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  1. Building your own gets you what you want the first time instead of rebuilding someone elses dream.
  2. 20 years go i had a sks do a slam fire with a full mag lol
  3. Ok I can blame my back which has been on a pain scale of 8 out of 10 lately for this one. I needed a distraction and decided to install the extended takedown and pivot pins on the AR pistol to match the new ones on the AR rifle. I did the pivot pin no issue, went to do the rear pin and accidently turned my clevis pin to the hole side and heard ping as the detent went into permeant you can't get to me spot. Well crap time to put it in the vase and pull the buffer tube nut and back off the rear plate, no biggie just get it done. Pulled it and got it all put back on and tight and the br
  4. Must be a slow exam group, the local one here that I am a member of does ours on Saturday mornings (or at least we did before Covid) and most people had theirs in the system by Tuesday.
  5. I'd just like a 80% to fool with lol Not like I can't and have made my own but I want the experience.
  6. In that one in a million situation or 50 or so odd days from now the way it's going lol. I fully expect to die if my house is overrun, but I expect the ground to be wet and red when I fall. I may be short on my goto rounds currently in 5.56 etc. But I got plenty of Mosin rounds that will make body armor at a distance a non factor.
  7. When the 22 shortage hit a few years ago me and my teenage son seen the exact thing happen at walmart with them being on the phone posting them for sale immediately. So us both being night owls anyways would go there way early and spoil their fun buying the big bulk packs instead of them. We'd get off work at midnight, play games on the PlayStation or watch TV, head out at 6am and be sitting there watching Netflix on my phone, when they arrived grabbing chairs from sporting goods. We'd bag the buy then head home to sleep. They at first acted extremely annoyed that we were cuttin
  8. PLA+ that was annealed in a modified food dehydrator, but most just use straight PLA+ with thousands of rounds thru it. The U bolt design is extremely strong.
  9. Want to sell one? I have always wanted to mess with one.
  10. I dabble a little into printing myself but mainly for myself.
  11. Well wouldn't that be a Disability Act violation?
  12. I wonder if you can get a service animal vest for a Clydesdale?
  13. If the pictures are not sensitive aka would you freak out if a stranger seen them, then why not do what I do? Ours are on a second drive, and three different free online storage places. Google Drive Dropbox Amazon Photos
  14. All good specs, I would ask what size gas port it has. This is the barrel I used - https://www.classicfirearms.com/arbarrel10-5m4parkerizedhbar1in8twist AR-15 10.5" Contour Barrel, .223 WYLDE, 1:8, Parkerized Premium Grade Parkerized AR-15 Contour Profile Barrel, 10.5",1 in 8 twist Gas port drilled for carbine length gas set up, and threaded for comp.Barrel Extension in rear with M4 feed ramps... drilled with a .093" gas port opening at carbine length. It has a .750 gas block diameter, ready to install into receiver..223 Wylde
  15. I built a 10.5 a couple years ago (and when I mean build I bought nothing assembled I did every pin from the BCG to the forward assist), it is setup with a carbine length gas system except with a much larger gas port. The barrel basically ends a half inch past the gas block but it will run on any ammo I have thrown in it including tons of Tula with not one failure. And it is nothing special I purchased everything as cheap as possible on sale everywhere to make a budget gun. That's the shortest personally I will ever make myself.


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