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  1. Like so many of these innocent-sounding good-idea efforts, the expanded interpretation and execution are where the problems arise. I’ve seen some proposed “safe storage” laws that came with some pretty onerous requirements including defacto registration of all firearms with local authorities, allowing unannounced inspections of your home to ensure compliance, separate storage of firearms from ammo, etc. Any law that tells you what you can or can’t do with your property is never as innocuous as the name they give it when trying to pass it.
  2. The reason that wildlife management came about.
  3. So they drove through the show on their forklifts and hoisted the displays out of the building right in front of everybody? Obviously I’m joking...the fact that they were forklift operators doesn’t at all explain the logistics of how they managed to remove the items from the show undetected. The point I’m trying to make is that I wish the newspaper article explained how they actually stole them.
  4. I didn’t see an explanation of how they stole them...or did I just miss it? How’d they get that much stuff out of the building? Since they worked there maybe they had afterhours access, or took them from crates as they they were being delivered. I hate stories that are short on factual details.
  5. i1afli

    New job

    Great idea. The Uber drivers I’ve used all love it. Good luck.
  6. I’d say so...now that you mention it the short-barrel does appear to have a hammer. Good eye!
  7. Exactly. It was definitely laying harmlessly on the floor until he grabbed it. Yet every time the news shows it they say it fired when it hit the floor...because everyone knows that what guns do. Edit: I stand corrected...ABC News just showed, in slow motion, how it didn't discharge until he grabbed it.
  8. Universal background checks is the Trojan Horse...the end game is a gun registry to facilitate eventual confiscation. The only way to implement and enforce UBC (ensure nobody is selling without a UBC) is for the Gubment to know what everybpdy owns.
  9. Seems like quite a stretch to say that the right to assemble/gather or free speech means that a child can walk out of school whenever they want to “express themselves”. Your citatations deal with forms of expression while attending school or school-related events...nothing about a “right” to leave school whenever, which essentially means they’re excused from school.
  10. +1 Those numbers are exact opposite of what I would have expected. Very surprising.
  11. Every politician, Repub and Democrat, is just looking for an excuse to take away our 2nd amendment rights.
  12. I stopped shopping there when the Dicks in W. Knoxville stopped selling guns a few years ago.
  13. I saw him in Neyland Stadium when I was a kid back in the early 70’s (I think)...was pretty bored with it...just too young to appreciate it.

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