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  1. Maybe for some things be we got in 3 pallets of REM shot shells a week or so ago.
  2. Do you have any interest in trading for small magnum pistol primers?
  3. Why are you guys checking that box anyways (unless you are a dealer)?
  4. I have used some for several months. I've used it with a couple different style 9mm bolts. I was skeptical in the plastic ejector and even spoke with the manufacturer about it. They explored the possibility of pinning a metal ejector but the plastic was already so thin that creating a spot to pin a metal ejector made the area that held the pin even weaker. They claim you can get 10,000 or so rounds before the ejector fails, which spread amongst say 5 mags is alot of rounds. I don't see this replacing dedicated lowers, because once you've bought enough mags/adapters you can infinitely surpa
  5. My guess it that it has to do with Vista trying to sell Savage.
  6. I did it to a carbine gas system that I put a longer FF handguard on. The main reason is because the barrel wasn’t parkerized where they drilled the holes for the pins. I figured it would be better to have the pins in there not exposing the bare metal to air. Also as someone mentioned its never going to work loose like a set screw could. I just hit it with some gun blue, then painted it exhaust header paint. You weren’t going to see it so it didn’t have to be pretty.
  7. this is misleading. if Your local gun shop is selling these as anything other than blem I would start shopping somewhere else. Here’s a pic from an email from the distributor in question.
  8. Just to play devils advocate, since Glock's technically only have a one year warranty. Is it possible he was trying to sell a Davidson's gun? They charge more than other distributors but they offer a warranty. http://www.galleryofguns.com/about/terms.aspx
  9. There's kit you're supposed to get that has the right length screws and a plate that covers up the bottom side of the optic where it overhangs off the edge of a Glock.
  10. I've been considering one of these for backpacking. http://gunfightersinc.com/?page_id=251
  11. I can't believe that guy is still in business. Hope you guys have fun though.
  12. Happens every years at Christmas. Toys, last year it was Yeti cups.
  13. Right, I'll do that right when I don't have to pay taxes for someone's else's kids to go to public school since I don't have any.


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