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  1. Would you want to sell just the assembled lower? If so PM me and let me know how much.
  2. I'm looking for a local source for kydex sheaths and potentially holsters perferably in the Morristown area or with in a half hour or so of it.
  3. http://aresarmor.com/store/Item/match_complete_upper   $425 for a complete upper!  
  4. https://www.facebook.com/SOEgear?ref=stream&hc_location=stream   Figured I would let you guys know about this!
  5. 454 then seen someone already picked it.     656   Keeping you honest :)
  6. I may as well quit looking around on these gun classified site. These people are stupid for paying $2000 plus for a $900 rifle. I wish the classified admins would delete their post. I have always thought the "gun" community was a bunch of like minded people but it's seems I'm wrong on a bunch of them trying to rip people off. A couple examples one guy has 1000 rounds of unnamed ammo for $800 and another 100 rounds for $100 lol amazing!
  7. [quote name='TNBrat' timestamp='1352316337' post='841217'] I say run & hide to a tactical defense location then engage, if necessary. Now be honest, guys... How many of you look around when entering a restaurant or some such just to get a feel for your options. Exit strategy? Defensible positions? Situational awareness... TNBrat Hiding in the woods… [/quote] I wouldn't say I do it every single time but I always look around and get an idea of the space. At a restaurant I nearly always face the door unless it's just not an option.
  8. [quote name='monkeylizard' timestamp='1352391755' post='841813'] A gold badge under a user's avatar indicates law enforcement service The little people with the gold star indicate military service The ID card indicates Handgun Carry Permit holder [/quote] Thanks for clarifying all those Sir
  9. Thanks for the input everyone. If you run across a Kel Tec SU-16CA jump on here and tell me where it is if ya don't mind.
  10. [quote name='c.a.willard' timestamp='1352313775' post='841174'] My only concern is that you may not be the only one with a firearm. Advancing to the threat may cause you to be a preceived threat as well. I say if you are withing engagement range already then do what you must to include engaging the threat. However if you must move to the threat area it woud be very wise to take precautions not to be viewed as a bad guy yourself. An example would be waiting until youve closed to near or within engagement ranges before drawing your weapon. For me it would depend on who im there with. Do i feel a greater need to protect them or the crowd. For example if i'm there with my family i'm going into stricktly defense and evacuation mode. If i'm there by myself i would be more inclined to advance to the threat. If you do engage please keep your exposure time limited. And only keep your weapon out as long is necessary to nuetralize the threat and scan for aditional threats. A note on scanning for threats, Although not as fast for target aquisition it would probably be better to lower your muzzle to point at the ground and scan with your eyes as opposed to scanning with your weapon. [/quote] That's a great plan right there. Do the Badges mean you are Law Enforcement?
  11. [quote name='OhShoot' timestamp='1352314118' post='841182'] Though the federal 4473 approval info is supposed to be destroyed daily, it is indeed recorded and kept on the 4473 form at the local FFL where it was purchased or transferred. Some people call this "registration", most don't. There is no gun registration as far as some state wide database as in some states. - OS [/quote] Hmm so for example if the assault weapons ban goes into place and we have the "Evil Rifles" would we be grand fathered in or would they get with the FFLs and get everyones contact info to ask them to do whatever with any uncompliant guns?


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