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  1. That catalog brought back memories of strolling through the toy section of the Sears & Roebuck catalogs in the 70s the Christmas version. Lots of things I would circle. However, I am with you I would not trade any of my W. German guns for any item there, but I would trade some greenbacks for a few items.
  2. Since you are in Athens, I recommend these folks, I know the owner, great people great selection: https://www.easttennesseeautooutlet.com/
  3. Whew....I'm glad the government recorded the one in Vonore as an earthquake. Me and some buddies were shooting into large amounts of Tannerite. I mean large amounts.
  4. Sadly I have a way too many, my father loved 22s and inherited 1/2 of what he had to add to my own. He was not a fan of the 10/22: Anschutz 1450 Mossberg 46B - I have (3) Mossberg 144LSA Remington 510 - I have (3) Remington 581 - I have (3) Remington 541S - I have (2) Remington 541T HB Remington Nylon 66 Remington Mohawk 10C Remington 522 Savage Anschutz 54 Sporter Stevens 87A Wards Western Field 04M 401A Winchester 69 Winchester 9422 H&R 929 Revolver - I have two of these NAA Revolver Beretta 21A
  5. runco

    Sig 365 ?

    I got in on the Brownells deal from early in the year, had to wait about 7-8 mos to take delivery. Then Brownells gave out $25 gift cards for the ones that waited. Used the $25 gift card towards a 12 round magazine. I am very satisfied with the gun, its size, and its accuracy. I use a Crossbreed Founder Series Supertuck IWB for my carry holster.
  6. Back in my FFL days (25 years ago), SOG was one of my major suppliers. I use to buy Chinese SKS $19.99 each. One Labor Day weekend, I purchased I think 100 SKS a few days before with free shipping, sold all but a few for $39.99 that weekend. SOG was good to deal with back then.
  7. My take, on guns still in production or still available everywhere, I try to follow the 80% rule meaning if buying used the used "asking" price has to be <80% of what I can buy it new for. One cannot expect to get new pricing or close to it, when there is no warranty provided and there is just peace of mind of the gun ownership history when buying new, if used there is always that slight risk. Magazines, even Glock OEMs, if one is patient can be found in the $18-$20 with free shipping from internet retailers. The fun sticks can be found too relatively not much more in premium. So to s
  8. I bought some around the $15 price range at Knife Works a few weeks ago. Have not shot any, just thought it was a good deal on CCI 1235 fps ammo.
  9. What I am reading on Sigforum is that everyone is very pleased. http://sigforum.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/430601935/m/6430072234/p/1
  10. Received my noticed it shipped yesterday, and I should have it tomorrow. Basically less than 2 weeks. I will try to shoot it this weekend. BTW, here is a good video on what Sig is actually doing to the pistol:
  11. SIA Firearms in Knoxville had 2 last weekend on consignment. One for sure was a 2nd Gen.
  12. My favorite come back: just in case. This applies to all my tools, guns, supplies, etc. and a few wild eye ideas.
  13. runco

    .357 sig

    I shoot 357Sig occasionally I find it little more snappier than 40 but less than the 10mm, somewhere in between.
  14. I will chime in. I am a Sig guy myself, but I own lets say well North of 5+ Glocks. They work, they are proven, and like others have said they get the job done. So do the P series Sigs, with class. However, its like taking the best looking girl to the prom, she is nice, sexy, gets all of the looks, and makes you look good and she will put out, but the ugly girl in the back may be ugly, not sexy, etc, but one thing is or sure, she most definitely will put out without fail. One more point, if I accidently dropped a Sig, I will fret if a scratch is made, but if the Glock drops, who car
  15. Got my email and shipping label. My goes tomorrow. My buddy at work registered his with Sig 2 hours before me on the opening day, and he sent his in last week. I am reading that the turn around is not 6 weeks as advertised, but like 2 weeks. We will see.
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