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  1. I used to feel the same way but it is really hard. I just finished doing a complete overhaul on my first book yesterday and updating it with the help of my wife. I have seen some that are really bad, some that are okay, and some that have been professionally proofread and edited. Personally I would love to have my short stories proofread and edited professionally but I have been quoted at 10 cents per word and up for anyone worth paying, and even with a short story at 24,000 words I just can't afford to pay that.   I am very new to writing, though I've been reading for years and always wanted to take a shot at it, so I did. I knew if I'd had to wait and pay an editor and everything else I simply would have never published it. Book one did have quite a few errors that my eyes just don't seem to pick up when I try to edit my own work. My wife spotted something on nearly every single page so I'm thankful she helped. I imagine both books will still have some errors though and I just can't afford to have them done right. I think I've made about 6.00 on both books, lol but If I ever get the extra funds and can afford it I may try a professional editor at least once. 
  2. Awsome man thanks, and I look forward to any input you may have.
  3. I don't know if this is allowed or not "If not then please remove my comment, I dont want to go against the site rules" I've writen a couple books in this genre myself recently and published them on Amazon They're both short stories that intruduce the world and characters during and after a major solar CME event. I did sign them up for KDP select so if you have kindle unlimited they are free. Otherwise they are set at 2.99 as of today 4/16/2015 book two is free even without kindle unlimited due to the 5 day Amazon free promo. If anyone is interested in checking them out I'd be happy to hear your input These short stories are leading up to a novel I'm working on at the moment which should be out before long. I must warn you before reading that the books have strong language and violence. Also if you are a super stickler for grammer and punctuation etc. you will find some errors. The links to the books are below, just click the pics
  4. I am really Liking A Distant Eden series by Loyd Tackitt , Really good info and a fun story
  5. No duracoat cures on its own , its dry to the touch in 3 hours and good to put back together in 24 
  6. Yeah man this XD has been the absolute worst with swetty hands on a hot day at the range the grip tape is a must    The new XDMs and XDS's not so much , I also have an M&P 357 Sig and don't need it with that either but the XD is just slippery sometimes so I started using grip tape and after Painting it It is still just as slippery if not moreso So the Tape went back on
  7. LOL my bad I didnt realize it would come out that way :D oh well
  8. I have done duracoating before and sometimes it turns out great and other times not so much :yuck: It is also a good bit of work in prep and setup etc. therefore I was trying to find someone locally to do mine with a Good rep and good prices but really had no luck So I went ahead and bought the DuraCoat EasyWay Camo Kit (Urban MirageFlage) from Amazon and it came with everything needed Beleive it or not stencils are pretty High priced and this kit comes with a huge stack of them Also I use an airbrush instead of the sprayer so was able to keep a lot of the paint after this Job and still have a full bottle of black unopened I will use on a different Gun later. it came with 4 bottles of paint stencils spray cleaner/degreaser cheap brillo type pad bottle of hardener large bottle of reducer spray can kit ALL in all the purchase was a great buy seeing as I can still do at least 1 if not a few more guns with what I have left anyways below is the finished gun with The duracoat and my grip tape added "Love that stuff"
  9. Yours looks better than the other one I saw, it has the cut straight and just seems better to me. I still cant wait on watching your custom handgaurd Ideas 
  10. I just received my TPP Brake today Ill let you know how it goes when I get the chance to shoot it If its anything like the Mosin brake they make it should knock the recoil down to nearly nothing This brake on the mosin I shot made the Mosin go from a crazy hard recoil to almost nothing It is also fairly small in size It really isnt any longer than the M4 a2 flash hider they come with of course it is Wider but it is way smaller than my 4 pc bulgarian Flash Hider
  11. Nice man its great to see it coming along keep us updated 
  12. Maybe had you been at the engraver you may have saved a life instead ?....Food for thought but I know you had something on you and have to be more proficient with your firearm than some random nobody maybe you would've heard the hollering looked over and saw a gun waiving around and been able to save a life .....So maybe it would've worked out different . as for the Car. vehicles are so deadly its crazy, but your wife seems to have good sit. awareness and saved your Life :) lotta folks don't have good awareness on the road .and maybe Karma threw these test at you knowing you would pass rather than someone else who may have been killed :) ....But I am a glass is half full kinda guy, or at least try to be as often as  possible 
  13. Mother in Law may be getting a large amount of land "over 200 Acres" up there shortly "may be going to look at it this weekend"   I know they honor Tn. HCP , but how about other laws  any magazine regulations or any other regulations that would be good to know? how about loaded firearms in vehicle etc.?   If everything works out this may wind up being a sort of vacation retreat for me and my wife to put a small cabin on etc.  and would like to jump in feet first with knowledge on the Gun laws     
  14. Cant wait to see your creation, Your Pignose will be in the mail first thing in the A.M. thanks again very much.


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