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  1. Tennessee Sports Foundation regular monthly Match schedule begins Feb 15th 2020 Every third Saturday Feb- November (excluding October For our State Silhouette Championships). NRA approved Classes: SmallBore Rifle, Smallbore Hunter, Smallbore Lever Rifle, Pistol Caliber Lever Rifle, Air Rifle (all three categories) and Smallbore Hunter pistol. Also "club Classes" for any non-NRA smallbore (.22lr) Rifles or Pistols. https://www.tnsportsfoundation.org/metallic-silhouette.html
  2. Tennessee Sports Foundation is proud to announce: Tennessee State Silhouette Championships 10/17/2020 Smallbore Rifle and Hunter Rifle 10/18/2020 Smallbore Lever and Pistol Caliber Lever Rifle Location: Tennessee Sports Foundation 3583 Riverside Dr. Jackson, TN 38303 Sanction by NRA and TNSSA TN.2020 SBRifles.pdf TN2020Lever.pdf EntryForm2020.pdf
  3. Match day this Saturday! April 20th. Tennessee Sports Foundation Jackson Tennessee TSF 8:30am (warm up) 9:00am first relay Last relay 3:30pm, we shoot untill 4:00pm. First official match on the new layout. This is an NRA event. So you will be logged in with an official NRA score and classification. You do not need to be an NRA member. NRA is the sanctioning body of Silhouette in the U.S. Your scores and classification are used anywhere in the World. $10.00 Shoot for the hole day. as often as you like. Most of us shoot 4 or five match rounds. Bring different rifles, shoot multiple classes. NRA classes are Smallbore Rifle, Smallbore Hunter Rifle, Smallbore Cowboy/Leveraction, Smallbore Hunter Pistol. All other rifles are Club Class (don't worry just bring it. Any Smallbore Rimfire) So show up and ring some steel. Try this world wide sport.
  4. https://www.tnsportsfoundation.org/metallic-silhouette.html Tennessee Sports Foundation Jackson, Tennessee Small Bore Silhouette 3rd Saturday of each month March- November
  5. www.tnsportsfoundation.org Tennessee Sports Foundation Jackson, Tennessee. Metallic Silhouette 2019 Schedule begins this Saturday. We Shoot 9am to 3pm New relay begins every hour on the hour. $10.00 shoots all day. NRA approved Match Sb- Rifle, Sb-Hunter, Cowboy SB lever. Sb Hunter Pistol Any and all other .22lr Rifles welcome. NON NRA classes will shoot in a Club Class for FUN (no official points / scores). Feel free to bring Multiple rifles and shoot multiple classes. Every Third Saturday. KING of Tennessee invitational MAY and October (two day combined discipline events SB rifle and Cowboy) . All sorts of things happening this year in Metallic Silhouette at Tennessee's premier venue and the ONLY NRA approved matches in the state. Facebook Group all things Silhouette and up to date information.
  6. Bump to the top! Two More Dates this Season. October 21 November 18 Join the Fun! Don't sweat the details about Da-Rules. Bring a .22lr Rifle. .... or If your local just show up and try. We have donated ammo and I bring extra rifles. All are welcome no experience needed. (well , you should have good rifle handling skills) Youth welcome with an adult. We have had three kidos this season work their way up off the bench and shoot offhand! PRIZES for Class Winners and NRA Award PINS to be earned for Shooters On the books Also 1/5 (NRA smallbore) targets are now placed in METER distances except RAM so Chicken 40M Pig60m Turkey77m Ram 100YARDS This helps us conform better with the international shooters. Hope to see you there!
  7. Deerslayer. Just come on over and try it. Anyone can show up with Any .22lr. We will fit you in. CZ455 will be right at home. We run a very casual match. I have scales and trigger pull guages available if anyone wants to see how thier rig fits the rules. But we dont turn anyone away. I will make up a.class for anyone who does not fit in an NRA class. Heck, we once had more AR-22 shooters than NRAsmallbore. Everyone is welcome.
  8. Come on over and join the fun. Last Sundays match day was outstanding. We welcome any shooter with a good nature. Club rifle and club pistol are for anyone who does not want to shoot an NRA class. Maybe they want to try a scoped rifle on the larger targets? That is how we all start out. Maybe they have a rifle that has no NRA category , like an AR-22 with iron sights. Or its a way for dad or mom and the kids to get into the game without pressure to score big. But it is fun. Even I, whip out the 10/22 with tech sights (appleseed style) and shoot club rifle sometimes. We shoot from 9am to4pm. So there is plenty of time to warm up with a club class and work up to an offical class. Good luck!
  9. Tennessee Sports Foundation Jackson TN 3583 Riverside Drive South Jackson. Match number One this Sunday 3-18-18 Range opens aprox. 8:30am for sight in and practice. Match time is 9am to 4pm. All classes run concurrently all day so come and go as you please. Shoot all day, shoot multiple classes. 2018 classes: all classes shoot measured in YARDS NRA Smallbore Rifle and Hunter Rifle. 1/5 targets Lever Action (this includes Lever, pump and Semi auto with Tubular magazine) 1/2 targets Air rifle (all 3 classes welcome) 1/10 targets Hunter Pistol 1/2 targets. NON NRA CLUB CLASSES Club rifle any .22lr Club Pistol any .22lr all 1/2 targets. Come down and join the fun. Cost is $5.00 first match. $2.00 additional matches Juniors shooters always welcome (must be supervised by an adult) New competitive shooters always welcome. NRA score books will be available for the usual NRA $13.00 price. These are for official scores not need for everyone. Web site https://www.tnsportsfoundation.org/metallic-silhouette.html 2018 Matches March 18 April 15 May 20 June 17 off -July /August -Off September 16 October 21 November 18 Hope to see you there!
  10. This Saturday! NOTE 2GUN match I have seen some of the Stage Plans they are EPIC! Some spaces still available. https://practiscore.com/tsf-2017-breast-cancer-awarness-3-gun-benifit-match/register Spectators Welcome (BRING eyes and EAR Protection_) ALSO .22lr side match open to all!
  11. This Saturday. I will have official Air Rifle targets set up during our regular match time. Next Season (pending NRA Approval) I will include all three NRA Air Rifle Classes to our Matches. I am getting addicted to hitting those Teeny Tinny targets! More Info: http://www.tnsportsfoundation.org/metallic-silhouette.html
  12. Last NRA Match of the season is this Saturday 10.21.17 We have added Air Rifle Targets 1/10 scale as a test for inclusion in Next years official program. We will have info for next years Silhouette match schedule available for next Saturday. Can't post it online just yet! 2018 will include Expanded Time You get to shoot more! More Dates Air Rifle (all three NRA classes) Friday evening Practice time. Hope to see you all Saturday! More Info: http://www.tnsportsfoundation.org/metallic-silhouette.html
  13. EVERY 3rd SATURDAY. Jackson TN Two more official NRA Matches left for this season. September 16. (this SAT) and October 21. Then we go Informal until March. NEW for this Month Air Rifle Silhouette. It will be" Club Class" Paper practice targets first as we get ready for next years official matches. Set at official Distances (in yards). Plus the usual 1/5 and 1/2 scale steel targets. Any .22lr rifle or pistol welcome We will make a class for you to shoot in. Official NRA CLASSES are Smallbore Rifle / Smallbore Hunter Smallbore Hunter Pistol / Smallbore Hunter Pistol Iron Sights And, the very popular Smallbore Cowboy Rifle! So join in the fun this month! More Info: http://www.tnsportsfoundation.org/metallic-silhouette.html
  14. Tennesse Sports Foundation Jackson Tn is only about an hour east of Memphis. He would be more than welcome to shoot NRA smallbore Silhouette . We shoot every 3rd Saturday of the month. We have two more official NRA matches this year. Sept. Oct. If he wants to learn marksmanship skills then offhand competition is the way to go. I run the program. I will let him use my rifle for his first few match rounds. That way he can try it. See what equipment he may need. UPDATE Look what you went and started....... I am adding Air Rifle Silhouette to the Match Schedule every 3rd Saturday. This weeks match will be Paper Targets at standard distances. It will get me ready to set up for next years regular NRA Air rifle matches. SO you could. Shoot Air Rifle. Then step over to the next shooting position in the next match round and shoot .22Rimfire.

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