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  1. CZ9MM

    Sacha's "Who is America?"

    Some of them are just plain funny.
  2. I'll do $40 + Shipping, or $40 locally. I am 99% sure this is the "1st Gen" scale. I've used it for a number of years, it has worked great, never "lost connection", and has tracked me losing weight over the previous three months. However, I decided to purchase a scale from Nokia instead, formally "Withings". The reason? 1st and foremost, their app syncs with Apple Healthkit within finagling. Secondly, it may be interesting to track pulse, I'm not sure. But, keep in mind the Fitbit I'm selling still tracks weight and "Body Fat Percentage", even though that percentage is largely questioned by many regarding its accuracy. I will say though, over the course of losing 22lbs, the "BFP" has slowly decreased over time so it is relatively accurate and worth something I suppose. Here is pricing for the 1st Gen: Link ($118.99) Here is pricing for the 2nd Gen: Link ($99.95) The 1st gen should be cheaper than the newer one, however you know the way supply works and "new old stock". There wouldn't be any reason to pay more for the 1st gen when you can get the 2nd cheaper. I just linked both of them to give an approximation of what these things cost. Will ship via USPS Priority. Overall, the scale looks new generally speaking. Of course wear and tear will be somewhat apparent, but there isn't anything major. If anyone cares, I'll take a picture.
  3. There are two extremes. One is clearly detailed in this article; The other extreme is those that do not leave their home city because everywhere else is "unsafe". I hope I"m closer to the middle, but fear I'm probably more cautious that that. I'm not telling anyone how to live their life, but I do think people should be carefree enough to enjoy reasonable travels. However, any reasonable person should be able to observe that traveling through ISIS territory as these did would be foolish. The couple in the linked article were too idealistic, too naive, and probably too attention seeking. They wanted to be able to claim on social media, to friends and family, etc that they were the ones that went and "proved" that ISIS/Radical Islam was not a problem. Well, they made the news alright. I do feel sorrowful for them. It doesn't sound like they were bad people, had bad intentions, etc; They just had a different world outlook and died because of it. Hopefully their deaths are not in vain, hopefully someone with a similar viewpoint to theirs will see this and reconsider certain viewpoints.
  4. CZ9MM

    Stan England introduction

    Greetings! Perhaps you'd like to become a Vendor here at TGO? If so, contact @TGO David for details. Posting your website in the first post on TGO seems dangerously close to me in terms of advertisement.
  5. CZ9MM

    ad closed CZ 2075 Rami BD

    Back when I carried a P-01, I always wanted one of these. This is exactly how I'd want it, too (BD). Very good luck with this!
  6. CZ9MM

    New (to me) Scam!

    I have had great luck with the "International Shipping Program" that eBay offers. You ship the item to eBay themselves (the location is in Kentucky, so it's even close!), the fill out customs forms, etc and ship it overseas to the buyer. You only pay for the shipping to get it to Kentucky, the buyer pays eBay directly for the international shipping. If you do it this way, I think eBay removes the option for the buyer to claim "item not received" because eBay sends and tracks it. Again, most sellers would never fall for the above scam. But if someone was a new seller, I could see them panicking and sending to the address in the message because they really, really wanted to make the buyer happy. That doesn't mean all of these mail forwarding services are scams or only scams. Could legitimately be used, or could of course be used for scams. When I called eBay, she seemed very pleased that I reported this guy. She took a few moments off the line to type up some report or something, and then came back and thanked me. His account showed banned just a few hours later. Yeah, it sort of took me by surprise as well. They were smart about it, in the sense that he selected the item in the message so the message titled was literally "x member sent you a message about item y". Then, in the message, eBay referred to him as "the buyer", because apparently when a buyer contacts a seller they always refer to them as "the buyer". That wording alone could throw you for a huge loop. Ultimately, as long as someone always goes through the same motions of going to the selling tab, selecting the "Ship this Item" button, and not changing the address in PayPal, they'll always avoid this scam. However, it does serve as a warning to verify usernames when replying to messages. I had responded to the fake buyer before I realized he wasn't even the buyer.
  7. CZ9MM

    New (to me) Scam!

    For some reason I find delight in learning about scams. Well, I am rather quite aware of how most of them work. However, today there was a new one that I had never seen before but in reality it is genius. I was selling a MacBook Pro on Ebay via an auction. One thing I noticed throughout the entire 10 days it was up was that 2-3 different "high bidders" were brand new with zero feedback and located internationally. One or two of them were in the "Russian Federation" and one of them was in the Dominican Republic. Well, I decided not to worry about it unless one of those people won the item. Today, the auction ended and I noticed the buyer was located in the United States! I was very happy about this and didn't think anything else of it. About 5-10 minutes after the auction, I received a message via Ebay from the buyer. Here it is in it's entirity: hey thank you so much for the auction. please make sure that it will be packed carefully cause I don't want it to get damaged while transit. thank you again and good luck! Here is the address! Name: Giorgi NarsiaAddress : 8 McCullough Dr. U170248City: New CastleState: DEZIP: 19726Country: USA My first thought was "oh crap", this is going to be a problem transaction. I responded, politely, telling him that I would of course package it appropriately, told him he needed to pay for the item before he shipped it, and that I would only ship to the address listed on the PayPal account for the transaction (for those that do not know, if you do not ship to the address in PayPal it is unlikely PayPal or Ebay would do anything to help you as the seller. Always, always, always ship to the PayPal address). I thought about it a bit after sending, and thought that I'd just check the listing to see what address the buyer had, hoping that the buyer would have that above address as their PayPal address. If that were the case, then it wouldn't be a big deal, right? Well, this is when I briefly got very confused. I noticed that the member that sent me the above message was listed as "Russian Federation". This couldn't be, I had already celebrated that an American had won the auction! I clicked onto that member closer and saw that he had zero feedback! I was confused. Did the original buyer cancel the auction because they changed their mind, and Ebay defaulted to the second highest bidder (possible). No, giii-0 (the member who sent me that message) had nothing to do with my auction, period. The person who actually won the auction is in California:) What giii-0 did was "watch" my auction, just like anyone can. Then, as soon as it was over, he sent me the above message. I suspect he sends a message similar to that to dozens or more members a day as soon as their auction is over. If he sends it to 100 people and one person sends their product to the listed address, I'd say he did ok. I called and reported it to Ebay. Lets just say, he isn't a member anymore. https://www.ebay.com/usr/giii-0?ul_noapp=true The problem is that they will just create another "new" account, just as you can see he was a member for less than a month. Out of curiosity I googled that above address, it seems it is some sort of service that forwards packages out of the country, etc. In case anyone didn't read everything, here's what would have happened had I "blindly' followed that message. I would have shipped the MacBook Pro to that address, they would have forwarded it (likely to Russia). The original buyer would have claimed "Item not received" because I never actually sent it to the correct buyer. Ebay would have instantly taken the money from me and given it to the actual buyer. Russian scammer #95829 would have had a 100% free MacBook Pro, minus whatever small fee they have to pay to have things forwarded. I enjoyed learning about this time of scam, but sad that people likely fall for it.
  8. CZ9MM

    ad closed 2012 Chevy Impala

    The towel just cracked me up. A completely valid way to accomplish what you wish, and, I'm sure rather quite common before the days of personal computing and Photoshop.
  9. CZ9MM

    No Soda for You!

    https://thetakeout.com/man-fills-water-cup-with-soda-and-things-go-unnecessari-1828305245 My only question, how is it that they are charging him with a felony robbery charge? Is it because he allegedly assaulted the employee (kicking him) and/or because he resisted arrest/etc? I'm not saying the guy is innocent in any means (or smart), but isn't felony robbery a bit steep?
  10. CZ9MM

    Chicago ignores Risk Based Strategies

    Sorry, never see a racist gang? Go read into the Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings, Skinheads, etc.
  11. CZ9MM

    ad closed 2012 Chevy Impala

    Nice Photoshop work on that second picture...
  12. Price drop to $650 before I likely throw it on Ebay.
  13. This is a very nice full-frame digital camera Very clean 6D with low shutter count. Screenshot from ShutterCount app on Mac OS from today. All functions seem to work wonderfully so. Pictures make it look dustier than it is. Screen protector on back screen, I slightly peeled the screen protector up and it seems mint underneath. I can remove the screen protector to verify this for any serious buyer that wants, or I can simply leave it in place. That's up to you. Includes original OEM charger and battery. Includes RS-80N3 remote trigger $650 Shipped
  14. CZ9MM

    Selling resources for eastern TN

    Seriously, give it a shot. I think you'll see some cool stuff pop up in the Chattanooga area. Most members are willing to drive a bit for a transaction, so if you are open to driving to South Pittsburg to meet people from Nashville or conversely towards Athens to meet people from Knoxville, you've got most of the state covered.

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