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  1. I have 2K rounds of 40 cal mostly target ammo, some self defense. Open to offers.
  2. I have 2K rounds of 40 cal mostly target ammo, some self defense. Open to offers.
  3. Ok, not sure that has anything to do with being the first target because of open carry but thanks.
  4. Just for the record I conceal 99 percent of the time. But not because I am concerned about being shot first. I also have a sign in my yard warning that I have a security system at my house. I am hoping the bad guy will look at that and move on to a easier target. Let the bashing begin, lol
  5. Ok if your looking at what if's maybe the bad guy sees to guy open carrying and decides to find an easier target. There are thousands of these stories but looking for someone that was targeted because they were open. That is the claim.
  6. I guess you did not understand my statement. Some have said they did not want a Ken or Karen confronting them about their firearm, that was one of the reasons they like to conceal, my point was Ken or Karen would not notice me carrying a firearm so that would not concern me. My comment about you confronting someone you saw open carrying was about you not them. Again my guess is that you would not confront someone you saw carrying just because they were carrying. Hope that clears it up for you. I am not trying to be wrong or right just because you think differently than I do, so what. That does not make either of us wrong or right just different. My original point is that I have not seen neither does it make sense to me that if one open carry's makes them the first target. Has it happened in the history of people carrying firearm? Maybe. Is that a logical reason to conceal, not in my book. If it becomes a problem that starts happening, Ok that's a good reason to conceal. It's not a contest to see who is right or wrong as you seem to think. I am not here to prove someone right or wrong. I am here to rub elbows with other like minded people. I love a good debate but not here to prove someone wrong or to prove I a right, I got over that in middle school.
  7. Dude, I look forward to what you can find. Good luck, no matter how wrong you are. Frankly if you have to go back 30+ years to find something I think I have proven my point. Keep your firearm concealed so you will not be the first one shot. Lol, There are plenty of reason to conceal carry but that's not one of them.
  8. I would also note that very few people that carry concealed are not all that concealed. I have seen plenty of guys that are printing in one way or the other. Maybe as the sit down or move one way or the other, If your looking you can see most of the time. So how does that work if open carrying makes you a target then does printing make you one as well? Even with a ankle holster if someone looks long enough they can spot something. I tend to not care, if someone sees something or not. That's just me.
  9. So your telling me a bad guy comes into a business to rob it or some other criminal reason and they see a cop there so they shoot the cop first and then continue on with the reason they are there? I would love to hear all the stories about those things happening, please share so that I can learn. Maybe because your a cop makes you a target maybe. If I am sitting in a restaurant and a bad guy comes in how is he going to know if someone is open carrying unless he has been there and had time to check everyone out. Please share with me some situations that a cop or any other open carrying person was targeted other than just being a cop.
  10. Your free to carry as you like but the reasons seem strange to me. There is no reason for one to think they would be the first target nothing. Secondly your assuming people would be concerned about you walking around armed. Very few people I know would give a rip. They element of surprise makes the most sense I guess to me. I would think the determent of knowing there are armed people around and fast access to one firearm probably off sets that. In my book. Just my opinion.
  11. And frankly you can notice me all you want very few people have that I was aware of. Some had mentioned they did not want to deal with Ken's and Karen's about why they are armed. My point was that Ken a Karen would not notice me carrying. My guess is also you would not confront someone you saw OC'ing either.
  12. My guess would be that drug addicts are not scanning the crowd with the plan on shooting anyone they see open carrying either. If they were robbing restaurants with uniformed cops there then surely they did not take the time to scan the crowd looking for a someone OC'ing. Sort of made my point for me, thanks. Sorry I have not seen many domestic or foreign terrorists in east tn. I would guess if they came in shooting AK 47's it will not matter if one is open carrying or concealed. I guess I could dream up a scenario that one that is open carrying would make them a target but to date it is just wild situations that are very unlikely to actually happen.
  13. https://www.breitbart.com/economy/2021/09/13/inflation-expectations-hit-all-time-high-in-n-y-fed-survey/ Maybe this one is better. But this is just about expectations.
  14. I have tried inside the IWB and hate them. I also tuck my shirt in. Generally I am in a business casual attire. Dress slacks and golf shirt. I also not a fan of lose fitting cloths.
  15. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2021/09/13/inflation-is-rising-and-three-major-categories-are-getting-worse-n2595788
  16. I live in east tn. I have never seen someone open carrying in a reckless or manner. It seems some here may think that if you open carry at all your being reckless but not me. I am 6'2 and weigh 195 lbs with a 32 inch waist, it is very tough to conceal carry in the summer. I end up with a ankle holster most of the time. In the winter I use a OSWB with a light jacket. The biggest problem with ankle carry is that it is hard to draw my firearm inconspicuously. The good part is if I am sitting down it is easier to get to than on the waist. If standing I have been able to draw and fire in under 2 seconds. Open carrying is by far the fastest and easiest way to access a firearm. I guess that's part of the reason LE OC.
  17. I agree, Just not seen anyone open carrying like that.
  18. I have as well, but it was not because i was open carrying, which is what we are talking about. Not an expert just a little common sense.
  19. No kidding, but not by someone wanting to rob a place and decide to take out the cop first. Ambushing a cop and targeting someone that is open carrying while committing another crime are two different things.
  20. I said there was no data that I can find so there is no link. Just because you are CC does not mean you cannot be approached from behind. Please someone find me a story of someone that was targeted first only because they were open carrying.
  21. I am not sure where you guys live but the few times I have OCed no one noticed that I could tell. A G26 up tight on my waste is neither a "I have a gun so I am bad" thing or anything else other than I got hot and had to take off my jacket thing. No one has ever said something or eyed me in any way that would not seem normal.
  22. Sorry there is no data showing that one open carrying is the first target nor does it make sense. Bad guys generally want as few confrontations possible. The likely hood of one getting shot and not being able to return fire is more like the movies than real life and few bad guys are looking to get in a gun fight. What if a bad guy comes into a restaurant and armed cop is setting there? Do you think they are the first target or will the bad guy go find a easier place to rob. I have never heard of someone being targeted first because they were armed. I also does not seem reasonable that a bad guy would scan the crowd looking to take out someone armed. Its more likely if the bad guy sees someone armed they will pick a easier target. The times I have OP was with a G26 that very few people even could see more less a bad guy making me the first target.


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