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  1. CapnVideo

    Mosin Nagant

    Have you considered the Type 53?  Same gun as the M44 but Chinese instead of Russian.  Plentiful and generally much cheaper than the Russian versions.  J&G Sales (www.jgsales.com) has them for $99.95, compared to $199.95 for the M44 on sale.
  2. Some of the stuff on The Chive is really clever and funny. Too bad they have to dive into the gutter so often. Oh well, gotta take the good with the bad, I suppose.
  3. This has been discussed many times before. What the ATF says is ALL C&R firearms acquired AFTER receiving your license are required to be entered into the bound book. So most people seem to interpret that as if you already own it prior to licensing, it doesn't have to be entered into the bound book, but everything C&R eligible you get after licensing is required to be logged. So yes, FTF transactions count.
  4. Yeah that's what I figured, but I'm still pretty new to this and just wanted to be sure, especially since the pressures in .40 can rise pretty fast from what I read. Thanks.
  5. Just received my .40 S&W die set (just been doing 9mm up to now), and to get started, ordered some Remington bullets that Graf's had on sale. They are 180gr, FNEB, which Remington's site calls "Flat-nosed encapsulated base". They have exposed lead at the point, and the base is covered with copper, basically reversing what I'm used to. I have been having some trouble finding load data for this type bullet. My first inclination is to treat it like a JHP. Is this reasonable, or is there going to be a special consideration like there is for plated bullets? Based on data found in my Lyman and Lee manuals, I was thinking of starting with 5.0 gr of WInchester WSF with a COL of 1.125 and working up in .1 gr increments. What do you guys think? Anybody have any experience with these bullets they would like to share?
  6. This. And I'm quite familiar with the logging rules, and maintain my bound book as required.
  7. That's what I think, too. But if they want to go the FFL transfer route, I will be deducting the cost of those fees from what I pay for the gun. No sense paying more for something when it isn't necessary.
  8. Don't quite get the first part of your post. It's almost as if you started in the middle of a sentence. The C&R license doesn't "matter" as far as it being a legal sale. The company just wants to make sure everything is above board so nothing can come back on them. You have to understand the people (management) I'm dealing with aren't fluent in the requirements for a legal firearms sale. And I just want to make sure I don't run afoul of any obscure regulations since this is not an individual, and the company is not a dealer of any type. I don't necessarily want it "logged" myself (although I would have to log it in my bound book), but the company wants some sort of assurance that they can prove they disposed of it legally in case something happens, I guess like if it blows up and injures me (again, these are not "gun people").
  9. Yeah that's the issue. Like most companies, they are just trying to eliminate/minimize risk. I did offer to give them a signed copy of my C&R. I will offer again, and then offer the second option of the FFL transfer, and tell them if they want to do it that way, I will subtract the amount of the fees from what I will pay them.
  10. They are incorporated. I didn't even think about the FFL transfer. That's probably the way to go. I've not done that before. Is it the transfer fee PLUS the $10 background, or is the background part of the fee? That's going to figure into my offer.
  11. So here's the situation. I have an opportunity to buy a shotgun that belongs to a company. I would rather not say which one, but they are a Tennessee business of rather high profile. The gun was purchased in the 1960's and kept at a remote location. I think they are a little nervous about having it on the inventory, and are willing to entertain an offer from me. However, they are a little concerned with how to handle the sale. This brings me to my question: would this transaction be handled like an individual-to-individual transaction? I assume it would, as they have no dealer license. I have told them I would be willing to sign a bill of sale. The gun is a 1960 model, and I have a C&R FFL, but is it valid for this type transaction, as it is not interstate? (I know, that subject has been discussed ad nauseum ) Anybody got any experience with this type transaction? Are there any "gotchas" to look out for?
  12. Welcome Razz! I also shoot at Sumner Gun & Supply, usually with my son. There is a Gallatin Gun Club that has outdoor ranges, but there is a waiting list to join. I actually joined myself a couple months ago, but due to changes in work schedule and some health issues a few weeks back haven't been able to get out there yet and check it out. Maybe we'll run into each other at Sumner!
  13. Hey, carry a Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50 AE or a S&W .500 if you like, as long as the size and weight don't encumber you or the weapon doesn't "profile" too badly on you, there really isn't anything "dumb" about whatever you carry. You have to justify your choice only to yourself.


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