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  1. ExTexan

    A short story...

    Great story, keep up the fantastic work!
  2. ExTexan

    Wish me luck, yet another health issue

    I agree with David, wishing you the best.
  3. ExTexan

    Workout music

    I am not a big runner but I am in the process of making a list myself for lifting and here are a few I have--- This time its different - Evans Blue Solidiers- Otherwise A warriors Call- Volbeat America- Deuce **Heads up this song has quite a bit of cursing** Kyng- I dont believe Bullet for my valentine - Fever White Zombie - Thunder Kiss ( a little old school) Apocalyptica- I dont care Emphatic- Get paid Satisfied- Aranda Sail- AWOLnation Aint my Bitc* - Metallica Black- Trivium Cold - Crossfade Im Broken - Pantera Dig- Mudvayne Walk- Pantera
  4. ExTexan

    Zeitgeist videos

    Pretty much in the same boat as Nysos. It was interesting and of all the things in the video it was the federal reserve/banking system that I found the most interesting.
  5. ExTexan

    Zeitgeist videos

    Has anyone seen the Zeitgeist videos? http://vimeo.com/13726978 If so what are your thoughts about the "facts" covering the Federal Reserve and other topics covered?
  6. Very nice, heard lots of good things about Katadyn.
  7. ExTexan

    My first AR.

    Spikes Tactical 16" Came with tan furniture I actually decided to sand it down a little and apply Plasti-dip to see how that would work atleast until I get some funds set back to get some OD green gear. I did purchase the carbine length hand guards, flash light, and vertical grip seperate. Only been able to take it out to the range twice so far but it has functioned great and I can see why AR's can become an addiction. Sights set on a Mosin Nagant next though.
  8. ExTexan

    long gun carry outside vehicle

    Dont think I could find myself doing that even if I legally have the right...just too much attention for myself.
  9. ExTexan

    New Guy from Middle TN

    Welcome to TGO. By far one of the most informative and entertaining sites out there.
  10. ExTexan

    Black Russian Project

    Beautiful rifle!
  11. ExTexan

    Russian Zombie gun?

    "Reflective materials such as aluminium cooking foil should reflect this radiation and could be used to make clothing that would be protective against this radiation" From a wikipedia article regarding the US own "zombie gun" ........ Those Tin foil hat guys dont seem so crazy after all.
  12. ExTexan

    Russian Zombie gun?

    http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/technology-blog/russia-developing-gun-turns-people-zombies-seriously-232522297.html So maybe its more like being thrown in a microwave but you cant expect the Russians to stop there.....atleast for our imaginations sake!
  13. ExTexan

    How Often Do You Check & Read TGO

    Working in ND for 14 days with nothing going on up here, I would say I check it more than I actually do work......maybe I should fix that haha
  14. ExTexan

    Walking dead....

    Just set a photo from there as my background... Pretty nice shots
  15. ExTexan

    New Member in East TN

    Welcome! This is a great site!

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