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  1. I have a 1000 rd case of 40 cal target ammo. I am down to one 40 so willing to sell a case. 50cent a round is lower than i have seen it out there if someone is interested.
  2. I agree the 26 is capable of making those shots. I just do not practice those shots very much. I guess there are situations that I would need to make a tight shot under stress and time but I think the likely hood of the need for that shot is much smaller than a normal personal protection shot. I do plan on stretching out my practice shots with the 26. Also the class was more about muscle memory and technique that should translate to other firearms. I also know that they only rent full sized handguns. I figured there was a reason. I still felt like I was at a disadvantage on some of the
  3. Overall it was a lot of fun. I ended up shooting around 1000 rds. We had 28 in the class to start off. 10 of those were in the 2 day class so the last 2 days we had 18. That meant more time shooting. Day one started a 6:30 am with check in. They exam your equipment to make sure it is compliant and then off to the classroom for the introduction. We had lectures during lunch and then after range time. The first day was dry practice(not dry firing because as they put it you are not firing anything). New term "dry practice" The ranges have 15 targets and everyone teams up with another classm
  4. I would suggest shooting both firearms before deciding. I have both and would chose the 19 over the 43. if you are going to carry it I would chose the 26. the size difference is minimal. The 43 I did not shoot will. My wife carries that one.
  5. I just came back from the 4 day defensive handgun class at Front Sight. Pretty intense class. I pulled my firearm so many times my side had bruises. Has anyone else been out there out there for training? Anyone interested in my experience?
  6. What we did. Paid off the lowest payment first. Added that money to the next lowest payment until it was paid off. Added that to the next and so forth. It was not long before all we had left was the house. The key is to not add any more dept during this process. Doing it this way we were living off the same money. A earlier post was correct. 1 extra payment a year on a 30 year mortgage will save you 13 years worth of interest. If your house payment is $500 a month that would save you $78,000 worth of interest. Once you have your house paid for you can get a home equity line of
  7. Making a bad decision does not mean these are bad people.  They made a bad choice.  It probably seemed innocent enough at the time. They will have to live with this the rest of their life.  Whatever happens to them will not be as bad as knowing what they allowed to happen.    We have all made bad choices in life, I am lucky mine never cost someone's life.  I have been accused of things, been tarried a feathered by a lot of people that  read a highly inaccurate news article even though they did not know a thing about me.  Through that I h
  8. I do not see any filters selected.  Any other ideas anyone?
  9. When I come to this web-site and login I usually hit the view new content button,  lately when I do it says "no new content".  If I log out and do the same thing as a visitor it shows all the new content as it should.    Any ideas?
  10.   I think you are probably correct about why they are open carrying but does that really matter.  If what they are doing is not illegal they should not be harassed.  Also the cops should know also that they are probably looking for a confrontation and should be extra careful with their interaction.  There are several YouTube videos of thinks going both ways, cops being respectful, asking a few questions and moving on.  Then some that the go really bad for the gun owner.  I personally would never open carry if I thought it would cause the cops
  11. There is something about being questioned for no reasonable suspicion that bothers me.  What he was doing was perfectly legal.  I am not in favor of being a jerk at any time but at the same time I should not have to explain to a cop that I am not doing anything illegal.  When I worked in a grocery store if I suspected someone as a shoplifter and I stood in front of them and impeded their moving in the store I had made an arrest and was subject to a law suit.  I was taught never to question/approach  someone unless I  witnessed them concealing merchandise
  12. Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade to a lifetime permit holder before the permit needs to be renewed?
  13. My only concern is I try to NEVER have a weapon pointing towards my junk.
  14. I have both. Between the sr9c and the 27 I would have to say you should own both. The Ruger has a great trigger and higher capacity, you can find them for as little as 350.00 bucks, the 27 packs a little more punch along with plenty of aftermarket products. Both are keepers in my book.
  15. I would shoot a PPQ in 40 before buying one.  I have the 9 and the 40 and the 40 is very snappy.  I would consider the G27 if you want a 40.  If you live in the Tri-Cites area you can try my PPQ and G27 if you like.   Welcome
  16. Very sad today to find out a buddy of mine died this week. I met Craig at the gym we work out at. We had a lot in common. Guns and politics. He always had a new joke or two to make me laugh. This was a guy you would want looking after your six in a tough spot. "Craig Edward "Odie" Terry, USA, Retired, of Bluff City, Tenn., went to his heavenly home on Wednesday, June 17, 2015, at the age of 53. Craig graduated from Sullivan East High School in 1979, East Tennessee State University in 1984 with a B.A in Criminal Justice, and Webster University, Pope Air Force Base, N.C. in 1997 with a M.A. in S
  17. As I was reading this tread there was a clock going off in my head 3, 2, 1. Done. I have not been around much lately man have I been missing some "good" stuff.
  18. Do any of you AR guys familiar with this trigger option. $395.00 seems like a lot. Just wondering if it is worth it. http://tacconautotrigger.com
  19. Sullivan County is a big county so it depends what part you will live in. I have one on my property and have had no issues. Amber Torbett lives one mile from me and she has been to my house many times.(we buy eggs from her daughter). I have nobody that lives close to me to complain. The closest has his own range also.
  20. I guess I missed the part of the story where GZ attacked Martin and Martin was just defending himself. I actually thought Martin was the one that attacked GZ. I never really thought about attacking someone that was following a innocent person around. I think if I was Martin and worried about GZ I would have run and hide or run home where I new I would be safe. Circling around and jumping someone is not what I would have thought to do. But hey that's just me.
  21. I think we would all be wise not to take what we read or see on the news about someone to serious. My guess would be maybe half of what is reported is true. If for some reason you are really not liked by the media that number goes way down. How about this, instead of reading or hearing something about someone and instantly making statements like “stupid ---------- fill in the blanks, or many other statements like we know exactly what happened and this person is an idiot that had it coming to him. We take a minute and consider that it just may not be true or maybe there is more to the story tha
  22. Now that's funny. I don't care who you are that's funny right there.
  23. I know several people in the buy here pay here car business. They have done very well. The down payment required pays for their cost in the car. The payments are all profit. You will need to be prepared to repo some cars. You must have your contract in really good order. Buying the cars really cheep is the key. If I wanted to start a business I would look at ANY of the service businesses. I can tell you no matter what you choose. Showing up when you say, doing what you say when you say it will be done and doing a good job at a fair price you will have all the business you want. Keep in mi
  24. I have been self employed fo close to 20 years with 2 different businesses. 1 I bought that was already operational 1 I started from scratch. We have always lived conservatively so I did not need to make much money(good thing to). There are a lot of highs and lows. I have always been in a B to B business. Running a business is much diferant than working for someone else. Meaning you may be a good painter but be very bad at running a painting business. Most of the time failure is caused by underestimating all the cost including the TAXES. Do your home work. Get a good CPA. Put a detailed bus


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