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  1. I shoot it every month. It's lots of fun and a little different (can't make up misses) so you have to slow down enough to hit the first time. You should try it out. There's no pre-registration on practiscore so show up at 08:30 on Saturday to register. Match is usually over by noon. Windrock is also a great place to shoot in general. Eric (the owner) is a great guy; friendly and helpful. Try it out, you'll be glad you did.
  2. HK P7 and MP5 have fluted chambers.
  3. Practiscore is a great resource when looking for a match.
  4. Miller Man hit the nail on the head. Great class, a "MUST" for anyone with a permit. I would break it down like this: Lee: The law and Criminal Justice system in the context of self-defense. Being retired LE, I was familiar with most of this information and it is something a "layman" should really know, particularly in the context of self-defense. Lee broke it down for us (non-lawyers) and gave his insights based on years of experience. Randy: How to see and avoid most of the "ugliness" that may come your way....... and how to prevail if you can't avoid it. This was not my first class with Randy. Pests eat fast. The shooting instruction is top notch. I like the approach: This is why we do it and how it works. This is how we do it. Now, let's do it, it might save your life. Randy is always top notch. Overall a great day (in spite of the weather) of learning... at a price that can't be beat!
  5. Daniel, I'd love to shoot w/ you guys but that weekend is not good for me. Let me know if you ever swap IDPA to the 4th Saturday. Al
  6. Great pics! You got my good side (facing away from the camera). Al
  7. This will be more concise in outline form, so... The class covered the following: - Identify common threats we might encounter. - Day-to-day good habits we can adopt to make ourselves harder targets and enhance our awareness. - Countermeasures (passive and active) to the threat, to include: - Escape - Using the vehicle to your advantage - Armed resistance to the threat The instructor presented different techniques, followed up with dry and live fire practice. We then moved on to the vehicles where we used the techniques in/around our vehicles (dry and live fire). Students were encouraged to try different ways and find what worked best for them with their particular vehicles. We covered fighting in the vehicles as well as movement in/out of the them, including how to use them for cover and concealment. We didn't just try out the techniques but got plenty of "reps" to internalize them, firing from and around the vehicles at many different angles and from many different positions. Finally, we did some two-person work, coordinating our movement and fire in and around the vehicles. This is a great class and well worth the time/money. Randy Harris (the instructor) presents things in a straightforward, no-nonsense way. There is no wasted time which leaves plenty of time to work on the techniques and get feedback from Randy. I learned a lot, am very happy with the class, and would highly recommend it. Al
  8. Barring some unforeseen problem, my youngest son and I will both be there. Al
  9. The Tac-Con block sounds great. Let us know when you decide. It will be a tight weekend. I've got another class on 30-31 May, am shooting the TN State Match on 1 Jun, then working the main match on 2 Jun (Saturday). I'll still be there on Sunday if it's at all possible. Al
  10. Sounds good, I'd like to do it. 80% chance I'll be there, but I'll have to make a last minute decision due to other circumstances. Al
  11. We DO NOT need the CDC to "study" this! Think for one moment about all the things your tax money is spent on. Do you really want your own money, which you have no choice but to pay, used to take away your rights? Regardless of where you stand on the issue, you do realize that tax money is being used to support abortion, right? Think before you speak.
  12. Anyone know if we're shooting on the 14th?
  13. Don't know about 3-gun but.... I was told yesterday that Dan Cignarale will be their match director for IDPA. Dan is a master class shooter and has shot for some time now in Cleveland. He knows his stuff and is a great guy. If Dan is any indication as to the kind of folks they are putting in leadership spots at Dead Zero, it would be well worth your time to try them out. I plan to when I can and it's a 90 min drive for me.

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