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  1. I'd buy one in a heart-beat if they were chambered in something with a bit more oomph! I don't have a use for anything chambered in .410, however I'd really dig one chambered in .45-70, of course the cylinder would need to be massive as @#$%^ to accomidate the pressure.
  2. IMHO it'd be hard to beat a Colt Combat Commander chambered in 9mm.
  3. I've got about 350 or so flawless rounds through my LCP, the majority of them were Remington FMJ bulk stuff but I made sure at least 100 were Remington's Golden Sabers (my carry rounds) to check reliability. Thankfully I've never had a problem with my LCP because I'd really be pissy if my LCP started giving me cause to question it, I love the little freaking thing ... it goes everywhere with me.
  4. Agreed, they are superbly designed handguns, as long as they are kept clean that is, only real flaw is the exposed toggle action. They do feel great in the hand, easily in the top 10 of my favorite handgun designs, $1,200 is a reasonable asking price if it's in good shape & has the "regime" stamps on it, I'd probably offer $1000 & see if he'll bite on that.
  5. I've never gone, watched a TV show that expose'd that place about 10 years ago so that sort of killed my curiosity for the place. Anyway as far as BBQ I typically make my own, mostly because if I try to eat BBQ I end up wearing half of it, so I will order something less messy off a resturant's menu. If I ever shave off my beard I'll have to go try some of these places though.
  6. We also deep-fried up a batch today, I almost saute'd them in some butter but I changed my mind while cleaning & trimming them.
  7. Meh, the administration of forums like this isn't easy, especially when folks are constantly discussing topics in which emotions can sometimes get in the way of reason. It is a fine line to walk, if the moderation is heavy-handed folks will be reluctant to engage in discussions, prehaps stiffling important discussions that need to be discussed. If there is little to no moderation the discussions become more arguementitive, some folks may even become abusive towards other folks for not sharing their opinion(s) also causing reluctance to engage in discussions, prehaps even stiffling important discussions that need to be discussed. I certainly wouldn't volunteer to baby-sit this bunch of misfits :)
  8. I'd like to see the whole NFA be repealed, it is just another example of unConstitutional prohibitionist piece of "victimless crimes" legislation, passed only because bedwetters had enough votes to pass it. Granted criminals like Machinegun Kelly, Babyface Nelson, Bonney & Clyde, etc were murderous villians, but their bodycount(s) probably would not have changed one single bit just because another set of laws were added to "the books" making their murderous, criminal rampages even more illegal than they already were.
  9. I eat all three, however I typically eat more oats than grits or cremed wheat though, mostly because I make my own energy/trail-bars with rolled oats so I usually keep quite a bit of Quaker rolled oats on hand.
  10. Hypocrisy at it's finest. You have to tolerate us & our beliefs, but we sure as hell ain't going to tolerate you & your beliefs.
  11. I could write a book on this topic man, multiple surgeries, years of physical rehab, yea it's not a lot of fun.
  12. Yea it appeared pretty mangled, I was less concerned about that particular reciever or even PlumCrazy recievers in general than I am the potential for this "new standard" being applied to other brands & types of firearms though, because I can't think of any brand or model of firearm that has ever been manufactured that could pass that ridged of a test standard.
  13. I would hope that is not the case, as a citizen or group of citizens simply expressing a desire to be "free from over regulation" is sort of guaranteed by our 1st Amendment. However we've seen the rapid erosion of of various other Amendments, so maybe the 1st is due some creative judicial modifications, ya know so it doesn't feel left out or anything. :)
  14. Maybe that'll be what happeens, my gut-feeling says that it would take a serious disruption in the everyday survival of a substantial number of people before protests began on any sort of meaningful level, let alone angry mobs tossing bottles & rocks like in Europe, Americans seem to be fairly content, disgruntled but content to wait & see what happens (hoping that things turn-around basically).
  15. It's the standard that is being applied that is absolutely absurd & it could be applied to any other firearm ever manufactured ... so potentially every single firearm in the United States which could have their serial numbers obliterated "in one minute with hand tools" fails to meet that ridged standard. I don't trust poly lowers, never have even thought about owning a poly lower since the Carbon-15 fiasco, but this is beyond stupid, this is potentially serious trouble as they go down the list invalidating the legality of this model & that model, which ever they want it applied to essentually,


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