on the provider's side, just with your ISP...whatever your data cap is but you can figure about 1Gb for a full HD 1 1/2 hour long movie. A lot less for SD stuff.

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