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  1. TrickyNicky

    Experience with Comcast Knoxville?

    Same here. Had numerous visits to my house from at&t including engineers to get my internet service hooked up. Long story short, after months without internet and almost a full work week lost making appointments spread out over same months, their engineer told me ALL of their techs were using an old hook up box and the good one was on the back and a guy would be out the follwowing day for the hook up. Next day comes and the tech calls me at work saying he can’t do his outside hook up (inside was DONE by the engineer) unless I️ come home from work. I️ told him to pack his stuff and leave. Called charter a few days later and they were out the next day, let me pick a two hour window of time and their tech had me setup in less than an hour. Theyre expensive, but I’ve never had to use an automated system and have always had an English speaker answer the line. The service is so far above at&t they also couldn’t tempt me with free service at this point.
  2. TrickyNicky

    Got to meet!!!

    Love it, there’s something neat about a smaller frame pistol that looks like a scaled down full-size.
  3. TrickyNicky

    Germantown show - background checks required.

    That I would like to see. There used to be terrific shows in of all places Ca when I was a kid at the LA fair grounds. 3-4 Airplane hangers full with vendors crowding in the walkways between buildings too. Tulsa sounds like what I still think of when I picture a gun show, until the reality of local one sits in again anyway lol.
  4. TrickyNicky

    Germantown show - background checks required.

    IT has been years since I stepped into a gun show, it had been a few years prior to that that I had been to one worth paying for. Between the parking fee, entree fee, unwashed neck beards, $6.00 cokes, 90+% new inventory and beef jerky, whats even the point? You may save $10.00 off the cost of your new gun (maybe) but thats after shelling out near $40 just to get in the door. Especially with all the good shops in TN and the TGO classifieds.
  5. TrickyNicky

    The Heyday of my collecting

    I'm humbled and awed.
  6. TrickyNicky

    How to kill a rattlesnake with your hands

    I can't count the amount of rattlers I've encountered grown up but I don't think I've ever been in a 'rattlesnake situation' before... ≠ gang sign FTR.
  7. TrickyNicky

    showing off the latest (non-gun) project

    That looks way nicer and less hide holes for snakes and rodents.
  8. TrickyNicky

    free Administrative Test Post - Please Ignore

    Are these Administrative Test Posts pre or post ban? Any trades for livestock?
  9. TrickyNicky

    When did you get out and shoot last?

    Shooting < Teaching newbs.
  10. TrickyNicky

    Finally theses sleeze balls were stopped

    By the thread title I thought this might be a thread on congress. Oh well, score one for the good guys but I still have a disappoint.
  11. TrickyNicky

    MOAB Dropped In Afghanistan!

  12. TrickyNicky

    "The Rifleman's Creed" by Opr8rERROR

    I loved it! Best OE video to date IMO.
  13. TrickyNicky

    Washer & Dryer for Someone who Needs Them

    That's awesome. I just lucked into a good set a few months ago for a good price, but I would have been all over that! the laundromats in Atlanta are a good way to meet fun and colorful characters, but I've met enough in the last year
  14. TrickyNicky

    M1 Carbine project, another $40 box

    FTFY. Speaking for myself of course.
  15. I've got one of the midway barrels, the ar stoner brand. Im very happy with mine, though I paid a lot more when I got it than you. It is an all around well built piece of gear. There re was rumor mill word that these were being made by wilson and or green mountain if I recal right. I dont really care who made it, they did a great job.

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