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  1. Holy necropost Batman! So I managed to get the 9MM suppressed sub gun done before the wife said I had to quit spending money other than sending the can off for cerakote. Also reflexed my rifle can so the whole thing is a whole 30 inches long.
  2. I feel like necro-posting tonight. Been a while since I've been around, but deployments will do things like hamper your ability to be lazy on the internet. One thing they help with however is wantonly spending money. So I bought some things. Mainly these. Adams Industries Sentinels and a DBAL I2 IR/IR. Also a large pile of gun parts to build a couple new guns and suppressors. Gonna be happy, fun, blackedout, blasty time when I get home next month. :drool:
  3. So the real question is, gonna take your mom seriously now?
  4. Just dropped another for another F1 suppressor.   Wife is NOT gonna be happy. lol
  5.   I'm about 90% complete on parts for a 5.5in 9mm SBR "for the wife."   All I need is a LPK, and the suppressor parts.
  6. So I figured out what I want my gun to be.   12.5in 5.56 SBR, thinking about a side charging upper, UCIW stock, SLR Solo 9in rail, F1 reflex QD suppressor.   Still trying to decide what optic, I may throw the 1-4 I have on it and put something else on the 11.5.   Oh, and dropped 2 more stamps for the cans. :rock:
  7. I didn't even notice that Mark was holding an axe! :rofl:   Filmed in the wonderful small town of Leiper's Fork, where the banjos come after you!
  8. I had an English class with Khaled last semester.   He seemed like a good dude, but the Saudi kids are kinda hit or miss personality wise.
  9. Call Tony or Ryan at Maximus Arms in Franklin.   We did lots of transfers from individuals, just gotta talk to him first.
  10. The Sig-Brace ruling had a lot to do with Form 1 wait times going up rapidly, and the ever present threat of 41P looming hasn't helped either.   So I'm throwing money at Form 1s while I'm overseas, since the wait won't matter as much since I can't touch things I want to build. lol
  11. I've got an AK receiver at the house that I've been considerinf building into a Draco. First I have to get the rails fixed, and the find out if I can even build it into what I want.
  12.   Right now Form 1 and Form 4 are taking about the same amount of time if you use a trust. So, in proper fashion, get both.
  13. I moved there after redeploying in 2013, started school in 2014.   And I know the feeling. Bills got paid, but no money for extra shit like Form 1's. But now I'm in a tax free zone with Haz pay, so I've got enough coming in to play and still save a good chunk.
  14.   But dat GI Bill.   And this is why I need to log in more often, a fellow shooter, vet, Boro resident, and student. How have we not run into one another?
  15. I'm pulling together parts for a 9mm SBR.   Anderson lower, PSA mag block, Macon Armory 5.5in upper with 10in Evo rail, LWRC UCIW, and will have a 6in 9mm can on it.   Gonna be pimp.


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