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  1. Unfortunately, I'm about to go into some real contact and this stuff seems as a Fantasy land. Sounds like what someone dreamed about who has never actually been there. One reason I don't care for "trainers".
  2. The Zenith and Insignia are the only boxes out there that have the Gen 5 chips. That mostly helps with multi-path problems. I had that problem on analog. No problem now. Both boxes are essentially the same. Made by LG. I'd recommend either of those. None of the others. I'm using the Insignia. but researched it a LOT before buying (if you couldn't tells).
  3. Sorry the folks in Knoxville are bigger idiots than in the rest of us in the region. The other regions were idiots too, but too less an extent. Gas here was always available for $3.99 (8% above pre-panic)
  4. I'm certain we both were. But even in that state, she could easily tell length before the event.
  5. Well, sometimes there is isn't much difference in a half or full cock.... So I'm told.
  6. I started to begin a topic on cigars, bit since I'll be scarce around here, after tomorrow, for some stuff, I thought I'd re-start this topic. No thunderstorm today, but we did have some showers last night. 0.22 inches. Anyway, I've been enjoying the porch and some cigars. Re-discovered my father's old Spanish cigar case in the curio case. It is now back in action. It will hold four Panatellas very nicely. Temps are now back where they should be, in the mid 70s. Might be a few showers this evening. I've gotten back into cigars a little. Knew all about them in the 70s. Dutch Masters used to have a real candela wrapper in some of their cigars. Looks like all of them are tobacco paper today. That's not horrible but it doesn't add anything to the cigar. Looks like you have to go to Garcia y Vega for a cheap....err....reasonably priced real wrapper cigar today. Tobacco paper may be better.... Any way, I'm enjoying my cigar on the cool porch this evening with a nice rum and coke. I highly suggest the combination. Rum and cigars just go together.
  7. He's the one with the full cock????
  8. Marswolf


    OH MY. Gasoline went up!!!!! In my local market it went up from about $3.68 before the mindless panic to $3.99 today. A whole 31 cents!!! :panic: That's 7.8%. And virtually all of that was caused by mindless and misinformed (at best) panic. Meanwhile oil has dropped below $100 per barrel. 10 oil rigs -roughly 5% of the gulf rigs- were "destroyed"). Fewer than the oil companies expect. (Graphic from a previous storm) Refineries have planned-for electric power backup (they know WTF they are doing), but I did see two power company convoys on the interstate yesterday to help the general region. US companies had already ordered refined gasoline from their international affiliates before this event (again, they know WTF they are doing). This is very short term. There is, and never was, a shortage as long as hundreds of thousands of fools didn't have to have a full gas tank. I have a half tank of gasoline and I'll buy again after the prices fall. The only company around the area I traveled yesterday that might look like a gouger was Pilot. But I suspect their buyers panicked too and bought wholesale gasoline way above a reasonable wholesale price. So they weren't gouging either. They thought everyone else was going to run out of gasoline and so got ripped by their suppliers. In short, they are going to get burned. They can't sell gasoline for $1 more than their competition. Memo: Sell Pilot stock. They have idiot buyers. BTW, we have no Pilot stations in our area. So, rant against the wind if you like. It was basically a two day problem caused by consumer stupidity. Local stations will sell their overpriced gasoline in a few days and things will settle down until the next consumer insanity. I did wait in line for about 10 minutes on Friday, and paid $3.99, because I absolutely had to go to Cookeville and back yesterday. It wasn't panic but reality. A tank would get me there, but not back. I wasn't sweating it. If I hadn't had to make that trip, I would have waited until later this week to get gasoline.
  9. Marswolf


    I see it as a convenience - should I ever need it - which in all probability I won't. If I could have postponed my trip for a couple of weeks avoiding the nutso panic of this week, it would have cost me, in all probability nothing additional. But storing "emergency" gasoline is a somewhat costly, potentially dangerous, and needless hassle I choose to avoid. Even during the sorta-real gasoline shortages of 1973, I could always get gasoline, and the problem with shortages even then was caused by panic hoarding. There ain't gonna be no real gasoline shortages. We may have to enforce gas refills only to 1/2 tank or gas stamps like in WWII, but there is plenty of gasoline. But if it makes you feel good to have 150 gallons of emergency gas on hand, then go for it. Just don't expect me to agree that it makes any sense.
  10. Marswolf


    Well, if you really know what you are doing, you really don't need ammo either. Your stored ammo becomes my arsenal - should I need it.
  11. Marswolf


    I'll sell you a real WWII military "Jerry Can" for $50. Rotation is the key and rotation has to be much faster these days than before. It's a hassle and can actually cost you money. This latest fiasco, according to my calculations has cost me a whole $6.02 in additional costs and that is only because I absolutely had to make a 434 mile round trip today that I wouldn't have made normally. And that's not figuring $2.80 worth of Stabil per your calculations if I had drawn from my "emergency" stores. That brings the extra cost down to $3.22. You really think storing gasoline is worth saving that amount of additional cost? No thanks. I'll pay as I go and not go through the storage hassle and danger. In a real survival situation, I don't need any gasoline anyway. Maybe the cost would be better spent on training?
  12. Marswolf


    Good grief. Which Amendment includes the right to cheap gasoline? From what I hear, the three states with this "problem" are TN, NC and SC. Those are the three states where folks believed the Internet rumor that Ike was going to cause gasoline shortages and panicked. Demand went sky-high and prices did what they are supposed to do - they went up too. If you waited in a line to buy gasoline at higher prices on Friday, then you caused the thing you are bitching about. Go look in a mirror to see the BG. I just got back from a trip to Cookeville. No lines today. Most places were around $4 with the notable exception of Pilot that was at $4.99. I didn't fill up there, and bet few other folks did either. Stockpiling gasoline is not a good idea. The stabilizer helps - and adds significant cost. The Heptane in the gasoline evaporates and causes problems, not just the varnishes and gums that form. Additionally, gasoline with alcohol in it is hydrophilic (loves water) and will produce difficulties within a couple of weeks, especially for the cheaper stuff. If you are going to stockpile anyway, do it with the high octane stuff. Also do it with winter mixtures. The winter blends have more Heptane.
  13. Well, I've already had a full day. Had to run to Cookeville this morning and just got back. Stopped for some beer and cigars. Planned to get Guinness Extra Stout, but they had Budweiser Select on sale at Ingles, so I'm trying that. I'm chilling the beer in the freezer and plan to get mostly naked, go drink about six beers and smoke a couple of Dutch Master Panatellas on the porch in 89 degree heat - and just generally feel sorry for myself.
  14. I don't think any of the spyware/virus checkers could detect these problems. Personally, I think the whole Chrome application should be detected and shut down. They force the Google cookie on you, even if you tell it not to. It phones home with your ID. You can't kill JavaScript, so who knows what is being sent there from any given page. Its advantages are that it is fast and crashing one tab doesn't lock up the whole browser. But the speed advantage disappears in Firefox 3.1. Since Chrome is open source, Firefox should be able to add any of Chrome's feature pretty rapidly.
  15. http://www.abelssoft.net/unchrome.php This little application found my ID even though I have uninstalled Chrome. Looks like Chrome has some nice features but at the cost of being a big spyware engine. Also looks like Firefox 3.1 will be just as fast without Big Brother Google looking over your shoulder.


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