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  1. Some obscure South African movie?
  2. Not an actress or movie still. It’s just a fancy picture.
  3. They are silly IMHO, but necessity is the mother of invention...like AR’s without pistol grips.
  4. If that’s your thing you could start here: https://worldoftroy.com/product/troy-pump-action-rifle-optic-ready-2019/
  5. It’s a huge point of contention between Mexico and the US and is really not that funny. Mexico is already trying to sue major US gun manufacturers for their out of control violence problems, this just adds fuel to the fire.
  6. I should have gotten a Swiss K-31 when they were affordable. Straight pull bolt actions are fast and fascinating. They also confound and scare me, lol. With a regular bolt action I know very well that bolt is not going to become an unwelcome part of my head.
  7. That link @Ronald_55 posted is not the US version of the Beretta website. The US version does not list it. It’s been out for a while it looks like. An Australian chap has a YouTube review from last October.
  8. Especially if you like your nose being an injected pollen scoop, lol.
  9. Garufa

    CZ 75

    A CZ-75 will make anyone look like a professional marksman, even with the Omega trigger as mine has.
  10. How far is Dallas from Knoxville?
  11. 3rd gen S&W semi’s are all around great pistols and the end of an era...the metal, hammer fired American pistol era of 9mm and .40 excellence.
  12. Sad for his family. Also heard that he was a contractor that was “sent” there, voluntarily I’m sure. In other words he was getting paid. Regardless, sounds like he believed in going there and helping. Edit: I guess everyone going over there is getting paid one way or another. Was thinking “volunteer” in another sense and getting ahead of myself. I only hope he is not remembered as the first in long list of Americans dying in a senseless war launched by yet another European despot. I thought those days were over.
  13. Exceptionally good price!
  14. ATF agents and local LE were undercover at this past weekend's gun show in Knoxville "searching for unlicensed sellers and gangs out to arm themselves". They struck paydirt in the form of a Detroit gang member making multiple purchases of guns and accessories. As part of his apprehension, the felon took off with a KPD officer in the back of his van and crashed, causing injury to the officer. https://www.wate.com/news/local-news/atf-investigation-at-knoxville-gun-show-leads-to-arrest-of-detroit-gang-member/
  15. Lol, it’s the same story different day. Ignorance and greed is how we got here.
  16. International Harvester produced M1’s in the 1950’s during the Korean War, none in 7.62x51mm (.308). No M1 rifle came from the factory in that caliber. However, there were many converted in the 60’s by the government to 7.62, primarily for the Navy if I’m not mistaken. I believe they were stamped 7.62.
  17. To add, the currently produced model 19 has a fully supported forcing cone. You can shoot all the light bullet magnum loads out of it you want.
  18. What you are probably reading regarding full house magnum loads in a S&W only applies to K frame models like the 13 and 19. Stick with 158 gr loads as is intended in those models then it’s not an issue...and the issue is a bit overblown. L frames and the great big N frame .357’s can handle anything all day long.
  19. Garufa

    30 Super Carry

    Who’s making a carbine in 30 Super Carry? I want me one.
  20. Just become a “financial advisor”. Pretty sure the requirements aren’t that much.
  21. Such an incredibly ridiculous comment on a well respected TGO member and vendor’s post from 2020.
  22. Runs up to 80,000 psi. I guess that helps explain the steel case head along with extraction advantages. SIG has found themselves a very lucrative contract. How much battering can a weapon take in military usage at those pressures?


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