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  1. LOL They pretty small but they aren't that bad! lol I was going to bragg on a newer powder that Winchester came out with about a year or so ago. Staball 6.5. It really kicks some velocity into the 30 grain bullets with low preasure.
  2. Are there any 17 Remington shooters/hunters on here? Do you reload?...
  3. Thanks Ropin4gold! It's hard to think to snap a pic when all the action is going on. My dogs love coyote hunting I believe better than breathing. lol I'm hooked on that rifle! I can't think of anything I don't like about it. I put no effort into working up a load and it's sub MOA. Thanks BJB! I was really into making them years ago and had quit. May pick it back up now that I'm retired!
  4. Just showing my dogs off here... in my book any kind of hunting is more fun with dogs. They don't help me get more coyotes, but the ones I get are a lot more exciting. These are from various previous hunts
  5. Went out this morning and did a little coyote calling. 1st stand called in a few cows and a pretty good down pour of rain... moved on to the next place. Called in 3, actually I only saw the one I shot, my buddy said 2 others were coming in from another direction but after shooting the one I ki-yi'd for a couple minutes and turned my curs loose to track him down. (buddy carries a range finder) 249 yrd shot. When I got to where I shot him I looked at my gps (dog collars) they usually have what I've shot bayed up but they were both 67 yards through a fence line. Sure enough there it lay... I c
  6. I've got it skinned out, I've been trying to find a place to tan it... anybody know some where?
  7. Did a little coyote calling weekend before last, thought I'd share the results! This was the 2nd location I tried, and probably my 4th or 5th stand. At this stand I had two blonde coyotes heading in. These are the lightest colored coyotes I've seen. They 1st stopped at about 70 yards or so, and this one stopped about 20 yards further out. I thought I'd gamble and try for a double, so I shot the one furthest out, but didn't connect on the running shot. I only took one shot at it as it ran. I called them in using a couple of the calls I make, an open reed and a closed reed. Well here sh
  8. LOL small world huh! I've used some of it... had to have it stabilized when I did!
  9. The blade is ATS-34 hardened to 60-61 rockwell and the handles are Thuya Burl. The maker is out of OK.
  10. Just got a custom knife from a guy I've talked to on other forums for a while. Thought I'd show my new toy off, along with fine work he's putting out! My knife picture taking is lacking to say the least but you'll get an idea of it anyway!
  11. Congrats on the kill! Especially a black phase coyote! Seems I'm not the only guy in the 'boro that's been hunting coyotes!


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