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  1. I wonder what that cotter pin is holding together (zoom into the picture above the separation)? Looks like it might be important.
  2. Another view: It's under the middle of the M on the TN side:
  3. Something from the Khyber Pass it looks like.
  4. Now I bet some idjit wrecks on the old bridge and jacks it all up.
  5. Kids aren't supposed to be fads either but there sure are a lot of people who pump them out because they're "cute".
  6. The first centerfire rifle I ever shot was my Dad's IBM M1 Carbine when I was around 12 years old. Still have it and will until the day I die.
  7. And then the 3rd little pig was prosecuted to the fullest extent that federal regulations allow, left penniless and incarcerated for violating the civil rights of the Wolf.
  8. I’d like to see some of these states, counties, or any other jurisdictions passing 2A sanctuary feel good resolutions and laws actually stand behind their citizens that might run afoul of current and future ATF regulations. That’s not going to happen either.
  9. That is entirely dependent on condition, manufacturer, and originality. If you find a USGI mixmaster for less than $1k you’ve done very well. I bet these will start around $1,400 if not more for the lowest grades.
  10. Loves me some M1 Carbine. Wonder why they’re not going through the CMP. Their last big lot about 10 years ago came from the Italians.
  11. She really should have been using synth oil and fancy filters.
  12. Think of an AR upper receiver or that of any other similarly constructed firearm being serial numbered and regulated as an actual firearm...just to get started.
  13. TiN = Titanium Nitride
  14. The local Honda dealer has started trying to pull that scam. My wife went in for an oil change and even though her’s is an older model Accord, it doesn’t have nearly the number of miles where they USED to start saying to go synthetic. I told them to use regular oil and quit screwing around.
  15. You can eat them as well, if you’re so inclined.
  16. There are different broods that emerge every year. This is one of the bigger ones.
  17. Bring it on. I actually enjoy listening to the cicadas...and terrorizing Mrs. Garufa with their shells.
  18. https://www.wvlt.tv/2021/04/25/multiple-agencies-respond-to-protest-in-hardin-valley-community/ On another note can someone please change the completely wrong title of this thread? There was no “mass shooting”.
  19. On this quiet Sunday afternoon BLM and other protesters of their ilk descended on a west Knox County subdivision looking for the district attorney’s house. Word is they went to the wrong house at first. Don’t know if they ever found it or if they were even in the right place. If anyone in west Knoxville was wondering why helicopters were flying around all afternoon, now you know why.
  20. .25 ACP might not be any more than .22 lr but it’s centerfire. Rimfire is notoriously unreliable, centerfire not so much. A good .22 pistol/ammo combination can be devastating with the proper ammo. That caliber has quite a history, statistics prove it. Imagine 400 grs (or 290 grs for this round) of projectiles hitting a target in 10 different places in the same amount of time it takes to fire a couple of any other caliber.
  21. Not going to the show but you to need to post a map or something and describe who you bought it from.


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