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  1. Looks kinda like Privet. It'll grow! Tall, thick & fast. Bamboo does well in Memphis. You can have all you want if you're willing to go over to my Mom's house & get rid of the stuff.
  2. I hope the reply is not something along the lines of: "Please excuse us for our oversight. Simon Properties takes the safety of its patrons very seriously. We will correct the issue immediately by posting the proper signage to ensure your comfort and protection."
  3. What I've read and heard about how soldiers treated those fine old rifles just blows my mind! Didn't have any consideration at all for us enthusiasts 50 or 60 years later.
  4. I personally think you've made great choices, in caliber and delivery mechanism. I don't personally own either the Bersa or PT145 but have wanted a Bersa for a long time. I really like them alot and the only knock I've ever heard against them was the caliber. Well guess what, a .380 will drop a bad guy just as well as any other caliber - depending on shot placement and what you're hitting. That cartridge was developed over 100 years ago (between the 9mm and 45 ACP, roughly) and has been going strong ever since. Never handled the PT145 but saw one in action at the range the other day. The accuracy was astounding at 25 yards! I also know Taurus to be a good, solid manufacturer. Seems like the Spaniards and Argentinians are making some darn nice pistols at an affordable price. No wonder both are very popular. You chose wisely. Be proud of that.
  5. The yet-to-be-released Gran Torino. Google it and you'll find the trailer. Looks like Clint is coming back in kick-ass form.
  6. Now that's breakin' it down Scientific!
  7. This could be a Monty Python skit.
  8. Here's what the CMP sells them for: http://www.thecmp.org/m1garand.htm You can usually add at least $100, often much more, if not buying through them. If you really get the bug check out their forum. There's more than you ever wanted to know! Not all of their rifles are 100% correct for the date of the receiver unless you get the highest grade but are all functioning, tested rifles. In other words, the barrel or stock may have been replaced, parts swapped with other rifles, etc. A common practice among the military. These rifles come directly from the Army and have been returned from many countries that we sent them to after WWII/Korea. Here is just one of many links with serial numbers and production dates: http://www.fulton-armory.com/tea/m1serial.htm
  9. Very good! Did you get from CMP? I've got a '54 SA myself and am waiting on a Winchester (If I'm lucky). Looks like an August '44 manufacture if I'm reading the number correctly.
  10. You need moon clips with the Smiths. The idea with the Charter is you don't. I really like the idea, but the mechanism seems kinda iffy.
  11. I've actually wondered a similar thing regarding ammo. I heard years ago never to use reloads for home defense, not because of reliability or whatnot, but because of the sensation it could create from the uninformed. "Oh, well regular store-bought was not good enough for that killer, he had to make his own", etc. I sometimes even wonder about using store bought hollow-points for the same reason. "Oh, well shooting someone is not good enough, he wants to tear 'em up". Now I know this the South and not the gawd-awful NE or Left Coast but....
  12. You got that right. In the crappy, buyer-pays-all Knoxville market, that sweet deal Dick's always has on ammo is good stuff. They just never have any. We need an Academy Sports like the Nashville guys have. Sounds like they have the nice price all the time. At least on some things.
  13. If you did that at the West Knoville Dick's you might be waiting awhile. I stopped by there yesterday in the hopes that Sunday's ad in the paper might miraculously mean they actually stock the ammo they advertise. Guy at the counter (I think he manages that department) says there are 35 rain checks out for 9mm right now and he wasn't giving out anymore. That's 35 cases of ammo already spoken for. I don't think we'll see any ammo at that store for a long time to come. Please, everyone tell a couple of other people and pass it on to stop the panic-buying. It's cutting into my hoarding, uh, volume-purchasing habits.
  14. That's the Holy Grail of .357's! I can only drool and be content with my Model 28.
  15. Is anyone here a CMP ho like I've become and/or sent in an order for the great Winchester M1 Garand/Carbine release today? Apparently there were around 4000 orders received today (that's today's mail, tomorrow is another day) for only a couple thousand WRA Garands available and I don't know how many Carbines. Those odds aren't jiving with my chances of getting that Garand I don't need but must have!
  16. 3-7-15 yards on a comically huge target. Everyone in my class got a chuckle when he pulled the targets out but I guess it does "simulate" a human-sized form - a real big one at 3 yards. Target used is a B-27 silhouette. I think that is the standard?
  17. I think the CMP might be the place to look for that. They've got Aguila at a decent price.
  18. Did CCA have a sign up or anything? Probably walked by several times without knowing on my quest for GUNS which seemed to be in short supply. By guns I mean mil-surp eye candy. That's kinda my thing. For some odd reason I decided that I needed a little Kahr CW9. That came home with me. There were alot of empty tables. Will there be more tomorrow? J Smith, good talkin' to ya in line.
  19. I feel the need to go so probably will be there at 1 today.
  20. Obviously, this "merchant" has been hitting the crack pipe. The sad thing is - people must be buying or the price wouldn't be where it is.
  21. Ordered my Del-Ton kit Nov 2. Being delivered today.
  22. When does the Ryobi version come out? I'm on a power tool budget!


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