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  1. @JustEd If preservation is all that he wants tell him to go to Woodcraft down there and get some Renaissance Wax. It is also available online from a couple of places including MidwayUSA. Not cheap but is widely used by collectors. It’s used in museums and was in fact developed by the British Museum. if it were me, I’d figure out how to get the stock off and give the undercarriage a good inspection, cleanup, and waxing. Put it back together and do the outside. It’s going to be hard to find a gunsmith capable of properly caring for old rifles such as this in one specific area, IMHO. Maybe he’ll get lucky, It sure looks like someone’s been taking care of it all these years. What have they been doing?
  2. I cringe whenever I hear someone adamant on “cleaning up” an old milsurp even when there is no reason to, especially one as valuable as this. It usually involves screwing with the stock hoping to make it look brand new. Big, big mistake.
  3. Garufa

    S&W 3" 29

    Very nice! Love the unfluted cylinder. BTW, the spec ord code indicates it left the factory June 28, 1990.
  4. It’s starting to come apart on the other side as well.
  5. Those things will put your eye out.
  6. I know this because growing up in Memphis my best friend’s dad had one. He was in the Navy during WWII and brought it back from the Pacific. It was the “secret” Jap rifle as they had no markings other than a serial #.
  7. I don’t know about all that but I sure would like to have a S&W model 58.
  8. Fun fact: The Italians produced rifles for the Japanese during WWII. Those are known as Type I’s and are basically Carcanos that look kinda like Type 38’s.
  9. It is a Type 44 carbine, a variation of the Type 38 rifle. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_44_carbine Looks like it is in excellent condition. If it hasn't been goobered with since it's liberation in the Pacific and is still in the original 6.5 x 50mm caliber, I'd try to find some ammo and shoot it. Arisakas are known as some of the strongest bolt-action military rifles ever used. Graf's has some ammo in stock now.....https://www.grafs.com/catalog/category/categoryId/164 Steinel is another source for this not easy to find caliber, but they are on backorder....https://www.steinelammo.com/product/6-5-x-50mm-sr-arisaka-140gr-sp/ As for care, just keep the steel oiled up and it should be fine for a long time to come.
  10. There is absolutely no reason one should get too twisted over it as there is not a single thing whatsoever they can do about it.
  11. Yeah, 8 or 9 people have us all convinced.
  12. Does anyone have anything new or different to offer after 3,180 posts of the same people saying the same thing?
  13. I believe that is Czech and is heavy ball...174 gr bullets (Tz). Should have bxn and date on the headstamp. I’m guessing 55 or 57.
  14. Before the recent foolishness and WalMart started their pandering to the hysterics that was about $9.97/box.
  15. There is talk in the news of charging the fired ARDOT inspector with as yet unnamed charges. What would he/she/it be charged with? Incompetence, unfortunately, is not illegal. Some kind of negligence maybe?
  16. I think the heat deflectors over the burners might be upside down.
  17. Some older and smaller grills like that have a circular clip with a hook that you attach a jar to and then hang underneath that hole you see in the middle.
  18. The meme is a joke of course but I could totally believe it considering how Memphis does things and how many of those steel plates hold the streets together, sometimes for an eternity. I sometimes think that the steel plate street cover was invented there.
  19. I would like to think something more substantial is used.


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