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  1. Purple paint has been used in Arkansas for years to mark private or leased land. Owning several acres, we resprayed/remarked twice a year, before turkey season and before deer season. Every hunter and land owner new exactly what purple meant. "Off limits" without permissions. The only place i ever been or known that was painted purple, where absolutely nothing was off limits or untouchable was the Platinum Plus aka know as the Purple Church.
  2. http://www.businessinsider.com/how-often-trump-golfed-during-first-100-days-compared-to-obama-bush-and-clinton-2017-4 a little google goes along way....... guess it depends on whom one reads
  3. If Trump would stay of Twitter and Golf Course he would plenty of time to do his job.
  4. So why the hell were they practicing baseball?
  5. Luap


    Run 200 yards down the street to Accurate Law Enforcement and Accent Guns is across the street. They all have same Ballard / Rolling Doors fronts. There's likely several million dollars worth of firearms a stones throw from each other. I too doubt all is moved to a safe either.
  6. There's a host for local bars down on Broad. Lots of locals of all ages enjoying brew and food hang there. All the above mentioned places are good. Just pay attention to where you are. Bass pro has an awesome Beretta collection/display and a Ducks unlimited History with nice Shotguns, hand made calls and such. Even if your not a duck hunter it's interesting to see actual 2 gauge 56 inch barreled goose guns from the 1800's. Made my shoulder hurt looking at them.
  7. Pictures? I'd be in for #11 and #79, when is pay date? update, update, update #11 and #79 my finger slipped. i first typed 11 and 74. 74 is / was incorrect
  8. Did they leave Football stadiums and Basketball arenas in? Or remove them like Arkansas did due to SEC pressure.
  9. If you using Tri -County Electric, they clearly state they charge a convenience fee: Effective May 1, 2017 our billing software company, Southeastern Data Cooperative will begin processing all credit card and E-check payments received by Tri-County Electric. SEDC will charge a Convenience Fee of 2.45% for each credit card transaction and a fee of $1.00 for any E-check transaction. Tri-County Electric's Bank Draft Program is a FREEalternative and will allow our member-owners to avoid the billing company's charges. Please contact your local Tri-County Electric office to enroll today!
  10. Considering the plane was sitting at the gate with the Door open, Ground Control and the supervising Gate agent in charge had control of everything, passenger actions included. Once the Door closes then the Flight Crew takes control of passengers. Ground Control still has control of aircraft until it is headed down the runway or lifts off the ground. I doubt the Flight attendants or pilot had anything to do with this. It was all Gate Agents and United Ground control.
  11. And that is why I have over two Million miles on Delta.
  12. Over my career I have flown several million miles. Out of those several million i had less than 25,000 on United for this very reason. United Airlines can suck pond water.
  13. There going to amend and take Sporting events out, Copied from a published article. "A recently passed law that allows concealed weapons throughout the state, including at sporting events like college football games at Arkansas’ stadium, has been met with opposition. So much so that the state’s senate, which passed the law, has backed an exemption to be made for college sporting events. That exemption has not been passed yet, leading the SEC to step in and share its opinion on the matter. SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said on Tuesday that he supports the senate’s exemption to HB1249 that would prevent firearms from being allowed inside publicly funded stadiums in the state of Arkansas. The amendment to the campus carry bill still has to go to the house and back to governor Asa Hutchinson to be ratified."

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