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  1. I picked this up to try a mirrorless system. for what it is, it's great. It is very small, very light, and offers good images. However, it is not the Canon DSLR's that I've been so accustomed to over the years. To me, the menus seem backwards and confusing. For someone that hasn't shot a specific system for a number of years, perhaps it would be easier to pickup. Advantages? There are many advantages, in addition to those listed above, for choosing a mirrorless camera like this over a DSLR. For starters, typically (such as on this A6000), you aren't actually looking through the camera but instead looking at a tiny LCD screen when you look through the electronic viewfinder. This allows you to see menus and pictures through the viewfinder. This is very cool! You can also turn on focus peaking which will show you what is in focus by turning that part of the viewfinder a certain color. There are many other benefits and tradeoffs for a mirrorless camera. If you have literally never tried one, they are quite different. Some people love them, some hate them. You can also charge this camera simply buy plugging it into a USB charger. That's cool! So, what is for sale: Sony A6000 w/ Kit Lens ($548) Sony FE 28mm f/2 Lens ($448) Rokinon 12mm NCS CS E Lens ($316) Three Batteries (1 OEM, 2x Wasabi w/ Charger) I am asking $800 OBO for all. I will get pictures up soon. So, I do not have boxes for any of it, and I'm missing two lens caps. However, the glass and sensor are all in excellent shape. There is minor wear on the lenses as well as the camera itself. However, nothing bad at all, but it has indeed been used. I have decided not to keep this and would like to free up the cash within the next week. Hopefully it will sell soon, so please message me if you are the least bit interested.
  2. CZ9MM

    Anthony Bourdain Dead

    True, but the correlation goes both ways. People who have extreme emotional baggage/issues and are depressed/suicidal are more likely to abuse drugs.
  3. CZ9MM

    Youtube dropped Brownell's videos

    Duplicate threads on topic merged.
  4. CZ9MM

    High Shooting in Texas

    It is an interesting idea, but what happens when an anti-gun teacher reports anyone that is pro-gun? Or liberals report conservatives and vice-versa? I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, we just need to be careful with that direction.
  5. I have for sale/trade two Tascam Audio recorders. Both of them are 100% new in box. Either would be great for capturing high quality audio and/or video production use. Tascam DR-05 ($80 Shipped) Tascam DR-10SG ($110 Shipped) $175 for both, Shipped.
  6. I'll lower the price even further either one of two ways: Meet me in Cleveland or let me keep the tripod.
  7. Will ship for +$15 ($465 total) via PayPal Friends and Family.
  8. CZ9MM

    for-sale $50 Canada Gold Coin

    I'll give you $55 + shipping for it
  9. Well...might I suggest returning whatever you already purchased and buy this instead?
  10. For sale, all new in box: Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera Kit with EF-S 18-55mm and EF 75-300mm Zoom Lenses (Black) AmazonBasics 63-Inch Lightweight Aluminum Travel Tripod/Monopod with Bag $450 Shipped
  11. CZ9MM

    Polymer Cases

    I found an article very interesting in Guns & Ammo this month. The manufacturer of the topic is: http://www.truevelocityinc.com/ I immediately thought of weight savings in using polymer instead of brass casings, but something that did not occur to me is that weapons will operate cooler on the polymer casings. Brass transfers heat quite well, polymer doesn't. As such, when fired, once the casing is ejected, most of the heat goes with it. Of course the barrel will still get hot, but the brass will no longer directly transfer heat to the chamber and surournding parts. I found that interesting. Through their tests, an M134 minigun operates 20% cooler at the bore on these rounds. I am now convinced that polymer ammo will likely be the future of shooting, at least until we get ray guns. The article didn't mention anything about it, but I doubt that these casings can be reloaded. I'm sure there will always be a brass segment to the market for reloading, but if factory brass ammunition widely disappears, it will have to contribute to a rise in the cost of reloading. I'd like to buy a box of 5.56 from them, but I don't think they are selling commercially yet. I just think the rounds look cool, and I'd like to buy a box to keep just in case some flaw is found in the idea and never catches on.

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