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  1. Thanks for the write up on this. My dad, is not a gun person, but he wants a .22 LR revolver and I think this would be a good one for him.
  2. Men armed AK and AR pistols raided the Motel 6 on Syacmore View Rd and killed a man, shooting him multiple times. Criminals are arming themselves better and better. Men armed with assault rifles raid motel, killing one (msn.com)
  3. Give it a couple of years and they might recall that DA like SF did. Once crime starts getting out of hand, people wise up.
  4. Oops! Quoted the wrong post... Sorry about that!
  5. Moped


    You sure come up with fun little projects! Hogs and elephants!
  6. Congratulations!
  7. Moped


    No. Just the standard TX22. Oh and I’ve run Aguilla HV 40 gr through too. So far zero malfunctions after about 600 rounds.
  8. I’d be shocked if this made it to a vote in the Senate.
  9. Thinking about ordering one of these! Wish someone carried them somewhere around Knoxville or Chattanooga!
  10. Moped


    Haven’t found mine to be picky, but I’ve only put Federal Auto Match, Punch (which it LOVES) and some old Olin White Box.
  11. Sure looks that way! Hard to believe this is entrapment. Too many guns over several different dates. I believe he knew what he was doing.
  12. Well, this isn't good! The BATF and New York City Police Department have arrested a 70 year old Blountville man for selling a large quantity of firearms, that were moved to New York City. He operated as a private vendor at the RK Gun Shows, here in Knoxville. https://www.yahoo.com/news/private-vendor-charged-illegally-selling-200954764.html
  13. Moped


    Oh I wouldn’t hesitate to carry it. I just have others I like better. I’m not a Taurus snob. I hike with a 627 Tracker .357. The ones I’ve had, have been good guns. This is my second G2. I also have TX22 that a blast to shoot!
  14. Moped


    I have a G2 that's been reliable too, but it's house gun for my youngest.
  15. Moped


    Is anyone using one as a carry gun?
  16. Moped


    The prices on the Caniks have been steadily going up, since they were first introduced. Used to be you could buy one for under $300, but I've noticed that price has risen to around $500 or more. And they are adding some good options now, like a RDS. I've been interested in the Caniks for sometime now, just haven't pulled the trigger yet. Turkish arms seems to have taken a good foot hold in the U.S. I currently have two Turkish made clones. One is the SDS U.S. Army 1911a1 and the other is a Tisas Fatih 13, a Beretta 81 clone. I like them both! I am also considering a Girsan MC312 shotgun and a M35 (Hi-Power clone), if I can find one.
  17. Those are the reasons I don’t open carry either.
  18. You can buy a bluetooth radio transmitter. I have one in my truck, that I bought from Amazon. Works great for streaming music. This is the one I bought, https://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-FM-Transmitter-Wireless-Adapter/dp/B07F2RTN5Z/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3H6W9UUJFYM6E&keywords=bluetooth+car+adapter&qid=1658858096&sprefix=bluetooth%2Caps%2C244&sr=8-4
  19. Those are all nice, but you can't beat an Opinel No. 7, 8 or 9 for simplicity or weight. Those three get you in that 3 to 3.5" blade length. They also lock and weight just under 2oz. They are also available in either carbon or stainless steel and are easily sharpened to scary sharpness. And all three can be had for under $20. https://www.opinel-usa.com/collections/opinel-pocket-knives
  20. At some point, we are going to be subscriptioned to financial ruin, though. This is not a trend I like at all. Example, we cut the cable a couple of years ago for a substantial savings. That's been creeping back into cable territory as subscription rates have crept up over the last two years. And yes I know it's our choice, but is it really? As for what I want on a car, well I can be pretty basic. I don't need a lot of whistles and bells. A radio, AC/heat, adjustable mirrors and a comfortable seat, go a long way. Also enough engine and transmission to pull my trailer comfortably, is all I ask for from a truck. Don't care about an onboard GPS, hotspots, or connected service to someone in New Delhi, so they might not make as much money on me as they hope.
  21. It depends on firearm I am carrying, my clothing and how I feel that day. I typically carry on my right hip, in either a IWB kydex holster or OWB. a Blackhawk, FOBUS or leather holster with retention. I know a lot of folks are not fans of FOBUS, but they have always worked well for me. I think the Blackhawks are much better though. I also use a pocket holster for my LCP Max on occasion. The only shoulder holster I have is for a 1911 and in the winter, I do use it on occasion. Never was much into boot carry or appendix carry, but I don't have a good holster for appendix carry.
  22. We won't be building anymore coal fire plants in the Tennessee valley Authority service area. Actually TVA is tearing them down. Bull Run is next on the chopping block and looks like it will go offline in late 2023 or early 2024. That will leave, Kingston, Gallatin, Cumberland and Shawnee coal plants. Cumberland and Kingston look to be next to go offline and be retired (full retirement by 2033 for both. The other Shawnee and Gallatin plants will be gone by 2035. The power that these remaining plants generate will be replaced by Combined Cycle Gas Turbine and Combustion Turbine Gas plants, solar farms and other green energy power plants. TVA is planning to bring on 10,000 megawatts of solar energy alone over the next ten years. Several farms have been built already, with studies ongoing for a bunch more. None of this top secret and all this infoirmation can be found on the internet after a cursory Google search. Now back to our topic at hand EVs.
  23. This is my experience as well. Do not be afraid of these little carbines. I've had two of them and both as been great as long as you use HP or Redball mags. My experience with the 15 round Promags, has been less than stellar though. Also mine have run with FMJ and premium SD ammunition.


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