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  1. No. He is just getting over it. He is back to work, but very fatigued. He is still planning to get the vaccine. He doesn't want to get this again.
  2. It seems to me that is too. And people aren't lingering in the hospital as long either. If it's going to get you, it seems to be much quicker. I have no evidence that it's true. It's just my opinion. I'm watching COVID Mu. This one could send us back to into lockdown again, if it's mutated such that the current vaccines are ineffective. But I would think, that the Scientists could probably come up with new version of the current vaccinations that counter it fairly quickly, now that they know more about it.
  3. He and I both agree with that. He was a medic in the Army and has a masters degree in Exercise Physicology and a second masters in Eduication. He felt that when he got it back in December, he was okay for a while. But at the end of August, so many were coming down with it at the school he teaches at, both students and facaulty, that he decided his luck was about to run out. He told me last week, he wouldn't wish this on Joe Biden! LMAO! I'm just glad he's getting better, though I am worried that he went back to work too soon. He's no spring chicken. He did beat it both time, but it kicked his ass for a week and a half, the second time. And he was not vaccinated either time! He told his wife he was going to go get the first Mederna vaccine the next week. That was on a Thursday. He came down with it, the second time, that weekend. Also, one doesn't have any protection from the vaccine, until a couple of weeks have passed. So if you decide to get the Mederna or Phizer vaccine, you will not be as fully protected, until five weeks after the first shot, assuming you have the second shot, 3 weeks later. Also, the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine is not near as effective as the other two.
  4. I have great friend of mine that's a teacher, that had COVID last December. It was minor. He didn't get the vaccine, relying on his antibodies. Two weeks ago, he decided he'd go the next week and get the Mederna. That weekend he came down with COVID again. He's struggled with it this time. He's back at work, but worn out all the time, no appetite, can't taste. He said this time it's really done a number on him.
  5. What about Michele Carringer? I noticed she didn't sign. I plan to contact her, but would like to know how she has voted in the past.
  6. While good news, the next nominee, will likely be just as bad or worse. Need to continue the fight!
  7. I'm sorry to hear this. Sending up prayers!
  8. Honestly, I'm not sure there is a gunsmith I trust with anything, around the Knoxville area. And I need some work done too.
  9. Moped

    New Gun!

    Congrats on the new rifle! That one will be fun to shoot!!!
  10. I read Yahoo, CNBC, CNN, FOX NEWS and surprisingly, the Drudge Report (who is not subservant to Donald Trump at all).
  11. I'm seeing more and more Turkish ammunition flooding into the U.S. If it's comparable to the quality of their firearms, then I think it will be good stuff. I have two Turkish made pistols and am very impressed with both of them! Their prices are starting to go up too, as more people find out about them. My next purchase will likely be a Beretta 92 knock-off they make. I suspect that this will be the new supply for those former Soviet Calibers everyone is really worried about. The Turks would be foolish not to jump all over this, as would the American companies that have ignored this for so long.
  12. Actually, I agree with this. A lot of things have happened that wouldn't have or shouldn't have in the name of COVID. One bad thing that is about to happen is that millions of people are going to potentially become homeless, because the Government told them they didn't have to make rent payments during that crisis, while at the same time giving them an additional $600 a week in unemployment. That additional unemployment would have paid their rent. What the Government failed to mention very loudly is that at the end of all this, all that rent that hadn't been been paying was going to come due. in the form of a lump sum payment.
  13. Praying for you too, friend!
  14. Praying for you both!
  15. Moped

    Coved Shots

    Those people are known as IDIOTS. My office has a bunch of old farts in it (so am I), so when someone comes to work sick, they endanger a lot of people there. And not just with COVID, but the flu or any other tranmissionable virus. My two cents, get the jab. If you aren't sure about the Phizer or Mederna vaccines, then go get the Johnson & Johnson. It's no different than the vaccines, you all got as a child. All three are easy to find in the Knoxville area. My wife got the Johnson & Johnson and our youngest, got the Phizer on Friday.
  16. One thing I don't see anyone touching on is sanitation. Take stock into what you need to for pooping and peeing? Even if you BUG IN, how are you going to handle the bathroom? If you are on a gravity sewer system, you are going to need water to flush with, on occasion. Older tiloets might take 7 gallons of water, while most newer models take 2 gallons or less to flush. Where is that water going to come from? What if there is no water in the tap? How ar you going to whip? Etc, etc, etc...
  17. Great price! Wish I were closer. GLWS!!!
  18. Can't believe it's not happening now. There's a ton of money to be made. All they have to do is find a middle man, in a allied country, to either buy it and resell it here, or sell them the components and let them manufacture it, them sell it. Could even run the factory for them.
  19. Too much money to be made right now. They will work something out, with a middle man somewhere.
  20. They'll get around it, by re-head stamping it and selling it to a middle man, who in turn will sell here. Look for it start coming from some place like Turkey or Finland or someplace like that.
  21. Moped

    Ruger LCP-Max

    Not gonna lie, .380 is hard to come by. Not sure anyone is making it in the US at the moment. They are too busy cranking out 9mm. I still catch .22 on sale at Walmart. It's usually Federal AutoMatch, for $17.99 for 325 rounds.


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