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  1. I carry my gun in a holster...never in my purse. I would be concerned if someone attempted to grab my purse with my form of personal protection tucked in it. Closer to my body is preferable to me.
  2. My goodness! Let me say that it has been a long while for me! Life & family had me running every which way, I guess...I am now trying to reign it all in and have some "me" time in all the craziness, LOL...it is so good to step in here and see some familiar names, as well as new names~shows that we are growing as female gun owners/shooters... I used to carry a FEG .380 but have since retired it for a Taurus .38 snub. I have other .380's but feel more comfortable carrying my revolver. I have a belly band that I tried but the issue with that was that it moved up and became uncomfortable for me to wear for more than an hour or so. Tucking it in my pants or tightening it only made me more uncomfortable. I have found that carrying it toward the front with an in the pants holster works best for me.
  3. I am around, but like most of the ladies here....my life is so busy that I seldom find myself with the time to be here, and I hate that...I don't own a .45 but have shot my husband's .45 Ruger. It was not a difficult gun to shoot, but for me its just too big to carry. I prefer more compact guns like my .380's or .38 snub. Packinmama-I'm like you, holding on what ammo I have left until this whole ammo scarcity thing lifts-on the other hand, I have enjoyed clay-shooting with 12ga. shotgun, LOL....
  4. I've been off for awhile but I wanted to say "hi" to everyone here (both new & current); am working now (thank GOD) and find little time these days. I haven't gone to the range in a bit...the ammo scarcity is making it a bit difficult for me to shoot off my .38 & .380. Good news is that I have plenty of .22LR ammo for my .22 I bought last month! In a few weeks I'll be on my way to an outdoor range. Hope everyone is well.
  5. Hey ladies....have been busy over the past few months & even now have a minute or two to spare. I finally got a job....and one that I have been wanting!! I am in intense training & find myself mentally exhausted, only to have to come home & do shift two(kid, house, cooking, etc). I will do my best to spare a few minutes in the evening to see what's up with everyone. Welcome to all the new ladies & to those that have been here....I will see you around the site!!
  6. More the reason to not carry your gun in your purse, if you do so. Purse-snatching is a big thing, especially when the woman is distracted.
  7. MrsS


    Welcome to TGO, sunshine!! Glad to have another female shooter here. I carry either a FEG R61 (.380) or Taurus 85 (.38 snubbie). Good luck on your gun hunt...and let us know what you choose.
  8. Keep on riding, G & D!! The changing leaves are just beautiful! Packinmama: is this your 1st child?? I am one of those "contradiction" mothers.....I am sooo glad when an opportunity presents itself for my son to be gone for a few (not counting school) & I can get a break......but then I get "antsy" when he isn't around. I guess its because outside of daycare (now school)...he is always with me-just about everywhere I go. I guess I got used to planning my day & involving him in it & I feel "discombobulated" when it changes. I know it sounds silly, LOL.
  9. G & D: you better get all your riding done before winter sets in, LOL....what are you going to do once it gets too cold for the motorcycle? Glad you are enjoying it!!
  10. Prayers to your wife & her comrades in Iraq!! My son was 4 1/2 years old when he potty-trained, but he still had accidents when he was outside playing....got in the habit of finding a tree, LOL...my daughter was potty-trained by 2; I think girls learn faster. Thanks to all the well-wishers, btw.
  11. I have been a bit busy with my kindergartener; job-hunting & I have also spent the last month trying to get over a virus, then a chest cold <yuck>. Haven't had the opportunity to do any shooting...have been helping my husband with a boat engine that we bought last month. YIPPEEE for your son being potty-trained!! Its going to be easy on you now! No more running to the stores for pull-ups (which seems to be getting more expensive each year). Will attempt to visit more often to say "hi" to everyone.
  12. Actually, the poll I started involved our female friends and/or female relatives' feelings about firearms.....not the member themselves. ( I stated that clearly on the very 1st thread).
  13. What are your female friends/relatives' overall opinion/feelings on firearms? Explain, if possible. With the excpetion of one friend & my sister, they are pretty much against firearms, especially when it comes to carrying it. Weird thing is, some of them have shotguns in their homes....so long as their spouse does the shooting, I guess. No matter what I tell them, they seem to be set in their attitude that guns are wrong & shouldn't be carried except by the military, police & hunters.
  14. My 5 year old has been shooting a BB gun & air pellet gun since he was 4. I & my husband both taught him gun safety & how to properly/safely use his BB & pellet gun. We also take him to the outdoor gun range that we go to. He has his own earplugs & safety glasses. We feel that it is the best way for him to actually see a real gun in action & the kind of damage it can cause.

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