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  1. You can download fillable pdf forms from the CMP website and pre-fill them out and take them with you, but I don’t think they will approve anything until you buy something, but I may be wrong. The most difficult requirements for most people to meet are the live-fire training (can be met with CC permit or hunting license that requires live fire) and the associated club membership (ORSA or Garand Collecters Association will meet that)...you can join GCA online, print the receipt and take it with you. Just be sure to doublecheck the paperwork requirements and take it all with you...along with a lot of money or a credit card with plenty of “room” on it.
  2. Selection has been really good lately, and yes it’s worth the trip. GO!
  3. The rear sight ears have been ground (grinded ?) off so you can’t put a Garand rear site on it.
  4. This is my concern as well...liquidity. I bought gold eagles and silver eagles a few years ago just to get into the precious metals game and to have an investment to hold in my hand. I bought them through Apmex.com and they ship them directly to your house. They will repurchase them at any time at a slight discount from the spot price that changes daily, and people buy/sell them on eBay as well, but in both of those cases you have to put the coins in the mail and arrange for payment. Local “gold buyer” shops will also buy them but, like you said, that would be a negotiation and I expect it would be about like selling something to a pawn shop...not a good price for the seller. In a SHTF situation I think the smaller weight coins or bars like 1/10 oz and 1/4 oz would be more practical than the 1 oz or larger sizes.
  5. Thanks for the info. And I agree 100% with that last statement as we all know that gun laws don’t stop those intent on murder.
  6. Media is talking about a “loophole” in the gun laws that allowed this non-citizen to legally purchase a firearm, but they aren’t actually explaining it (no surprise). Is this true? What are they talking about?
  7. i1afli


    Why would it ever be a problem which of those boxes were checked when you bought it? Since it was an in-state purchase it had absolutely no bearing on whether you could legally purchase it. If authorities show up at your door asking you to prove that you built it into the configuration checked in a box on a 4473 then there’s a lot more going on...like a registration process.
  8. Its all about the demonizing of guns. They’re teaching the younger generation to recoil at the mere sight of a gun and to associate guns with evil.
  9. They're reporting now that shooter failed a background check when trying to buy a gun so he went and bought one through a private transaction which, of course, does not require a background check. Exactly the situation that the media and anti-gunners have been waiting for. Media is already sticking microphones in Republican politicians faces and asking when they are going to do something and institute MBCs.
  10. Like so many of these innocent-sounding good-idea efforts, the expanded interpretation and execution are where the problems arise. I’ve seen some proposed “safe storage” laws that came with some pretty onerous requirements including defacto registration of all firearms with local authorities, allowing unannounced inspections of your home to ensure compliance, separate storage of firearms from ammo, etc. Any law that tells you what you can or can’t do with your property is never as innocuous as the name they give it when trying to pass it.
  11. The reason that wildlife management came about.
  12. So they drove through the show on their forklifts and hoisted the displays out of the building right in front of everybody? Obviously I’m joking...the fact that they were forklift operators doesn’t at all explain the logistics of how they managed to remove the items from the show undetected. The point I’m trying to make is that I wish the newspaper article explained how they actually stole them.
  13. I didn’t see an explanation of how they stole them...or did I just miss it? How’d they get that much stuff out of the building? Since they worked there maybe they had afterhours access, or took them from crates as they they were being delivered. I hate stories that are short on factual details.
  14. i1afli

    New job

    Great idea. The Uber drivers I’ve used all love it. Good luck.

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