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  1. Obiwan

    New to me RAMI 2075 P

    Interesting. I thought the frame issues were only with the .40S&W version, not the 9mm. Anyway, regrading the trigger pin, that's very common. Mine was fine after several hundred rounds after purchase. But after having punched it out for the first time (for polish work on trigger bar, etc), it never seated reliably. The solution is to get the floating trigger pin from CGW. I got it in all my CZ pistols. It removes any worries about the pin walking. It's one of the must-have upgrades, just like more comfortable triggers. (The RAMI's trigger is known for being uncomfortable to many).
  2. Obiwan

    Small gun safe for vehicle.

    I installed the under-desk safe from V-Line in my vehicle under the driver seat. Works pretty good. You can't remove it without taking the seat out, so stealing my gun won't be a quick smash'n'grab affair.
  3. Obiwan

    My Mother

    I'm sorry for your loss.
  4. Obiwan

    I lost my best friend

    My condolences for your loss. While your wounds will heal, a scar will remain. Which is good. When you "touch" that scar, and remember the good days with Mario, you will realize that these little furballs have found a way to live on forever. Even if just in your heart and mind. He'll always be on your side.
  5. Obiwan

    Video Of The Day

    Hot from the production floor. Another Manny Mansfield... (I laughed out loud when the bullets fell off the target paper)
  6. Obiwan

    IWB tuckable and printing

    I always wondered about how to hide the clip of an IWB holster, and recently got an idea (that I haven't put to the test yet). If the holster has only one clip, buy a Leatherman (or other brand) tool with leather belt pouch. Drill a small hole into the upper part of the clip and the Leatherman pouch. Attach the pouch with a rivet to the clip. Now people will see you're carrying a Leatherman, and the clip is obviously to hold your multi-tool on your belt. If the gun doesn't print, would this fool even folks who carry and know what to look for? It just might. I need to order a couple more clips for my holsters and will get an extra one to drill and try out.
  7. Obiwan

    Video Of The Day

    Something on the lighter side:
  8. If the slide is like that of a CZ75, you don't even need to drill. When I installed F/O sights on my 75, I used a triangular jewelers file to file a groove into the underside of the front sight (in the appropriate spot after inserting and marking it). Filing a groove seemed much more ... uhm.... controlled .... to me and my clumsy hands than drilling with a drill bit. The groove works just as well and holds the sight tight. Just to be clear. Punch out the pin. Remove the old sight. Insert new sight. Mark the spot to be drilled/filed (I think I used a needle to scratch the location on the sight through the hole on both sides). Remove front sight, file a groove into it. Re-insert front sight, then punch the pin back in. Make sure you go easy on the filing and try occasionally. Don't remove too much or the sight will be loose.
  9. Obiwan

    How have I overlooked the CZ?

    Careful though. CZ's can be very addictive. Might as well make room in your safe now. In order of appearance: CZ 75B matte stainless, 2075 RAMI, 75 PCR, Scorpion Evo, vz.58, 805 Bren, and last years Christmas present, the CZ/Huglu Hammer Coach.
  10. Obiwan

    Video Of The Day

    Prince Rupert drops are molten glass droppings that carry a lot of internal stress and can be broken rather easily by breaking the tail. However, the head seems rather sturdy, seeing how it survived point blank shots from a 22mag and 38spcl. Nice high speed footage. (I love high-speed bullet impact videos... lol). Enjoy!
  11. Obiwan

    Best 9mm pistol, full size and compact

    For a really small pistol, and if you allow the 9mm to be a bit... uhm... short, the P238 is a great gun. In fact, it has grown on me so much, that will likely change from dual-stack 9mm to single-stack (mostly for carry comfort reason). I haven't fully compared yet, but the Springfield Range Officer Compact (i9mm) is currently on the top of my wish list. There is indeed something awesome about the 1911 platform, and since you can get it in 9mm, I think it should definitely be on the list.
  12. Obiwan

    Best 9mm pistol, full size and compact

    You didn't specify what type of action you prefer, and if metal or plastic. If you just want a poll, then I'll throw the C75B PCR into the mix. Some say it's the best carry gun ever created. And it handily pulls double-duty as a range gun. I really wish CZ would release a stainless-steel compact....
  13. Obiwan

    Update on my best friend Kasey

    25 years... wow. Of course that's only the physical age, for I'm sure her love is eternal. My sincere condolences. Maybe the memories of good times with her fill the hole in your heart soon.
  14. Obiwan

    Do you tip your barber?

    I usually give my barber a kiss. Or a pat on the butt. Or both.
  15. Obiwan

    NMO HAM Radio Antenna Installation in Nashville

    Didn't you have a Yaesu in the jeep?

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