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  1. I agree totally with this statement. Issue the Federal Law Enforcement Agencies across the board and see how well they like them! My guess there will be howling big time over such a move by the Federal Government and they will back off quickly. You can bet that every Agent will be carrying a dumb BUG, as well as their agency issued Smart Pistol.
  2. Thank you for your hard work and for the information!
  3. Here is the Girsan MC P35 getting run through it's paces. Notice that seems to be pretty true to the original Hi-Power look.
  4. You should read the comments before you judge. There are only two. One was an owner who loved the gun and the other asked if it still had the magazine disconnect like the original and gave it a one star rating. Hardly a fair judgement IMO. Here's a copy and paste of the reviews, taken from their website. Edit: This would have been the perfect spot for that IGNORE BUTTON you wanted over the other thread. 2 reviews for Girsan MCP35 Rated 5 out of 5 Richard Chambers – December 16, 2021 Just Got this wonderful pistol today and it is a gr8 shooter I run 90 rounds out of it and it performed flawlessly.It took me me afew shots to see how it was sighted but it grouped very well After I got used to it . The trigger is crisp with very little creep before the breakand the reset is awesome.And I tell you this I have a Glock 17 very good gun but this to me is better just saying.Got a very low production number too number 36. for the shipping I tired to get my free holster it gave me a number to write down but damn if I can’t figure where to go to pay for the shipping and handling of it> Rated 1 out of 5 CliffO ONeal – January 3, 2022 Does this handgun have a magazine disconnect like the original? admin – January 6, 2022 Correct, it features a magazine disconnect
  5. I have two pistols with rails and nothing to put on them. They are unmolested. I only have one pistol with a night sight.
  6. To say I'm sorta excited about this one is a bit of an understatement! I've become a big fan of Turkish guns. They are affordable and reliable. And they are cloning all the classics. If you go to the EAA website, you will see that they are making the MCP35 in a more traditional form. though there is no blue or stainless steel version. They are a cerakote. There is no piccatiny rail or beveled mag well either. They are much truer to the Browning Hi-Power of old. Here is the link. Girsan MCP35 - EAA Corp.
  7. Oh I know. Just wanted a post with all the links in it, that are easy to find. Didn’t figure it would get a lot of traction.
  8. The renewed interest in the old Browning Hi-Power has taken the gun world by storm the last several months! Thought I’d post the links to these three new cousins to this famous pistol. The list is from most prestigious and highest cost, to the lesser known and lowest cost version. All of these have been announced in the last couple of months and should start showing up very soon at our LGS around the state. First up and most expensive, the FN, Hi-Power royalty! https://fnamerica.com/highpower/ Next up it’s North American Cousin, the SA35, from Springfield Armory! https://www.springfield-armory.com/sa-35-series-handguns/sa-35-handguns/sa-35-9mm-handgun/ Last, but not least, the Step Cousin of the fabled Hi-Power, the EAA/Girsan MC-P35! https://eaacorp.com/product/girsan-mc-p35/
  9. Moped

    30 Super Carry

    So we should all live with 6 rounds, when we could have 10 or 12 rounds in basically the same sized package? Why would we want to do that? Makes no sense.
  10. Moped

    30 Super Carry

    I’ve purchased three of the 12 rounders and still have the 10 round mag for mine. Great carry pistol and plenty accurate enough for me! Don’t see myself running out and buying of these .30 super carry’s.
  11. Saw this this morning. Looks like it's coming again. Stands to reason that other mainstream manufacturers will start rolling out their versions very soon. It's probably wise that if you want something that's not SMART, then you need to start looking to purchase it soon. Exclusive-Smart guns finally arriving in U.S., seeking to shake up firearms market By Daniel Trotta (Reuters) - Personalized smart guns, which can be fired only by verified users, may finally become available to U.S. consumers after two decades of questions about reliability and concerns they will usher in a new wave of government regulation. Four-year-old LodeStar Works on Friday unveiled its 9mm smart handgun for shareholders and investors in Boise, Idaho. And a Kansas company, SmartGunz LLC, says law enforcement agents are beta testing its product, a similar but simpler model. Both companies hope to have a product commercially available this year. LodeStar co-founder Gareth Glaser said he was inspired after hearing one too many stories about children shot while playing with an unattended gun. Smart guns could stop such tragedies by using technology to authenticate a user's identity and disable the gun should anyone else try to fire it. They could also reduce suicides, render lost or stolen guns useless, and offer safety for police officers and jail guards who fear gun grabs. But attempts to develop smart guns have stalled: Smith & Wesson got hit with a boycott, a German company's product was hacked, and a New Jersey law aimed at promoting smart guns has raised the wrath of defenders of the Second Amendment. The LodeStar gun, aimed at first-time buyers, would retail for $895. The test-firing of the LodeStar gun before Reuters cameras has not been reported elsewhere. A range officer fired the weapon, a third-generation prototype, in its different settings without issue. Glaser acknowledged there will be additional challenges to large-scale manufacturing, but expressed confidence that after years of trial and error the technology was advanced enough and the microelectronics inside the gun are well-protected. "We finally feel like we're at the point where ... let's go public," Glaser said. "We're there." Most early smart gun prototypes used either fingerprint unlocking or radio frequency identification technology that enables the gun to fire only when a chip in the gun communicates with another chip worn by the user in a ring or bracelet. LodeStar integrated both a fingerprint reader and a near-field communication chip activated by a phone app, plus a PIN pad. The gun can be authorized for more than one user. The fingerprint reader unlocks the gun in microseconds, but since it may not work when wet or in other adverse conditions, the PIN pad is there as a backup. LodeStar did not demonstrate the near-field communication signal, but it would act as a secondary backup, enabling the gun as quickly as users can open the app on their phones. SmartGunz would not say which law enforcement agencies are testing its weapons, which are secured by radio frequency identification. SmartGunz developed a model selling at $1,795 for law enforcement and $2,195 for civilians, said Tom Holland, a Kansas Democratic state senator who co-founded the company in 2020. Colorado-based Biofire is developing a smart gun with a fingerprint reader. Skeptics have argued that smart guns are too risky for a person trying to protect a home or family during a crisis, or for police in the field. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the firearms industry trade association, says it does not oppose smart guns as long as the government doesn't mandate their sale. "If I had a nickel for every time in my career I heard somebody say they're about to bring us a so-called smart gun on the market, I'd probably be retired now," said Lawrence Keane, senior vice president of the NSSF. Guns coming to market could trigger a 2019 New Jersey law requiring all gun shops in the state to offer smart guns after they become available. The 2019 law replaced a 2002 law that would have banned the sale of any handgun except smart guns. "The other side tipped their hand because they used smart guns to ban everything that's not a smart gun," said Scott Bach, executive director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs. "It woke gun owners up." When Smith & Wesson pledged in 1999 to promote smart gun development, among other gun safety measures in an agreement with the U.S. government, the National Rifle Association sponsored a boycott that led to a drop in revenue. In 2014, German company Armatix put a smart .22 caliber pistol on the market, but it was pulled from stores after hackers discovered a way to remotely jam the gun's radio signals and, using magnets, fire the gun when it should have been locked. (Reporting by Daniel Trotta; Editing by Donna Bryson and Leslie Adler) https://finance.yahoo.com/news/exclusive-smart-guns-finally-arriving-112255892.html
  12. They are an impulse buy for me, though I do tend to think things through. It takes me a while to make the decision, but when one made, then I'm on the hunt and find what I am looking for. Next up will be a single action .22 again revolver.
  13. Oh, it was affordable at $350. Firearms are mad money purchases for me and my mad money is low right now. So I put them in Lay-A-Way until my mad money builds back up. Sorta like locking in the price, right now.
  14. Well, probably not what you all were really talking about, but I just put a Henry Classic .22S/L/LR in lay-a-way at my LGS.
  15. One of the all time Hollywood Greats! He broke a lot of glass ceilings, while making some great movies!!!
  16. Moped

    30 Super Carry

    So what are the specs on this new round?
  17. Looking at the specs I think you are right Capbyrd, though in all honesty, the Tundra from 2002 did not seem much, if any bigger than the Dodge Dakota. I will say the bed length between those two trucks is quite different. 8.8 ft, (Toyota) vs 6.5 ft (Ford). My 2007 Tundra does not have a bed that long. It's more the size of the Ford.
  18. The Tundra was a bit smaller than a full-sized pickup until 2007. I actually was looking for an older Tundra with the 4.7 Liter V8, that was affordable, several years ago. I eventually gave up and went with a very clean 2007 with the 5.7 liter engine. That truck is significantly bigger than the 2006 and older Tundras, and has been a very good truck. But to be honest, I'm not sure that the 2007 and newer models are made as well as the 2006 and older models with the 4.7 Liter V8. I think those were beasts! I have a 2003 Sequioa with almost 300K miles that cannot be killed. I have almost 190k on my 2007, though, so we shall see how that one goes.
  19. Here is a better price. Smith & Wesson CSX 9mm - Black - 12 Round - Dance's Sporting Goods (dancessportinggoods.com)
  20. Reminds me of a polymer framed 1911, without the grip safety. A Star PD comes to mind.
  21. I've had both Marlins and Winchesters in 30-30 and really now regret selling both off. Even old Revelations and Ted Williams have gone through the roof. Feel very fortunate that I got my Rossi M92 in .357, back in 2020 for around $500. They are unobtainable now.


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