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    What the.......?

    The crusades were Christianity's response to hundreds of years of muslim predation and savagery against Christians. People constantly throw this up when the topic of religion of peace/religion of violence comes up, as if to marginalize Christianity or equate it with islam.
  2. I googled Achum's Razor because I had never heard of it. I take it that it is Occam's Razor, but people have changed or misspelled it. Interesting.
  3. While I agree with the sentement(sp), I was angered but not surprised that this particular video was chosen from among, most likely, some very educated and articulate questions. Sheds a bad light indeed. Biden's uppity, elitest attitude and response, while no surprise, made me angry.


    Pretty much what everyone says is: get quicken will maker, fill out the trust, get it notarized. That is pretty simple. I am stationed in MD for the next 2 years. Supressors are legal in Md. as well as Tn. so no problems there. I will get the trust notarized here before comming home on leave. Does Tn. take issue with a trust notarized in another state? I am just trying to get all the legwork done now, instead of burning up my leave fooling with it. Jason.


    I have purchased a NFA weapon. My best friend made me the rifle and will be transferring it to Tn. I will come home on leave and take possesion. Since it can take up to a month for the form 4 to come back, and the possibility of the CLEO in Cleveland not wanting to sign off on the form, my freind suggested the revocable living trust. With the trust, I will avoid the fingerprinting and such, since the NFA portion will belong to the trust. I can have the form 4 mailed to me, fill it out, attach the trust, and it will be approved and waiting for me when I get home. This way I don't have to race to try and get everything done in the few weeks I will be home. Now, does anyone here have experience in this area? Is there something specific to Tn. about trusts and NFA weapons? I really don't have a clue but I am trying to learn as fast as I can. Just hoping someone here has BTDT. Jason.
  6. Thanks for the info, and it does not brand you as a "no freind" contributor. Having said that, it still does not change the fact that Fobus is not GTG.
  7. Active duty Navy now. Served during gulf war 1 and was onboard ship when my battle group took Baghdad in this conflict. Just recently had the opportunity to go boots on the ground in Baghdad, but my command nixed that for me. Seems like they send the ones who don't want to go IA, and keep the ones that do.
  8. I know ringgold well. As far as the shooting range, the woods behind my house was my shooting range. I haven't lived in LaFayette for years, so if a range was built, I don't know about it. There are plenty of chirt pits and stuff around you can shoot at, but I guess you already know about them. I never shot at an indoor range until I was stationed here. I really don't like indoor ranges, too confining.
  9. Where in N. Ga.? I grew up in LaFayette.
  10. My advice is to start with a single stage, until you get some experience. I am also a single stage reloader. SS is slower, but you can spend the time with each cartridge and make sure each one is right.
  11. The only ones I visit now are this one and GOTX.
  12. I would like a minigun chambered in .22LR. That would be real fun, and cheap too!

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