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  1. Y'all missed a great event. We gave away 15 guns and raised $12,000+ for the next generation of shooters. I want to say thanks to our vendors for their fantastic support: Mid-Tenn Guns & Ammo, White House, TN Guns & Leather, Greenbrier, TN Sumner Gun & Supply, Gallatin, TN Blue Line Gun Store, Gallatin, TN nRange, Hendersonville, TN HGR Firearms, Portland, TN Stay tuned for an ever better event August 6, 2011!
  2. List of guns (other than NRA standard merchandise package) Ruger LCP NRA Taurus Judge NRA Kimber 1911A1 Mossberg 500 Persuader 6 shot (matte black) Saiga 308 CO Arms 1911 (choice of two) Some sort of AR (I forget the brand) Partial List of Silent Auction Items: · 2 $25.00 gun smith certificates · Blue 10x10 outdoor canopy shelter · Sampler pack of fine cigars with lighter and cutter · One pair Oakley sunglasses · Set of “We Are Nashville†commemorative posters · Voodoo Tactical range bag (with extra goodies inside!) · Reproduction vinyl mat/poster set: M1 Garand rifle takedown mat · One week vacation in Smoky Mountains (includes 2br lodging at the Wyndham Resort) · Bubba’s Grills outdoor oven · Free shotgun course certificate · Shotgun shoot with State Representative Debra Maggart · Legislative Page for a Day certificate · TN Capitol cuff links · Simmons rimfire/bb/airgun riflescope · Black golf umbrella · 3 boxes Bridgstone e6 golf balls (12 balls/box) · Hand-made all-natural scented candle (Locally made) · Ready to defend sticker/decal set · 52†hard-side gun case · Large range box · Crossman air rifle & gel trap target game · 4 tickets to any Nashville Sounds home game · Dirt Magic Wet/Dry Car Vac · Winchester Knife Set · BBQ tool set · Extreme Shock ammo pack · Halloween candleholders and pumpkin · Crystal Clear Studios “Winter Scene†large plate · US Capitol wine glasses (set of 2) · US flag flown over TN capitol · TN flag flown over TN capitol New games! NEw prizes! Same price! Same great food!
  3. Annual Old Hickory Sportsmen Friends of NRA Banquet “a good time for a great cause†Saturday, August 7, 2010 Hendersonville High School, 123 Cherokee Rd. Doors Open 6pm Dinner begins 7pm Tickets: $30.00 in advance, $40.00 at door, table of 8 $200.00, Sponsor’s Table $450.00 (Sponsorship and underwriting opportunities available. NRA membership not required to attend.) What to expect This event consists of live and silent auctions, dinner, games, prize drawings and dinner. We will have a recording artist sing the National Anthem, a color guard present the colors, and a salute to our Veterans. Door Prize Ruger LCP handgun w/stainless steel slide and one year family membership at Guns & Leather ($600 value). Purpose Friends of NRA supports organizations involved with youth education, firearms training and safety, range development and conservation. All proceeds benefit state and national programs such as Boy Scouts of America, Jr. ROTC, 4-H, Eddie Eagle program, and local law enforcement. How You Can Help: 1) Attend; 2) Spread the word; 3) Sell tickets; 4) Underwrite merchandise; 5) Donate merchandise Contact Chairman: Leonard Assante, leonard.assante@gmail.com, (615) 512-6297 Treasurer: Ben Bush, bushmfg@comcast.net, (615) 824-8234 Purchase tickets online: Friends of NRA, National Rifle Association of America The Friends of NRA program is the grassroots division of the NRA Foundation, the country’s leading charitable organization in support of the shooting sports. The NRA Foundation has awarded more than $140 million since its inception in 1990. The NRA Foundation is a four-star (highest) charity as ranked by charitynavigator.com. Contributions to the NRA Foundation and Tennessee Friends of NRA are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by federal income tax laws.
  4. Billco: I-40 is open now. 2 lanes eastbound, one lane westbound. Should save you an hour each way -the detour was over 50 miles! 2011 is Pittsburgh -a great town despite what you may have heard. PA is a great pro-gun state and there is much fun to be had in Pittsburgh. (At least there was when I was younger...)
  5. Free. The major events (dinners, auctions, etc) cost money to get in, but any NRA member can attend for free. Of course, you gotta get yourself to Charlotte, find a place to stay, eat, etc, so it adds up. I hope Nashville gets back in the rotation once the new convention center opens up. We'll be able to handle NRA with that (if they get their act together and get a convention hotel to go with the new center.)
  6. Anyone going to Charlotte for NRA? I'll be there Thur-Sat. Hoping to get up a full table of Tennesseans at the NRA Foundation Banquet Thursday night.
  7. I understand what some of you are saying about magazines being "so last century." (Especially since I teach mass communication at Vol State.) But, I guess I am old fashioned -I like sitting on the couch (or other places! ) with a paper or magazine in my hands. I think paper will always be with us in some form. Of course if Apple gets the iPad right and has a great magazine/newspaper reader application, then I might change my mind. (I plan on getting an iPad on day 1.) Some mags new to me in this thread. Thanks everyone. I too loved the "Armed Citizen" reports in American Rifleman.
  8. I started this thread back when TGO was brand new and it was TGO David & about 20 other guys. So I thought I'd ask again now that we are over 7000 members and still growing. (Wow!) So, what's the best gun rag out there? I suppose this is a highly subjective subject, but since I started the post, I will lay down a few suggested ground rules: 1) As little "rah rah" as is editorially possible in an advertising-driven publication. I hate it when every new gun is "the best ever." 2) Overwhelming focus on firearms and CLOSELY related issues. If it is 90% about hunting and 10% about guns/gear, I am not interested. 3) Good writing. I get American Rifleman and Guns & Ammo. Both have good & bad aspects in my mind. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  9. Hi All: I can confirm that "Len" = Len Assante. And yes, RGB is in our Sat class. What Dunndw says is true -play nice or leave. I'm sure Saturday's class will be a hoot. Sorry I did not see this thread right away. I would have been able to help use my name in vain! -L
  10. Welcome! Gallatin Gun Club is closed to new members currently. (Check back with me in April.) Asherbranner's has an indoor range as mentioned, and there is talk of the new store in town (Sumner Gun & Supply on Nashville Pike) getting an indoor range. They have club memberships already. We also have an active Friends of NRA chapter in Sumner, with yours truly as chair. We run the annual dinner in August (mark your calendar -August 8, 7pm in Hendersonville) and will also be doing some social stuff, including maybe some shooting outings. PM me if interested. -Len
  11. Len

    AK Prices?

    Thanks for the info everyone. Very informative.
  12. Len

    AK Prices?

    I saw a decent looking AK in a local gun store today. Moderate use/abuse, decent wood, after-market grip and magazine, a little rust in the bore. Polish. I have no doubt I can clean it up, clean the bore and have a nice shooter. I am new to the AK game, and am wondering what I should pay. Ticket said $470.00. Deal or no deal?
  13. Patron Life here. Will probably upgrade to Benefactor in Charlotte. (I go to the NRA annual meeting every year.) As many here have already mentioned, I do not agree with all that NRA does, but I do think they are the best option and the RTKBA group that most closely represents my views (at least most of the time.) As a confirmed cynic, I have found very few organizations or parties that hew 100% to what I personally beleive, but I do think it is important to support those that come closest. I am also an NRA Recruiter, and will be happy to facilitate anyone's membership at a $10.00 discount for TGO members. Just pm me.
  14. Price is now $100.00 + $20.00 range fee, includes all materials and chance to shoot a variety of handguns of different calibers. (The ammo for those is included in the price.) Course is one of the few in the area that teaches TN Carry Permit from the NRA Basic Pistol course.

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