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  1. I can't count the amount of rattlers I've encountered grown up but I don't think I've ever been in a 'rattlesnake situation' before... ≠ gang sign FTR.
  2. That looks way nicer and less hide holes for snakes and rodents.
  3. On one hand I agree and wouldn't cry to see him 'choke on a fish bone' or what have you, on the other hand I fear for his people far worse than anyone outside his little fantasy land. He could, sure enough put some hurt on, especially in SK, but he won't. I have no idea what his capabilities are for hitting infrastructure, but I won't loose a moment of sleep over it. Any move on his part at this point means a vicious response that he knows will be the end of the line. He's rattling his saber big time right now for a little bit of world attention, but he has no friends. None who don't like us better anyway for one reason or another. China is sick of him, Putin doesn't give a rats azz, and thats about it for people in the region who wouldn't dance on the grave of not only him, but his whole regime. I think China would take him out in a second if the idea of dealing with all the NK refugees was palatable. And he knows it. He can't even use his Nukes, even if he physically could manage it, they're his last card in the global politics game. And he knows that too.
  4. free

    Are these Administrative Test Posts pre or post ban? Any trades for livestock?
  5. Shooting < Teaching newbs.
  6. By the thread title I thought this might be a thread on congress. Oh well, score one for the good guys but I still have a disappoint.
  7. I loved it! Best OE video to date IMO.
  8. That's awesome. I just lucked into a good set a few months ago for a good price, but I would have been all over that! the laundromats in Atlanta are a good way to meet fun and colorful characters, but I've met enough in the last year
  9. FTFY. Speaking for myself of course.
  10. I've got one of the midway barrels, the ar stoner brand. Im very happy with mine, though I paid a lot more when I got it than you. It is an all around well built piece of gear. There re was rumor mill word that these were being made by wilson and or green mountain if I recal right. I dont really care who made it, they did a great job.
  11. i was was just here to see who was creating some April fools shenanigans. That's why I logged on in the first place, looking for bull####. I still got got excited and whipped out the credit card.
  12. That is very nice! They are a disease though, you're officially a potential carrier when you join TGO, looks like you have fully contracted the illness. Now or you need a pistol, two carbines, and one of those fancy precision stocks from magpul for your 24". Then, you can get started on second calibers and back up part rifles, because everyone knows the best way to store spare parts is complete as a rifle. Don't forget spare parts for the spare part rifles. And magazines. If you can lift the weight of all of your loaded magazines you're doing it wrong. Once you get more than you can reasonably carry you'll know you're off to a good start though.
  13. I remember the first time I remember hearing about it was the 90's after the rodney king trial and I brought it up to my dad. It was old news to him by then as apparently a few groups have made a stink over the years. I think, and this is a sketchy memory of a 22 year old conversation mind you, that some PDs actually stopped using them rather than have to hear about it again. I could be wrong about that though and it was just discussed.
  14. This is Ooooooooold news. People have been bitching about this since the 80's IIRC.

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