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  1. Prayers for Bvarnell and family are on the wing, may he rest in peace.
  2. Congratulations!
  3. Wasn't there when I looked and made my post, glad they added it.
  4. Mall officials have publicly praised the "Good Samaritan". Liberals are challenging the use of the term "Good Samaritan". MSN.com has no mention of the incident. How telling.
  5. I'll take it. Message me to coordinate getting together.
  6. Don't mind at all. Before dark I caught a couple and lost a couple on a 200 series bandit craw pattern with a chartreuse belly. The water was pretty stained from the rain and run off. After dark we mostly Texas rigged under black lights using z-craws, speed craws, 6 or 8 inch zoom lizards and assorted worms 8-12 inches in length. Primary effective color for plastics has been green pumpkin. The past two weeks they have been holding on wood but I expect that to change soon. We didn't try points or ledges at all so I can't speak to that. We just worked the banks from 2 to 12 feet deep. June is typically a good month on Watts Bar.
  7. We caught 20 on Watts Bar this trip in same general mid lake area, mix of largemouth and small mouth. Largest was 4lb8oz. Fishing on Watts Bar isn't as good as it was years ago but it is still my choice of area lakes.
  8. Nephew and I went to Watts Bar, mid lake area, last Saturday night. Caught 22 mix of largemouth and smallmouth with the biggest being 6lb.9oz. Going back tonight.
  9. The saw you linked would be a decent one. I have to agree with Hozzie and say that you would also want a decent skill saw.
  10. I would pick the wrangler between those two...but to muddy the water just a little, I have an EAA Bounty Hunter single action revolver in .22 and .22 magnum. Very well built, shoots very nice and I chose it over the others. It does cost about a Franklin more.
  11. I have five "Hahn 45" CO2 cartridge powered single action BB revolvers from the 60's to early 70's vintage. All are functional and the last time I shot them they all sealed up tight at the cartridge. I will take $60 each or $250 for all five. That price leaves some meat on the bone. If shipped, I will need buyer to cover shipping cost at these prices. Thanks for looking.
  12. I have several original Fred Young Big O's and Fred Young Variants that I have had for many years. These have never seen water and the egg carton in the pics is from the period for these lures were originally stored in this back in the 70's. In the early 90's I purchased a collection of 277 Fred Young lures from a close friend of Mr. Youngs. It was a large sum of money and I told him at the time that I would have to sell most of them in order to keep a collection for myself which I did over time. He was OK with that but he would only sell the whole collection and would not sell me just one, so I bought the collection. These that I have listed are the ones I kept for myself and have admired over the years. It is time to let them go. If you are a serious collector you may have heard of but not seen some of these. First pic is of the collection as a whole which can be had for $4,500.00 I will put individual prices as well. If you are into lure collecting you will appreciate these, if not you will think I am absolutely crazy. There have been many articles written about Fred Young Big-Os. There has also been a lot of incorrect information distributed. Fred made lures for years before he ever started signing or numbering them. The numbering became a thing when the IRS took an interest. He also made several styles as seen here. "Big-O", Mr. Fred, Lil Fred, were handwritten under the bills long before he acquired the Big-O stamp. He was known to experiment of course, but most of the bills were cut from circuit board material and the finished lures were dipped in Targonal which was a hardwood floor coating that is no longer marketed. Thanks for looking and allowing me to ramble. Signed Big O - $600 Rattling Big O - $700 I had six of these but this is my last one. Fred made these by drilling a horizontal hole in the body and inserted a .22 casing with a shotgun BB in it then sealing the hole. These are hard to come by. Big Mo - Larger and longer version, also hard to come by. It was the only one in the collection. - $700 Pin Eye - The pin eyes were very early Fred Young baits, most were carved from cedar rather than balsa or pine. They are called Pin Eyes because Fred used Shirt pins with the little balls on them for the eyes. $600 Mr. Fred - The Mr. Fred is similar to the Rapala Shad Rap. They were marked under the bill as "Lil Fred" early and "Mr. Fred" in later production. $400 This is the Tiny Big O - This is the only one I have personally seen. I heard that there were three made without hooks as earrings and necklace set and one other. It is shown next to a quarter for size reference. $900 Then there is the Big-O Craw - $500 The last two are graduated smaller versions of the Big-O typically not seen. - $500 each By the collection and it will come wit the carton. Believe it or not, I sold egg cartons for $200 each to serious collectors who wished to display their collections in period and locale correct cartons.
  13. tacops


  14. Same here, small hole in the back with a rubber grommet and a dry rod, works great.
  15. The utmost in respect to you both.
  16. Knock when you get there...I'll open the door for ya
  17. tacops


    Milk sandwiches for everybody!!
  18. A few short years ago, this would have been funny to me.
  19. Merry Christmas folks, I pray 2022 proves to be a better year for all of us.
  20. tacops

    Proud Papa

    Congratulations to you both!
  21. My first effort with the scope after dark was a disappointment until I realized there was a "Day" mode and a "Night" mode. Once I switched to night mode I was pleased.
  22. I ordered the Wraith HD 2-16x28 due to the increased field of view at closer distances. It arrived today and I have just been out trying it for view and clarity. When I decided which version I wanted I went to order and it just happened that they went on sale at 20 percent off so I got it for 390.00 + tax. I realize this is a budget unit in the world of night scopes but I am very pleased so far. Once adjusted, 25 to 150 yards is very clear and it appears that it would exceed that with no problem. The supplied IR light worked fine for this range but I also have another more powerful weapon mount IR if needed sometime. I plan to mount it and sight it in this week. I hope TN adopts night hunting for yotes so I can justify going thermal down the road. My Boston is doing well and will get a lot of stitches out in about a week. I also learned during my vet visits that "Hydro Therapy" is an expensive term for rinsing with warm water.
  23. That hits hard right in the feels in so many ways.
  24. I have decided that I need want a Ruger PC Carbine in 9mm. If you are in the Knoxville or surrounding area and have one you wish to part with, just message me price and details. Thanks.


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