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  1. Amazing how Glock dominates.  Would have expected a few more M&Ps.  Wonder about Beretta moving to TN and if that will have any impact on sidearm choice.  Plenty of M9 variants and I love my 92...not sure what kind of sidearm a Beretta Storm is though....wonder if the Storm is considered by any police agencies....
  2.   Great tune standup bass and all.  Never heard of these guys...good one.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_JmrwBOv2k   Another one, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Mother Blues....
  4.   I really like Hank III's country music.  Kinda spooky how similar his voice is to Hank Sr.  He does have a dark edge and I'm not big on his metal music.  This one is a good one.
  5. Started a new music thread and this one popped up minutes later....cool...I like music that hovers around the fringes of the corporate industry and this one is not too bad....   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFkKivO3Vtw&index=4&list=FLgfjDwt5qfxn464BQsw_cJQ
  6. Don't remember a music thread but would love to know your favorites.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFkKivO3Vtw&index=4&list=FLgfjDwt5qfxn464BQsw_cJQ
  8. I suggest you shoot the Sig 938.  The design is based upon an old Colt that has it's pros and cons but has been a solid performer.  Sig improved upon that design and has produced a solid, accurate, concealable, and reliable 9mm.  I have a Sig 938 Nightmare and it is by far my favorite Summer carry...
  9. This is one area that I believe Mississippi got it right.  In 2013 they passed the OC law.  Tennessee should follow.  We'll see...
  10. Jeez, I don't even know what to say.  The next step is a microchip under the skin of every gun owner's trigger finger that registers in a federal database each time any gun is fired.  Does it ever stop?
  11. Whoever said you can't buy happiness never bought a puppy!
  12. Progressive lenses take a bit of getting used to.  If you have been using over the counter reading glasses even more so.  My advice is to stick with them for several weeks and you will love them.  After my first set of progressives I went back to the doctor and threw them on the counter and told him my old faithful reading glasses were better.  He convinced me to hang in and it was good advice.  My neck isn't so tense anymore from up and down over the top of reading glasses and i've developed muscle memory that makes the progressives completely natural.  Love them
  13. I have huge respect for Doug Ritter and Knife Rights.  We've watched a masterful execution of how to to work within the system and have common sense prevail.
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