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  1. The car sat for roughly 4 minutes after the abduction before leaving the scene. It was over an hour before it was spotted in the area where this poor woman's body was found. There is no evidence that she died immediately as of now.
  2. They do. In the Ruger PC G19 mags look silly and the 33 round mags look absurd. The 24 round mags are perfect. They really tie the looks of a rather homely carbine together.
  3. I bought one because is uses Glock mags. Guess what? I bought more Glock mags. Specifically, the 24 round 9mm mags.
  4. Did you do anything to prep before putting the REN wax on?
  5. Weird, huh? They stopped, then Springfield started making a somewhat affordable, nearly perfect version IMO. BTW, where are the SA-35’s?!?! Did SA stop making them or is demand still that high?
  6. I have one and sometimes wish I didn’t. They are entirely too much fun and quite accurate. It’s like a Pez dispenser for ammo. Mine is the basic model with a “traditional” stock. It wears a Sig Romeo 5 on top. Wish I could shoot it every day. Basically, I highly recommend.
  7. And a mighty fine one it is!
  8. If what is being posted on social media is to be believed this situation is starting to sound like the plot of a movie on the Lifetime channel including a massive inheritance, drug addiction, and the nanny.
  9. I’ve been following this all day. Even though I haven’t lived in Memphis for 30 years she apparently lives only a couple of blocks from where I grew up. Know the area well as that around UM where the abduction occurred. Many have always considered both areas somewhat safe. Not anymore.
  10. I do not own a Tisas but I sure would like to. Those Turks make some fine firearms.
  11. You chose wisely. Reloading is not hard at all but it does require some attention to detail, like ensuring the powder charge remains constant along with bullet seating depth and crimping. Often the equipment needs to be tweaked during a session. It’s best to learn on a single stage rather than a progressive starting out.
  12. It’s football time in Tennessee! Go Vols.
  13. If it was a vendor at an RK show they will absolutely ban them permanently and can easily enforce it. They are the promoters after all. It’s happened more than once in Knoxville.
  14. Vandy is not only 1st in the SEC East, they are currently leading the conference.
  15. Obviously it was not unloaded. Do they not have people there checking weapons?
  16. Complete the task a second time.
  17. There is a special place for people like you.
  18. I don’t care what happens in the future or how hungry I get but I will never eat a hot dog on on a freaking slice of bread again. Hamburgers on sliced bread are equally intolerable but at least you can toast the bread so it kinda helps hold it together.
  19. Yep. It was just a few years ago you could buy them out of barrels at the hardware store.
  20. Bribes or favors for permits is not unique to Memphis. It was rampant statewide before today’s permitting system and continues to this day in “may issue”states.
  21. Maybe the tape came from what was keeping the lid closed? Looks like it was opened with a thumbnail.
  22. Surprised this is still here. I always considered Czech some of the better 7.62x54r and it comes in the best wooden crate from that era.
  23. Weapon Mounted Light. Those little red dots don’t illuminate the target all by themselves, lol.
  24. I’d call TWRA and ask them. https://www.tn.gov/twra/wildlife-management-areas/cumberland-plateau-r3/catoosa-wma.html


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