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  1. Two cars pulling out onto a 4 lane road. One takes the right lane the other takes the left lane leaving me no where to go but brake hard.
  2. I use a G20 with Underwood arms extreme penetrator for my hiking carry. I figure if it go through a bullet proof vest it should handle a bear hide.
  3. In negotiating classes the is called "Referring to a higher power" Not unlike what the car sales man does when he says "let me run this deal by my sales manager". I get it all the time, I want to talk to my wife or sometimes its the accountant. Most of the time its a ploy to get more time. It is very telling when someone wants to blame others. In those times I want to respond by asking for your wife's number so I can negotiate with her.
  4. The 4 of us in my house have had no shots. My daughter got 19 and felt bad for 8 or 10 days. She is 18. No one else got it in my house. We do not do vaccines. We are sanitation freaks though.
  5. G20 with Underwoods arms extreme penetrator. https://www.underwoodammo.com/10mm-auto-140-grain-xtreme-penetrator.html
  6. I agree, but most professions do not have the ability to severly change other peoples lives. Now that everyone has cameras on them the videos of cops lying or demanding others to do as they say regardless seem to show up more and more. They either do not know the law or lie hoping others do not know their rights or laws. Years ago a friend of mine were sitting in a park doing nothing illegal. Cops pulled up and wanted id's from us both. We did not know any better so we gave it to them after me shooting holes in there reasons for even approaching us. The cop brought our id's back and threw them in the window. Not the end of the world but far less than professional. There are tons of videos of cops demanding id without cause. I think cops should not be allowed to lie to the public they are supposed to serve. You and I lie to a cop they take it personnal they lie to you and me no big deal.
  7. I do not shoot the 43 will for some reason. The size difference is minimal from the 26 which I like a lot and do shoot well. Not sure why with that small of a difference but it does. Plus the increase capacity of the 26 is nice. My wife carries our 43.
  8. I recently picked up a G34 that was set up with a red dot. It was the first time I ever fired a handgun with a red dot site. Very hard to describe how well I like it. Very fast target acquisition. I actually feel like I am cheating when I shoot it. Been wondering about all my other handguns and how I can get the same set up on them.
  9. I think its time for another 9mm vs 45 thread.
  10. You do not need a permit to carry on your person either. Who does not know this? "Starting with the ‘new’ rules around carrying a firearm in Tennessee with its new “constitutional carry” law:" "Basically, anyone over the age of 21 can open- or conceal-carry a handgun without a permit."
  11. So you want a murder charge along with armed robbery if you lived long enough to rob the store. Been down this road before. It does not happen. If one wants to rob a store one would want to get in and out as fast as possible. Chances are much greater that if you saw someone OC you would pick a different target.
  12. Never have seen a woman OCing.
  13. Interestingly enough I have never seen anyone open carrying that looked like they were doing in in an irresponsible way nor did it look like they were trying to attract attention. They just were going about their business like everyone else. I think we sometimes we project our thoughts on everyone else. We think everyone is staring at us and they really are not. My picture was in the paper one time and I went to eat and it felt like everyone was staring out me, and they really were not. The times I have OC I never even noticed anyone looking or staring. I am pretty sure very few people even noticed. I build my holsters so that it has to be drawn with a slight pull from the front. It may look easy to take but it would not be. I also have practiced locking the arm down if I feel a hand arm around there. We did that drill in martial arts training to combat a attempted full nelson. If someone was to come from behind and try to grab my weapon it would be fairly easy to isolate the wrist and disarm or get control or that person. We practiced that quite often.
  14. I do not have a problem with OC. The few I have seen were not showing off or trying to be the center of attention. To each their own. I am more interested in what they are carrying and if I "need" one. I do not think anyone is scared one way or the other. The people of this forum are quality folks as best I can tell. Many served their country and put their lives on the line to do so, scared, not a chance. We certainly do all not agree on everything but tend to disagree politely. I would suggest you do as well.
  15. Sorry I answered my own question. No open or concealed there is no permit needed.
  16. https://attorney-knoxville.com/blog/2021-tennessee-handgun-carry-bill/
  17. You need a carry permit to open carry in TN, is this correct?
  18. I agree many of the auditors are jerks, my question why do so many of the cops play along. Enforce the law, that's it. Demanding this or demanding that may work with most people that do not know their rights but hoping that the people your dealing with do not know the law is not good policing. Here is one I see all the time. Cop pulls someone over for a traffic violation. Demands ID from everyone in the car. They refuse to do so and the cop in one case arrested the passenger for failure to ID. Case was later dropped. Lawsuit ensued. I think there should be limits to the cops qualified immunity. Also cops should not be allowed to lie and tell people something is a law that is not.
  19. I know there ae a lot of good cops but I also know there are many that should not be cops at all. My FB feed has these videos of people that call themselves 1st Amendment auditors. They have cameras and go around seeing what reaction they get from public officials. Many times the police are called because someone working in the post office does not like to be videoed. Almost every time LO comes and demand ID. They are told by the auditors that it is not a stop and ID state but the cops generally lie or do not know and claim that they must ID. Most of the time the cops are wrong. Sometimes the auditors detained or even arrested. What it shows is the cops are really head strong and arrogant. Many times the cops admit they the auditors are not breaking the law they just do not like what they are doing. Many place have been forced to pay fines because these cops illegally detain or arrest people. Some of these cops are experienced and should know better but they let their ego get in the way.
  20. I love my VP 9sk. I found another one and bought it as well.
  21. 45guy

    Weight Loss

    I am 61, 6'2 200. I wear a 32 waist pant. Dr. Mercola says intermitting fasting and hiit training the pounds will go. I have been doing the fasting for years and will never go back. Nothing before 11am nothing after 7pm. I tend to eat a light lunch and a medium dinner. It took about 6 mths to get used to not eating until 11am, now no big deal. Personal trainers have told me 80% of the way we look is diet. I also consume very few carbs. Carbs turn to sugar that turn to fat. Do not eat anything white. I am also at the gym 4 to 5 times a week even if its just do something. I have been prediabetic for 12 years and have been able to stay of meds. Never been in a gym until about 12 years ago when the doc said I had 2 choices diet and exercise or meds. I have two arthritic shoulders that cause me a lot of pain but push through it. Light weights lots of reps. Let the young studs move the heavy stuff.
  22. It seems the game that is played with charging someone is very unfair. Many times one is charged with way more than the prosecution knows is reasonable because they also know it will be reduced in a deal. So a murder charge may be reduced to manslaughter. The problem is the defendant is on the TV news, in the newspaper and all over the internet being charged with murder. A lot of people read the charges and assume he is guilty. Most of the time the deal is not news or even worse if the charges were dropped all together and the guy is still know as a murderer. I remember a case in the Tri Cities several years ago, There was a park that men would meet at called the man cave. The cops set up surveillance and arrested 19 men. Front page of the newspaper was 19 pictures of names and addresses of each man. There was never a story about the ones that had the charges dropped or what happened to each person. Now I am not a fan of that lifestyle but their wife's and kids had done nothing wrong and some of the men did not either but I bet most that read that story believed they had. The last I heard 98 % of court cases never go to court. Deals are cut, sometimes deals are cut not because someone is guilty they just cannot afford to keep fighting and the years of strain it puts on the families.
  23. I am reminded of a lesson I learned years ago. If you need to vent type it out let it marinate over night then delete it. Really saves one from looking like a horses backside. Has saved me many times.
  24. I am only willing to shoot someone if I am willing to die for the same reason. You can have whatever I own. I have nothing that I have bought or been given to me that I value more than a life. If I ever pull the trigger it will because I have no other choice to protect my kids or my wife. I would give my life for them, I will take a life for them. The gray area would be if you do not know the intentions of the ones breaking into your house in the middle of the night, it seems reasonable for safety's sake to take for granted they have bad intentions until you know for certain they do not. How to determine that is less clear.


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