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  1. ok thanks for the info. Anyone hunt the Charlotte Anne Finnel Neal WMA? I beleave it's Archery only.. 
  2. I'm running short on places to hunt this year. The place i have hunted in the past is unsure. The guy is very hard to get in with so am looking into hunting wmas around polk county. Anyone no how these place or as for as people? Is there a lot of people and traffic at these places?
  3. I did notice that Hamilton Place Mall Chattanooga is posted. I could be wrong but i have never noticed it before? Must be a mall thing going around :0/ I NEVER will be back, but got me thinking, i never saw a sign on Red Robin door. Would you be able to carry there? there is not a door to the mall from Red Robin?
  4. well that would be a lot of extra shots just for fun.  :up:
  5. this was REM. and it was at Benton Shooters. I still go to range but I am a little more easy on the trigger. shoot more of my reloads 38s. only have 2 boxes  of 223 before i hit my stash and just got a new scope so i guess 50 to sight in and 50 to have fun with till everything is back to normal . 
  6. box of 500 22lr rounds for $100 never thought the day i would see this   
  7. my wife' s family owns one but I have never went down
  8. and, i got a Rock River, they sold out of all ARs at one point. Now all they have seems to be Rock River.. It was my thinking that Rock River takes months from order to shipment . I might be wrong but what i thought. If this is the case, then they would have held some ARs to put the price hike on?
  9. i do understand the biz part of the price hike, but to raise the price buy this much? the same $1095.99 AR i got a few weeks ago is now over $3000. Just don't sound right.. I think you can price your self out of biz..
  10. I won't buy there but i would think the people who work there is not the ones who raised the prices.. That would be the owner i would think. It just really pisses me off the more i think about this. I would not mind buying there in the passed cause i was thinking of it as i'm helping the mom and pop stores.. BUT this is too for i think. Even reloading, the primers or up 50% or more!! I just don't no where to go for my gun needs now.. I HATE WALMART and not a fan of any of the box chains
  11. I am kinda upset about this and not sure if i should be.. I got another (Rock River AR) the Monday after the shootings in Connecticut and 4 boxes .223. At that time the AR i got was just over $1000. and the .223 was $23 a box. 4 days later and i was at bass pro shop talking to some people waiting for the store to open. They was there looking to buy an AR or looking for .223. Some drove hours to get there. I was shocked cause last i thought was the ar MIGHT be ban but nothing on the 223 round. BUT they was telling me that it was all but gone. Now after going in and having the man at counter telling me good luck on finding .223 rounds i left and headed to Benton shooters.The ARs was about $200 more across the board and ammo was up about 50%.. 30 round mags was up from $13 to $25.. People was in there waiting hours for back ground checks and ARs was walking out a few at a time. Some was buying 3 even 5 at one time.. (from what i could see,could be wrong)Anyway, i went ahead and got a few more boxes of .223 and was shocked they went up to $40 a box. Now, after looking at other stores and seeing NO ammo at all i started thinking i should see if Benton Shooters had any left.. WOW!! What a sticker shock.. They had a few ARs in stock but some was more than $1000 up!! and the .223 boxes was $60!! 30 round mags was $50!! I can see why there the only one around who still has these..I like the people who work there so i will still be going but i think i won't be buying from there even after all this blows over.. and sorry about the spelling but i very bad at it. I'm not stupid, just can't spell :0)
  12. looking for a place to hunt next year. has anyone any info or a member with info on this lease? thanks
  13. went out this morning for few hours. nothing moving, nothing at all. Then went out this evening, nothing moving, nothing at all. Guess there is always tomorrow. congrats on the deer. nice one
  14. I'm looking forward to tomorrow .. Even though i have not been seeing any signs of deer around here :0/ still looking forward to going sit in the stand ..
  15. the main reason i got mine was i live in town on 10 acres that has a LOT of deer traffic and can't use a gun. I like it so much i use it on the 50 acres i also hunt.

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