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  1. 1madss

    PSA AR Kit

    I definitely understand that this is not the best time to buy an AR but I’m not sure when things might settle down and I’m not good at delayed gratification What kind of price would something like this be in a non-panic mode? I have considered a pistol but I had a massive stroke back in October that completely paralyzed me. I’ve regained almost everything but my fine motor control is still a work in progress so I’m not sure how accurate I am without shouldering the stock. I was looking at the 5.56 mostly due my ignorance of the other calibers. My biggest priorities would be cost and ava
  2. 1madss

    PSA AR Kit

    I am looking to finally pick up an AR but I am a complete newb to the AR world. I am looking for something that would be limited to occasional range trips and home defense. Right now that role is filled by a Winchester Defender stoked with 00buck. I ran across this kit at PSA that seems to fit the bill. https://palmettostatearmory.com/psa-16-mid-length-5-56-nato-1-7-nitride-13-5-lightweight-m-lok-classic-rifle-kit-with-mbus-sight-set-5165448515.html?___store=default I know I will need to pickup a lower, some mags and at some point some kind of optic. Any options on this kit? PSA seem
  3. Came across this one advertised from a shop in FL. http://silverdollarfirearms.com/product/remington-870-marine-magnum-12-ga-18-barrel-6-1-mag-capacity-electroless-nickel-plating-on-metal/
  4. I'm an RO at the Trap/Skeet portion on Maury Co Gun Club. A little bit further than then Charlie's range but offers more variety. Take a look at the web site for rates. It is prorated through the year and offers other benefits as well. I order almost all of my ammo through them and save shipping costs. I believe those ordering reloading supplies also save hazmat fees. Main down side is they are only open Sat-Sun 1:00 to dusk but do host different monthly events at the pistol/rifle range. Sign up as an RO and get keys and waive the membership costs. With keys you can go anytime you like.
  5. A little older S&W. A 422 or 622 in 6"barrel. I picked up a 6" 422 a few years ago for ~200. Mags are not cheap though. The "Target" model has adjustable rear sights.
  6. I had a JM stamped .357 1894 with a 1974 serial number. Bought it off of GB right when the lever gun craze was taking off for a song. Ended up selling it a few years ago to buy my daughter a new competition gun. Of course she stopped shooting the next year and I sold that gun a few months ago. Should have kept the 1894
  7. Nice price on a solid gun. Optima or Mobil chokes? Auto-safety? Thx
  8. Wonder if it is just a smooth bore or a Routeledge. Hopefully the latter.
  9. I went Blink a few months ago. 4 cameras and two hubs to give me 2 "zones" Other than the battery life issue we are overall happy. I had to go solar for the driveway camera as the wind blowing tree branches triggers the motion sensors and I got about a month before I had to go back up the ladder. BTW the Activity Zone feature does not work yet. It was in Beta when I got the cameras. First thing to note with any of the Cloud based solutions is the delay in the video/alerts. Someone detected by the driveway camera can be in the house before I get a notification. The delay is not an issue for me
  10. After about 500 rounds. In the Trap world this means every other day of competition. This thing needs to last me many more years.
  11. These guys should be able to give you more info on your gun. http://www.doublegunshop.com/forums/ubbthreads.php
  12. Beretta 3901 RL They are not made anymore and are getting hard to find due to being so popular with youth clay target shooter. Soft recoiling SA with 12/13" LOP and 26/28" barrel with choke tubes. A used one in good shape should run $800-1000. I would think that aftermarket parts for the 390/391/3901 guns would fit. EDIT - Sorry. I should have read your requirements first. The 3901 looks to be outside the upper limit of budget.
  13. I would take a 680 series gun over the newer 690 series any day of the week. 687 is the nicer finished 680 offered these days. They made some design changes on the 690s that seem to have had problems. They changed to a selectable ejector/extractor that is known to have problems. In the 12g they removed one receiver screws and there have been reports of 692 sporting guns breaking off at the tang. But I am a 68X fan boy The SP designation really has to do with the finish level of the gun. Can be either field or comp gun. One of my favorite places to browse - www.joeletchenguns.com
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