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  1. You know you’re doing this “getting old” thing wrong. You are supposed to putting on pounds, not losing them! Congrats on losing some weight! GLWS!
  2. I can’t believe this is still here at that price! You won’t find a better pistol in that price range!
  3. What did you end up doing?
  4. I think that’s happened to a lot of us!
  5. I do not open carry. But I guarantee you, that I notice those that do. And being a cautious person, I keep an eye on them.
  6. The GOP has practically gutted the whole 2A section from their party platform for 2024. https://thereload.com/2024-republican-platform-drops-gun-rights-promises/#:~:text=In its first official platform,the process entirely in 2020. “The 2024 platform’s cursory discussion of gun policy priorities marks a significant departure from the party’s 2016 platform. The party previously dedicated an entire section to the Second Amendment. In it, the GOP listed specific pro-gun policies it wanted to enact, as well as gun-control measures it opposed.” “We support firearm reciprocity legislation to recognize the right of law-abiding Americans to carry firearms to protect themselves and their families in all 50 states,” the 2016 document reads. “We support constitutional carry statutes and salute the states that have passed them.” “We oppose ill-conceived laws that would restrict magazine capacity or ban the sale of the most popular and common modern rifle,” the section continues. “We also oppose any effort to deprive individuals of their right to keep and bear arms without due process of law. We condemn frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers and the current Administration’s illegal harassment of firearm dealers. We oppose federal licensing or registration of law-abiding gun owners, registration of ammunition, and restoration of the ill-fated Clinton gun ban.” I really don’t think we have any friends in high places, anymore.I’ve felt this way for a while now.
  7. I’d just sell the house out there. Quit feeding them tax money. If you need to go to Cali, rent or lease and give them the big ! Invite your friends to Tennessee instead. And if you really need to be ear Disney, buy a house in Orlando!
  8. I think over the years, I’ve had 3. They’re good, but never was something I was just totally enamored with. I think it was the rate of weight to size, in all instances. Just too heavy to be a true pocket pistol for me. I think a 3” might make a good belt gun, though.
  9. Thank you Worriedman, for all the work you do, on our behalf!
  10. Leroy, let us know what you end up doing. While I like Taurus Revolvers, I also like old S&Ws. My two latest revolvers are a Model 10-5 (1983) pencil barrel which is a joy to shoot! The trigger is smooth as butter. I do wish it were a 2 or 3” though. I also recently got a pre Model 30 (early 1950s) .32 S&W Long 6 shot I frame with the flat latch. It’s very accurate, but the tigger is no where near as smooth as the Model 10.
  11. Moped

    Go Vols!

    It was a nail biter at the end, but they pulled it off!
  12. I have a Model 627 Tracker 7 shot .357 that’s a wonderful gun to shoot! Very accurate, decent trigger and the barrel ports do a great job taming recoil. I recommend it! It’s been my hiking pistol for the last 4 years. The men and women over at Pistol-Forum.com, mostly think highly of the 856 in either 2” or 3” barrels. Most claim to see as many issues now a days with the S&Ws as the Taurus. I think @Jamie Jackson would back me up on that. I’d be glad to let you try it out.
  13. Jamie, oddly enough, mine seems to like the Federal Punch. I’ve ran about a 100 rounds of it through my “full size” TX22 without a hiccup. I’ve also ran Federal Auto Match, Antiqua HV, some old Olin White Box SV and some really nasty Remington Pistol Match. It didn’t like the Remington at all. But it was very nasty.
  14. Those are some beauties right there! But I’m starting to have a strong relationship with this little pre Model 30 .32 S&W Long I got a couple of weeks ago. It’s making me think I don’t need another .22!
  15. A .22 revolver is on my next to get list, after I get a Glock 21 out of layaway. I’ll probably go with one of the new Ruger Super Wranglers. Just wish they’d have made them a 9 shot instead of just 6.


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